RichPush ad network

RichPush (PlatformIO) Ad Network Review 2021

Specializing in push ads, RichPush ad network (part of PlatformIO company) allows customers to reach the global audience and provides publishers with the opportunity to get maximum profit out of their traffic. The company offers proprietary optimization technologies and the assistance of competent push ads experts.

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Adtelligent ad network review

Adtelligent Ad Network Review 2021

Being established in 2008 in New York, Adtelligent is a header bidding management platform that provides holistic demand management and intermediation solutions for publishers. It provides publishers and advertisers with simple and fast access to ad campaigns without hidden programmatic fees and revenue share. Serving display and video ads, it allows users to reap maximum benefits their ad campaigns and traffic. 

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HeartBid review

HeartBid Ad Network Review 2021

HeartBid is an advertising network that works with advertisers offering decent rates and various ad formats. It supports all popular ad types: push notifications, banners, native ads, popunders and pop-ups, video, interactive and audience, ads. Thanks to various pricing models available, it’s a suitable option for websites in different spheres and categories, including adult ones.

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BidsPush ad network review

BidsPush Ad Network Review 2021

BidsPush is an advertisement network established over 15 years ago. They work with advertisers and publishers from all over the world and provide a wide range of instruments for customers. Currently, BidsPush works with popunders and push notifications buying and selling them on CPC-based model.

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Adxxx ad network review

AdxXx Ad Network Review 2021

AdxXx is an adult advertising network that supports banners and native ads and offers different payment models together with basic targeting options. They use a personalized approach and analyze websites to offer the most profitable advertisement models. An advanced bidding mechanism is used, as well. The company boasts user-friendly customer support and pretty high rates.

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Ibizads network review

Ibizads Ad Network Review 2021

Ibizads is a traditional ad network that works with various types of advertisements and provides the whole range of targeting options. The platform offers a self-service interface with all essential tools for ad management. It has agreeable fees and payment limits, as well as comprehensive reporting instruments. 

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PropellerAds ad network review

PropellerAds Ad Network Review 2021

PropellerAds – is a well-known and trusted ad network established in 2011. What is truly remarkable about this platform is that it allows you to monetize literally everything! Websites, mobile apps, browser extensions, games, and even your social media pages, although the greatest ingenuity of PropellerAds is a possibility to monetize traffic from 404 pages with the help of full-screen ads. That means no more wasted traffic for publishers! Is not it just brilliant?

Moreover, it is not just about variety but also about quality of monetizing options. PropellerAds has an algorithmic optimization specially designed to match relevant ads to every website and ensure you get the highest possible revenue for your traffic. If you have a niche service or have not yet got significant traffic rate that could be very helpful. Continue Reading