Technical Support Specialist

AdSpyglass a quickly growing international project is searching for a Technical Support Specialist.

You will spend time doing the following

  1. Communication with current customers, assistance in setting up, statistics analysis, development of profit-raising strategies for clients (takes about 50% of working time);
  2. Communication with potential customers, analysis of their current money-making schemes, development of profit-raising strategies with the help of AdSpyglass service, assistance with setting up (40% of the time);
  3. The search of new clients: analysis of the market, competitors, etc.

The remote job requires you to have good skills in communication, planning, and feedback. This is a full-time vacancy: you will need to be present at the workplace throughout the working day, 5 days a week.

During this time, you will perform analysis and communicate with clients a lot. If necessary, you should answer them in messengers out of office hours. You act as a customers’ expert and consultant, so you should stay in the know about current industry trends, be involved in discussions on corresponding forums, and study a lot (most of the time, on your own).

Basic requirements

Additional skills

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