Overview of WordPress Themes for Your Adult Tube: List, Comparison, Pros & Cons

The popularity of WordPress is rapidly increasing and over 500 websites are built on WordPress every single day. One of the reasons for WordPress’s popularity is its high customizability which allows webmasters to create anything from simple blog-style websites and portfolios to complex e-commerce and government platforms. 

This (content management system) is also popular among adult tube website owners. If you are an adult tube website owner looking for the best WP themes, this article is for you. We will shed light on the main features, pros, and cons of some greatest themes so you can make the right decision. 

Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Adult Tube Website 

Being the most popular CMS, WordPress operates 34% of the world’s websites. Certainly, adult webmasters can begin from scratch and code the site on their own but it is much quicker and profitable to follow the already established path of WordPress. It is a strong option that will not make you worry about its technical side. Many adult websites have built their business on WordPress, especially due to its affordable price, reliability, and easy-to-set system.

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Benefits of Running an Adult Tube Website on WordPress

The first and the most principal reason is that WordPress is free and user-friendly. Since you installed it you have already started running an adult tube website, even without any technical skills.

All you need is a domain name and a hosting account. This is fully customizable and described by tons of tutorials and manuals to work with it effortlessly. 

For those who seek new functions, WordPress offers dozens of plugins and extensions. Websites built on WordPress are mobile-responsive which means the viewers of your adult website will be free to watch the videos on any device possible. 

As a nice bonus, the WordPress community will assist you with any questions and troubles as it cares about its users.

What Is a WordPress Theme?

With the WP theme, you can change the design and layout of your adult tube website. Among theme tools, you will find some for customizing the look of your site, typography, color, and design. 

From a technical point of view, a theme is just a folder with files that includes page templates made with the PHP programming language.

Reason to Use WordPress Theme Instead of Pure WordPress and PHP 

When you create a website with WordPress you get a default theme set up. Certainly, you may leave the site as it is or start PHP coding which is available for programmers, but choosing a new theme will turn your adult tube site into a more attractive and engaging one. This way you get multiple options, shortcodes, layouts, and endless design features. 

Moreover, a new WP theme will let your website stand out among the competitors because of its uniqueness as not many webmasters purchase high-quality WordPress themes.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing a Theme for Your Adult Tube Site

WordPress offers all kinds of themes, and you as an adult website owner should pay attention to the theme that will complement your content. Do not be allured with the theme diverse design options. Sometimes lots of colors, tangled layout, and flashy animations may complicate your style. Here’s the list of some other important factors you need to pay attention to while choosing a theme:

  • The theme should be available for watching on mobile devices. To be sure it works, check your website on the mobile-friendly test. 
  • People use a variety of browsers, so the next key thing to remember is browser compatibility. 
  • Check the theme language before installing, as many WordPress sites are not available in English.
  • The last thing you need to remember is the SEO friendliness of a chosen theme as it may positively or negatively impact your ranking in search engines.

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Top 15 WordPress Themes For Adult Blogs and Tubes

1. Play Theme: Overview of Play by Tube Ace

Available on any device and screen, the Play theme is fully customizable, free in cost, and offers more features than any other premium theme. It is created especially for adult content and can’t be installed directly from WordPress themes, only on the Tube Ace website.

Distinctive Features of Play WordPress Theme

The Play theme is built on Bootstrap, the world’s famous CSS framework that includes a single code base from desktops to mobile phones. Play operates a very convenient work-frame where every element is divided into several panels: layout, post previews, post pages, navigation, background images, sidebars, pagination, and header.

With the Play theme, you are free to display any ad type in any place on the site. It also allows viewers to rate the video, see the porn star list, and choose related videos.

Main Pros of the Play Theme 

  • Free of cost 
  • Fully customizable 
  • Responsive design 

Main Cons of the Play Theme 

  • Difficult to find 
  • Overloaded with design elements
  • Poor in technical support 

Conclusion about Play

It is completely good in reinforcing your website with new options but anyway it takes time to set up everything.

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2. JunViD Theme: Overview of JunViD by XWP Themes

JunViD WordPress theme is suitable for movies, TV shows, streaming, reviews, and adult entertainment. It will fit everyone’s expectations of being a responsive retina multipurpose theme.

Distinctive Features of JunViD WordPress Theme

It holds a simple aesthetic with unlimited color options which may take a bit to tune the color palette. With the JunViD theme, you can provide the tube site with the video carousel that forms the categories of Most Viewed, Top Rated, Recently Upload Videos, and overview of the content in general.

