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I can bet you continuously work with 3-5 ad networks and test other networks on a short-term basis if there are exciting offers. And even though you’ve set up the mediation and fine-tuned your work with the long-standing set of networks, you still have residual traffic. That’s the traffic that is not bought out by the brokers and remains without ads. So what do you do with that residual traffic? Leave the spots empty? That’s quite a lost opportunity if you ask me.

Of course, you can look for additional brokers and put time and effort into monetizing the remaining traffic. To do that, you’d probably sign up for new networks and try them one by one to find the best paying offers. Or try to look for direct advertisers manually. Either way, it will take a while and your ad spots will remain empty for the time being.

There is a better and faster way to do all that – AdSpyglass Marketplace. From this post, you will learn what it is, how it works, and how to set it up to get the most profits out of every segment of your traffic. And we’ll tell you all about the latest update which will bring your work with AdSpyglass Marketplace to the whole new level.

What is the AdSpyglass Marketplace?

The main feature of AdSpyglass is the effortless and effective rotation of various brokers in one ad spot. You paste our ad code to your website once and do everything in the dashboard: behavior settings, ad settings, adding and removing brokers, reviewing all the stats in one place, etc. If you are new to AdSpyglass, you can read more about the service here.

The main thing I want to draw your attention to here is – if you work via the AdSpyglass main dashboard, to add the networks to the rotation, you need to register your own accounts with the networks and sync them with AdSpyglass in the dashboard. 

The AdSpyglass Marketplace is basically an SSP (Supply Side Platform). The platform is integrated with over 30 ad networks and DSPs via the RTB (Real-Time Bidding) model. What this means is – the networks make their bids on your traffic, and the impressions are automatically given to the highest bidder. You do not need to have your registered accounts with the networks to work with them via the AdSpyglass Marketplace. 

An impressive choice of networks

So, signing up to the Marketplace gives you access to a massive amount of ad networks without the need to register with them. Switching on the AdSpyglass Marketplace will add the Marketplace offers to the rotation on your ad spots. So you can test the networks and get the best offers for your residual traffic while still getting the most out of your main segments. 

Find and test new opportunities

The networks work with different advertisers. Naturally, the offers are often quite diverse from network to network. There might be better or worse offers by country, ad format, traffic differentiation, etc. With the AdSpyglass Marketplace, you can test new networks on your main traffic segments and then add the best of them to the rotation permanently.

All popular ad formats are available

The AdSpyglass Marketplace supports all the popular ad formats:

  • Banner
  • Popunder
  • Interstitial
  • VAST Video 
  • In-page push

Work with Direct Ads

The Marketplace allows getting offers from direct advertisers who work via our own DSP Traforama. This means you can find direct ads to add to your rotation based on Net 0 daily with just one click!

Moreover, you can invite the advertisers you already cooperate with to the platform and work with them without any commissions charged. This way, you’ll have all your ad sources in one place. Consider direct cooperation even if you’re using only the ad networks mediation. While selling some slices of your traffic to direct advertisers, you will still be able to work with all ad networks.

And yes, we have in-house developed DSP Traforama. So if you run advertising activity and want to buy some direct traffic from us, register an account with Traforama and get full transparency over your offers.

BTW, we’ve enabled a free Mediakit constructor for all our clients to attract more direct advertisers to increase your revenue. Check with your manager for the tips!

So, how do you get 100% Fill Rate?

Getting the 100% fill rate with AdSpyglass is pretty straightforward. This is the winning formula:

AdSpyglass mediation service with your own ad codes from the networks that buy out most of your traffic + AdSpyglass Marketplace with over 30 networks to buy your residual traffic and test new brokers + direct advertisers from Traforama DSP to boost CPMs = All of these rotated in one ad spot, covering every segment of your traffic with ads at the highest rates.

Unified balance

The payouts from the Marketplace are made by AdSpyglass, not the ad networks. All earned funds will be available at the unified balance in your AdSpyglass account. This way, you won’t have to deal with different payment methods with various networks. So no need to have multiple payment accounts and countless fees. Just choose one of the 13 payment methods and get all your earnings in one go.

Please note: From August 1, to receive payouts from AdSpyglass you must go through the profile verification

Custom Marketplace rules for each ad spot!

With the latest update, the Marketplace allows connecting different networks to different spots. This is incredibly convenient when various traffic sources demand custom ad settings. You can limit the aggressive ads for a particular spot as well. And if you need a 100% quality guarantee, you can switch on the Traforama DSP – every offer there is manually checked by our quality assurance team. 

Your My Websites section now features two new creatives for each of your spots – AdSpyglass direct offers (these are the direct ads from Traforama) and Partner networks (these are the RTB networks). To switch off one of the creatives, you simply need to click the Disable button on the right. To switch it back on, you’ll need to go to the creative’s settings and click the “ON all partners” toggle. 

Finally, now you can switch the marketplace on for particular ad spots on your website, not all of them at once. And you can choose which networks you want on which ad spot.  

this way you have full control over the quality of the ads you display. If you have sensitive traffic sources that demand exceptional quality of ads, you can create a separate spot for them and rotate only the trusted networks and direct ads in it. If you need help setting up contact our managers.

Signing up conditions

The Marketplace is a very traffic-quality sensitive feature, so the websites that can switch the Marketplace on have to fit a number of conditions. 

Using the Marketplace with low-quality or bot traffic can lead to a permanent block of your AdSpyglass account. The earned money is charged back by ad networks in such a case. Check the Terms and Conditions

Thus, it’s a mandatory requirenment to go through an expert’s assesment before enabling the Marketplace for your account. 

For a manager to be able to validate your traffic you need to start selling to your ad networks via AdSpyglass first. It usually takes about 3-5 days of working campaigns for us to be able to analyze the traffic you sent during this period. Just reach out to us via live chat for more details and a feedback on your traffic quality.

How to effectively set up the AdSpyglass Marketplace

The main advice is to turn the Market on for all your ad spots. 

If you don’t work with aggressive demand, turn off the aggressive feeds in the spots’ settings to filter such ads from the Marketplace advertisers. 

If you have spots for boughtout traffic which demand exceptional quality we strongly recommend leaving only the Traforama DSP on for these pots. Or contact a manager. They will be able to advise which Marketplace buyers are safe to work with for such traffic.

In any case, Marketplace is only an additional demand, an auxiliary tool to help you reach 100% fill rate and test new networks. 

Minimum 3-5 direct networks in the rotation combined with the Marketplace offers brings in the best results. The active AdSpyglass users will confirm that this is the best tactic to increase your profits. 


What is the AdSpyglass Marketplace? It is an auxiliary tool to help you cover the residual traffic with ads, reach a 100% fill rate, and test new networks.

How many networks are available on the Marketplace? AdSpyglass Marketplace partners with over 35 of the best-paying networks.

Are there any direct advertisers on the Marketplace? You can switch on the offers from Traforama DSP on the Marketplace and work with direct advertisers. 

Do I need to add new codes to my website to work with new networks from the Marketplace? You only need one AdSpyglass ad code. 

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