Referral program

Do you want to pay less for your AdSpyglass package?
Tell your friends to try AdSpyglass and get 10% of their commission as a bonus.
If you own a forum or a blog for webmasters, or just have a webmaster's page, you can post AdSpyglass’s banners on it and get referring new users. If you are an active forum user, simply place our link in the bottom line of your posts.
'You spend $100 per month for AdSpyglass's packages. Attract 3 friends with less than 300,000 site visits daily and use AdSpyglass for free.'
Your referral links and your bonus statistics are in the Adspyglass panel under the “Referral Program” section. Your bonuses will be added to your account immediately after a payment by your referral.
If you don’t use our service but want to earn money with our referral program, please contact us for more details.