It is fast loading, available for uploads from YouTube, Upload, Google Drive, and compatible with JW Player.

Main Pros of the JunVid

  • Video carousel 
  • Endless color choices 
  • Comprehensible menu

Main Cons of the JunVid

  • Presence of empty space 
  • Ordinary in design
  • Not attention-grabbing

Conclusion about JunViD

JunViD displays a range of appealing options. It operates a simple design that is not groundbreaking, but it is a reliable theme with an efficient and minimalistic layout.

3. RetroTube Theme: Overview of RetroTube by WP-Script

The name speaks for itself: RetroTube stands out for its retro vibe of dark interface with the popping pink. It is considered to be one of the most effective themes on WordPress.

Distinctive Features of RetroTube WordPress Theme

By buying it, you own a product for a whole life without additional payment. Regarding updates, they are also available at no cost.

Despite being compatible with HTML5 video players, RetroTube displays a photo gallery with categories and tags. It has built-in templates available in a mobile theme option. If you are eager to post articles, this WP theme suggests you create a blog section with post categories and tags.

It allows users to upload the videos and contribute, of course, after you approve submissions.

Main Pros of the RetroTube Theme

  • Built-in templates 
  • Users upload option 
  • Retro style 

Main Cons of the RetroTube Theme

  • Overloaded options 
  • Cluttered design 
  • Poor support feedback 

Conclusion about RetroTube

This theme displays many configuration options and modern features. It perfectly serves the needs of adult tube website owners.

4. UltimaTube Theme: Overview of UltimaTube by WP-Script

UltimaTube is more than a theme, this is a chance to transform your adult tube website into a great community with amateur content.

Distinctive Features of UltimaTube WordPress Theme

Those who are fond of user-friendly and simple website figuration will be undoubtedly pleased with the UltimaTube theme design. It is clean, light, and easy to set up.

This theme is responsive and compatible with all WP plugins. It has a video preview option for the viewers to feel comfortable while choosing. Moreover, users are free to upload their content.

Main Pros of the UltimaTube Theme

  • Clean and simple design 
  • Users’ video uploading feature 
  • Video preview option 

Main Cons of the UltimaTube Theme

  • Only light design version 
  • Lack of ad spaces 
  • Absence of users registration option 

Conclusion about UltimaTube

It can be easily identified as a professional theme with many modern options. Though being high-tech designed, it still is not modified for a night mode.

5. KingTube Theme: Overview of KingTube by WP Script

If you are a connoisseur of elegant and luxury style then the KingTube theme must be your priority.

Distinctive Features of KingTube WordPress Theme

The theme stands out for its refined design. But the color is on your own choice: you may customize it to your feeling of taste.

KingTube focuses mostly on the content, not bothering viewers with the pop-up ads and banners.

Main Pros of the KingTube Theme

  • Elegant design 
  • Fully customizable layout
  • Fully responsive version 

Main Cons of KingTube Theme

  • Absence of sidebar
  • Poor monetization features
  • Lack of ad space

Conclusion about KingTube

This theme may not look like a theme for an adult website but it still is one of the most rated themes by WordPress.

6. FamousTube: Overview of FamousTube by WPScript

Noticeable at first glimpse, the FamousTube theme analogous to PornHub. It is dark and professional so the viewers can enjoy the entertainment videos.

Distinctive Features of FamousTube WordPress Theme

FamousTube as a fully responsive theme is manifested by its efficiency. The theme is perfectly developed for SEO customization you can perform by changing the title and the description for every page. It is full of built-in templates with tags and video categories.

Main Pros of the FamousTube Theme

  • Competitive professional design 
  • Video tube site orientation 
  • Inspired by PornHub 

Main cons of the FamousTube Theme

  • Available sidebar on a home page only 
  • Too many bugs 
  • Complicated customization process 

Conclusion about FamousTube

Though made with noticeable bugs, it remains a very profitable theme for the adult tube hosting niche.

7. KolorTube Theme: Overview of KolorTube by WPScript

As defined in its name, KoelorTube is especially appealing by its colorful and energetic design.

Distinctive Features of KolorTube WordPress Theme

Due to the fact that in many themes there is no customizable sidebar, it is important to highlight that KolorTube offers you freedom in filters, tags, and categories fields.

It also stands out by the possibility of usage for both video tube sites and cam sites. KolorTube does a perfect job with ad customization and SEO-ready options.

