How to choose ad networks for your website

Ad Networks are bidding for the traffic with the help of RTB (real time bidding) auction. The bid may vary due to ad format, geo, and othe factors.

Some advice for making the right choice about ad networks and ad formats for your website.

If you’re working with traffic and you’ve managed to find a way of cooperation with several Ad Networks simultaneously, this guide will help your to choose the best Ad Networks combination in order to maximize your profit.

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not work with ad networks using fixed CPM

Why you should not work with ad networks using fixed CPM

For ad networks, working with major webmasters is a profitable and prestigious deal. Therefore, they are ready to offer their best conditions to gain more traffic. The most common way to attract webmasters is to offer a fixed CPM. Often this CPM is also far above the market.

On the one hand, this is convenient: you know how much money you will earn this month if the amount of traffic on your sites does not change. It is also a guarantee that you will sell all your traffic. It looks like the ad network takes all the risks of monetization. It sounds very tempting, and it’s hard to refuse such an offer. 

But let’s see why ad networks are so happy to take all these risks and what it brings to you in the end.

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In-Page Push

New native ad format In-Page Push

AdSpyglass has launched a new native advertising format called In-Page Push. It can give you an additional income to existing ad formats because it has 2-3 times higher CPM than banners. In-Page Push doesn’t need subscription permission and available for mainstream and adult traffic.

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