Reporo Ad network review

Reporo Ad Network Review 2021

Reporo is a mobile-only ad network which prides itself on a truly international reach, high ROI and cutting-edge technology. An up-to-date view of its activity shows the platform serving 16 billion impressions per month, spread across over 200 countries, with sales managers in multiple territories enabling ‘worldwide monetization’ for publishers.

Campaigns are applied to a range of different ad formats, including adhesion banners, interstitials and pop unders, all of which are monetized by the conventional CPM. Payments are available bi-monthly providing a $100 minimum earning has been reached, with every amount transacted via Paypal, Paxum or wire transfer.

Ad Types

Reporo is a mobile-only network, so there are no desktop ad formats.

  • Adhesion banner
  • Pop-under banner
  • Display banner
  • Interstitial Banner

reporo ad formats

Offer Types:

  • CPM 

Traffic Types

Mobile and tablets.

Targeting Options

  • GEO targeting
  • OS targeting
  • Date and day targeting
  • Frequency capping
  • Mobile operator targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Language targeting
  • Re-marketing
  • IP range targeting (by address or area)
  • Mobile carrier targeting

Payment Rules

Payments are available to publishers 45 days after the month in which they earned a minimum of $100 on the platform. These are available bi-monthly and via Paxum, PayPal and wire transfer and in US dollars, unless the publisher has formally agreed to exchanging in a different currency.

Reporo itself fails to mention any charge on withdrawals made via these methods. Publishers should however be aware of fees that are applied by the platforms themselves. PayPal for instance will typically command 3-5% from any amount loaded onto its accounts, while transfers made through wire can scale up to sizeable amounts depending on the banking group.

WARNING! Based on the newest reviews from the clients Reporo has stopped payouts without any warning from their representatives whatsoever. The company’s technical support is also unavailable.


Their service is claimed to offer a good level of customer support via email and Skype. In the case of the former, there is the option of contacting various members of the Reporo team via their personal addresses, right up to the CEO.

An option of resolving queries Skype is then applied to certain members of staff, with availability a key factor.

However, all of the above does not correspond to reality. The support team of the Reporo is not available neither via email nor via Skype.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

The Reporo site provides a full list of terms and conditions for publishers to follow and is noticeably shorter on detail than some of its fellow networks. Nevertheless, there are some headlines that make it clear where publishers stand, which are as follows:

  • Publishers cannot display more than six ads per page, while these pages must not host multiple pop-ups or pop-unders.
  • Those found to be in violation of Reporo’s service agreement or judged to have misused the network are not entitled to any earnings they may be owed.
  • Publishers using Reporo allow the network to use tracking tools to supervise their activity.
  • Should an advertiser miss their scheduled date of payment, Reporo reserves the right to withhold any payments due to the publisher.

While publishers are responsible for the content on their site, the platform does not allow anything linked to illegal activities like racism, copyright infringement or the use of illegal substances. The same barriers apply to sites depicting sexual violence, beastality and a handful of other exceptions concerning mainly adult sites.

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Another key aspect of the terms of service is the promise of ‘tailored commercial terms’ for publishers. It’s understood that anyone taking Reporo up on this can use it to take a better level of control over their site.

Referral Program

Reporo has a referral program which acts as an effective way for publishers to boost their monthly earnings. The process is very familiar in that each referrer receives 5% of a new publisher’s revenue once they’re onto the platform, provided they signed-up after clicking on a link supplied by Reporo.

CPM Rates

You may compare Reporo’s CPM rates with other ad networks by countries here.


  • Active referral program to maximize earnings
  • Self-service option facilitates manual tweaks to campaigns


  • Reporo is mobile-only, which rules out desktop ad formats
  • Minimum earning of $100
  • Poor level of customer’s support
  • Huge arrears in payouts (!)

Final thoughts

The core proposition laid out by Reporo should represent an appeasing one for publishers that deal with mobile ads. Desktop formats may not be allowed, but a format line-up comprising of inventory like interstitials and adhesion banners should give users plenty of different options to go through. There’s also the targeting tools to think about, allowing users to zone in on GEOs, devices and utilize features like re-marketing to tap into specific audiences.

Support through Skype as well as email would be a bonus if it had been in fact available, as well a self-serve option which negates the need to take every campaign tweak through a manager. Adding to the benefits is a referral program which may only pay out 5% of a new publisher’s commission, but such extras cannot be understated in the grand scheme of things.

Much like with any network, Reporo does have its downsides. The minimum earning of $100 may raise a few eyebrows among smaller publishers, while its mobile-only focus will alienate a huge audience of potential users. That said, Reporo is a platform with an eye on what makes a good ad network.

WARNING! Basing on the latest updates, we do not recommend you to work with Reporo, because it has stopped paying their clients and there are no explanations to that.

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  1. With mobile advertisement alone I’d wait an eternity to collect the minimum payout $100. And then 45 more days. Not cool.
    Although they have a great designed site,

  2. Miguel Cano
    24.04.2018 - 08:40

    Hi! It seems Reporo ran out of business. Many publishers complaint they stopped payments. I am an advertiser, but adding funds option has been disabled too. And nobody replies my e-mails, chats or Skype 🙁

  3. Seems to me a good option. But 45 days is too long and $100 too much.
    Do they have Bitcoin option?
    I was trying to compare CPM rates with other ad networks by countries but it is not working.

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