Clickaine Ad Network Review 2020

Clickaine is one of the most secure and feasible ad marketplace solution in the adult niche.

Clickaine is an adult RTB ad marketplace for both advertisers and publishers. It’s a self-service platform that buys and sells traffic from various sources, like tubes, cj-tubes, adult directories and others with more than 5 million daily skimmed and popunder traffic.

It is exceptionally useful for both advertisers and publishers, as it offers a flexible solution for targeting, as well as safety from undesired and low quality traffic.

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PopAds Ad Network Review 2020

PopAds is one of the most prominent and efficient ad networks in the world of affiliate marketing. It has built up an impeccable reputation since it was established in 2010 and has been a leader on the market since then.

PopAds is regarded to be a premium ad network but it is at the same time very open, almost any publisher can join in. The key feature of this ad network is that it specializes exclusively in pops, namely PopUnder, Popup, Tab-under, and Tab-up. However, this doesn’t hinder the publisher’s revenue in any way! On the contrary, PopAds is the highest paying network out there! Another interesting aspect about this platform is its bidding system, that practically means you can set the minimum bid that you accept as a publisher. Continue Reading

Squren ad network

Squren Ad Network Review 2020

Squren ad network is an advanced solution that provides a lot of features for both advertisers and publishers. Squren works with 200+ verticals and offers a myriad of targeting options. The multitude of payment options is topped up by 24/7/365 customer support and tracking options for optimization.

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Gadsbee Ad Network Review 2020

Gadsbee is a programmatic ad network for ad mediation and exchange that works with websites from various industries, including entertainment, financial services, gaming, eCommerce, etc. The company supports various ad formats and payment models, as well as adult and mobile traffic.

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PopMyAds Ad Network Review 2020

Specializing in pop-under advertisements, PopMyAds was founded in 2014 and turned into a well-established ad network used by advertisers and publishers from all over the world. The ad network is praised for its flexibility and payments for every visitor – this is why it is recommended to both large website owners and beginners.

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INXYAds platform review

Inxyads Ad Network Review 2020

InxyAds is a performance-based ad network that provides the whole range of functions and services for publishers. It supports various types of advertisements, a wide range of payment options, and provides advanced geo-targeting, real-time reporting, and ad filtering. Their AI-driven customized advertising solution helps customers to maximize their website revenue.

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AdservMe ad network review

Adservme Ad Network Review 2020

AdservME is a real-time bidding exchange that leverages technological capacities for buyers and sellers across many ad formats. The project serves all programmatic protocols and ensures flawless ad integration. The platform has all the essential tools for ad management, targeting, and optimization.

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RiverTraffic ad network review

RiverTraffic Ad Network Review 2020

If you want to enlarge the list of ad networks you partner with and plan to work with several ad formats, consider RiverTraffic ad network. Being established in 2018, it supports popunders, sliders, pre-rolls, and push advertisements for mainstream and adult traffic websites and provides essential features for publishers.

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AdventureFeeds Ad Network Review 2020

AdventureFeeds is a programmatic ad network that provides global XML search and displays advertising campaigns.  Boasting high-end technologies, the company focuses on search engine technologies, online search syndication, display/video and mobile re-targeted advertising. This ad network is popular among mobile applications, eCommerce projects, and social media campaigns.

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