Main Pros of the KolorTube Theme

  • Colorful design 
  • SEO-ready feature 
  • Improved sidebar

Main Cons of KolorTube Theme

  • Absence of photo gallery option 
  • Absence of blog section option
  • Poor support system 

Conclusion about KolorTube

This is the ideal theme to surprise your viewers with a vibrant design. With KolorTube features, you will increase your revenue.

8. VTube: Overview of VTube by WP-Script

Do you still think that WP themes do not increase your adult tube website performance? VTube with its XVideos-like design will debunk your doubts.

Distinctive Features of VTube WordPress Theme

Thanks to its leading search bar, VTube will direct your viewers right to the content they want to see. Being a very young WordPress theme, it is still updating and improving.

Main Pros of the VTube Theme

  • Prominent search bar
  • Structured video categories 
  • Easy-to-use layout

Main Cons of VTube Theme

  • Too many bugs 
  • Absence of blog section
  • Messy design

Conclusion about VTube

If you are looking for a well-structured and profitable WP theme – VTube is your best choice. Although, you may need more time for adjusting its settings because of the presence of bugs. 

9. MonaTube Theme: Overview of MonaTube by XWP-Themes

Presented in a sleek layout, MonaTube was created for adult or mainstream tube sites as it integrates with YouTube, RedTube, PornHub, XHamster, and other video resources.

Distinctive Features of MonaTube WordPress Theme

MonaTube gains its authority by record fast load speed which means the best experience to your viewers.

Having been created in a simple and minimalistic design, this theme has a solid back of the customer support office. The designer team is ready to give feedback within hours.

Main Pros of the MonaTube Theme

  • Fast loading speed 
  • Lifetime support
  • Diverse ad locations 

Main Cons of the MonaTube Theme

  • Old-fashioned style
  • High price 
  • Lack of community-friendly functions 

Conclusion about MonaTube

Without a doubt, this WordPress theme is worth its price. Just have a look, the MonaTube function of fast loading is not present in any of the themes discussed!

10. ZingTube Theme: Overview of ZingTube by XWP Themes 

Another fast loading speed theme embodies a vision of a user-friendly theme, especially for new webmasters. Easy to set up, ultra-SEO friendly, and attuned to grad organic Google traffic, ZingTube will satisfy even the most capricious customer.

Distinctive Features of ZingTube WordPress Theme

With its premium version, you are free to use the theme on an unlimited number of websites.

ZingTube operates the search engine dividing videos into categories to make the time spent on your adult website even more convenient. Furthermore, this function leads to great revenue!

Main Pros of the ZingTube Theme

  • Powerful search engine 
  • Fast loading speed 
  • Universal usage on all the websites 

Main Cons of the ZingTube Theme

  • Pricey version 
  • Rare updates 
  • Paid advanced features 

Conclusion about ZingTube

Choosing this theme may be a first step to ranking high in Google and significantly boosting the revenue of your adult tube site. 

11. YoloTube Theme: Overview of YoloTube by XWPThemes

YoloTube like ZingTube builds its work on a quick loading and high Google rankings. This is an ideal choice for beginner websites that tend to work without any fuss.

Distinctive Features of YoloTube WordPress theme

Being fully responsive by Bootstrap 3, this theme is available on all devices: mobile, laptop, tablet, and desktop.

As a special bonus, it has included Monster Xvideos import plugin which enables the import of up to 500 videos with each click. No programming skills required: type the keyword, define the numbers of videos and enjoy their fast importing.

Main Pros of the YoloTube Theme

  • Fast loading speed 
  • Monster Xvideos plugin included 
  • Fully responsive theme 

Main Cons of YoloTube Theme

  • Absence of community features 
  • Poor connection with the support team 
  • Lack of monetization options 

Conclusion about YoloTube

Simple in its structure, YoloTube is the most suitable choice for new adult tube webmasters as it provides all the essential features and is easy to manage.

12. ResTube Theme: Overview of ResTube by XWP Themes

Overview of ResTube by XWP Themes

The ResTube theme looks somehow old-fashioned, but its special features will confirm its place among the best WP themes.

Distinctive Features of ResTube WordPress Theme

With this theme, you will become a full-fledged controller of all the processes: from styling to configuration. You can create video blogs, tutorials, reviews, podcasts to any related theme on your website.

It holds a six-position widget: home sidebar, single sidebar, above\below content, above\below relative videos.

ResTube pleasantly impresses its auto display thumbnail that can be shown in custom fields, featured images, and the first image.

