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Increase profit from your website up to 100%

AdSpyglass - Ad networks mediation service for publishers and website owners

If you work with ExoClick, PopCash, Ero-Advertising, JuicyAds, Adamoads, AdCash, Adnium, AdsTerra, AdSupply, AdXpansion, BitterStrawberry, Clickadu, Clickpapa, DoublePimp, FPCTraffic, HilltopAds, MobItEasy, Plugrush, PopAds, PropellerAds, Reporo, RoyalAds, TrafficHolder, TrafficBroker, TrafficForce, TrafficHaus, Traffichunt, TrafficShop, Tubecorporate and others, you can increase your income up to 100%. AdSpyglass automatically selects the most profitable offers from top ad networks and displays ads with the highest CPM on you websites.
AdSpyglass is already being used by over 1900 websites, 4800 ad campaigns
displaying over 156 Million ads daily
Selling views to the most profitable ad networks
Managing all ads from the single place
Managing direct advertisers ads
Handling unbought traffic

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Plans and pricing

PackagesPopunders, impr.Banners, impr.Instant Messages, impr.Price
ASG-50600 K6 M1.2 M$50
ASG-1001.4 M14 M2.8 M$100
ASG-3005 M50 M10 M$300
ASG-50010 M100 M20 M$500
ASG-100025 M250 M50 M$1,000
ASG-150040 M400 M80 M$1,500
ASG-200060 M600 M120 M$2,000
ASG-3000100 M1000 M200 M$3,000
Packages do not expire. Pay in advance to save more.
It's almost 3 times cheaper!

How to start increasing earnings with AdSpyglass

Link your ad networks accounts
Add your spots and campaigns
Insert AdSpyglass codes into your websites
Expect revenue boost and enjoy using AdSpyglass :)

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NB: Adspyglass is an ad network mediation service. It works well for publishers with 50.000+ daily traffic. Productivity of the service for low traffic resources will be much lower.
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Managing ads with AdSpyglass is handy, easy and profitable

Monitoring malware
Know your spots' eCPM
Detailed reports
Flexible targeting settings
Set-up support


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Our clients reviews

We've been working for the 4th month already... displaying all well-known ad networks.. to get help with settings ask support, they answer quickly and give good advice.
It's a very cool system!
Source: www.master-x.com | User: Bross | August 2015
There's almost no setup, you just create spots, add ad networks, and then all you have to do is to sit and refresh stats.
It's very handy to have both traffic and cash stats in one place for every ad network.
Source: www.master-x.com | User: Chipus | August 2015
We've begun working with the system.
1. Popunder income (comparing with a separate exo or tshop popunder for example) has increased by 2.5.
2. The admin area interface is useful and clear. You can easily set up your campaigns, in 5-10 minutes, if all used partners have already approved your websites/zones.
3. Chatting with vsv (aka Seven) proved to be very pleasant and useful. He'll not only show and tell you everything, but also give you some piece of really good advice)
Well, if I had such a system I wouldn't share it))
Source: www.master-x.com | User: Dizzy_tgptraffic.biz | April 2015

Join now and get free 30-days access

Please, provide at least one messenger

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The answers to your questions might be in our help section. If you didn't find what you were looking for, please send us a message.
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