Main Pros of the ResTube Theme

  • Full control option 
  • Six positions widget
  • Compatibility with Importer plugins 

Main Cons of ResTube Theme

  • Old-fashioned style 
  • Lack of modern updates
  • Lack of ad monetization functions

Conclusion about ResTube

This theme provides you with a variety of modern features however it looks someway outdated.

13. RosaTube Theme: Overview of RosaTube by XWP Themes

Do you expect to lead your website to the top of Google rankings? If yes, with RosaTube you are on the right path.

Distinctive Features of RosaTube WordPress Theme

It is fully optimized for search engines: the more visitors discover your site, the more turnover you get.

All features and settings are situated on the panel option for you to quickly manage the things you want to correct.

It is compatible with Importer plugins that give you even more special features.

Main Pros of the RosaTube Theme

  • Powerful search engine customization 
  • Full control option 
  • Compatibility with Importer plugins 

Main Cons of RosaTube Theme

  • Lack of community features 
  • Lack of monetization options 
  • Slow feedback from the support team 

Conclusion about RosaTube

If you are looking for an SEO-friendly WordPress theme that would help you attract more organic traffic and increase revenue, then RosaRube is the best choice for you.

14. RichFlicks: Overview of RichFlicks by RichWP

The most engaging, created for embedded and self-hosted videos, RichFlicks theme belongs to a new generation in the niche of adult tube websites.

Distinctive Features of RichFlicks WordPress Theme

Though many themes have modern options, RichFlicks comes to us with new technological options like 4k and 3D videos. The theme guarantees you success by posting a high number of videos on the front page thus increasing the number of page views.

The layout is strategically developed to gold all sorts of ad integrations and give you a high revenue.

RichFlicks’ main goal is to present your video content to as many visitors as possible. That is why it has a clean codebase and minimalistic customizer panel.

It is fully responsive, available for all the devices version of the well-known VideoHub theme.

Main Pros of the RichFlicks Theme

  • Stunning design
  • Easy ads integration
  • Responsive layout

Main Cons of RichFlicks Theme

  • High price
  • Lack of community options
  • Too many complicated options

Conclusion about RichFlicks

This WP theme appeals to customers with its multi-functional system. Whether you want a modern design or just get a high revenue – RichFlicks will satisfy your whims.

15. Bonus Directory Theme: XWP Directory by XWP Theme 

The XWP Directory theme does not look like the others. It is a listing directory adult theme that assists in managing directory websites like ThePornDude.

Distinctive Features of XWP Directory WordPress Theme

Its speed optimization will help your viewers to load the website in 4 seconds. Coupled with that you will get a license for using the product on 30 different domains.

XWP Directory owns an advanced options panel with which you can manage the tasks within minutes.

While you hesitate about its advantages, this theme is a code-free solution. Everything you need is to install the product and customize your adult website to your liking.

Main Pros of the XWP Directory Theme

  • 30 domains license
  • Advanced options panel
  • Fully customizable layout

Main Cons of the XWP Directory Theme

  • Lack of the photo gallery and blog section
  • A bit of a boring design
  • Messy work-frame

Conclusion about XWP Directory

This theme is equipped with all the necessary tools for running a profitable adult tube website.

The WordPress Theme Is Chosen. What’s Next?

Choosing a WordPress theme is just a first step in the adult business. After setting the theme up, customizing it, and attracting the traffic you need to think of a way to monetize the website and maximize your revenues.

The usual way of adult tube website monetization is cooperating with one Ad Network. The biggest disadvantage of this approach is that in most cases you receive good payouts only for certain types of traffic while the biggest part of your traffic is being sold at a very low price.

If you are searching for ways to maximize your revenues, you should consider working with Ad Mediation Platforms like AdSpyglass. AdSpyglass allows you to sell your traffic to multiple Ad Networks at the highest possible rate. It analyzes every impression on your website in real-time and determines which Ad Network would pay the most for each particular impression. The tool allows you to manage dozens of Ad Networks within a single Adspyglass account, provides powerful analytics, and results in a 50% revenue increase.


In the variety of themes be guided by your own preferences. Create a vision of your ideal adult tube site and then adjust a suitable WordPress theme. Try the demo or live preview to be sure it is really what you want. Also, pay attention to their prices as many features are available only in premium versions which need additional payment.

We hope the article helped you to make sense of the variety of WordPress themes presented on the market, so now you can make a well-informed decision. 

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