10 Best Pop-Under Ad Networks 2018

Pop-unders remain a significant part in the publisher’s armoury of ad formats. There are now a range of different networks that support this type of inventory and with the aim of finding the very best popunder network, we’re going to be taking a closer look at how well-equipped these are at serving their user bases.

Using our recent analysis of the market, we’ll be looking into the pros and cons of the top 10 platforms as well as the general overview of these groups to ensure there is a transparent view of how each fair. For publishers searching for the best pop under ad network on the market, the options are as follows:


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List of the best Pop-Under Ad Networks

Here is the list of the top Pop-Under ad networks in 2018. Choose the best and highest paying popunder ads network, compare pros and cons using our data insights and analytics opinions.












Offering a steady CPM and supporting of banners, interstitials and push-ups along with pop-unders and popups, Adsterra is a very well-rounded option for publishers. The platform also boasts a referral program offering 5% commission of a new publisher’s commission to the site that referred them, as well as eight different payment options. Adult traffic is allowed on the network.

Adsterra homepage


  • One of the largest ranges of payment options (payments delivered bi-weekly)
  • Good rate of CPM
  • Fill rate of 100% means all traffic is sold
  • Self-service option for campaign maintenance


  • Minimum payout of $100 is above market average

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ExoClick offers an even greater range of ad formats aside from pop-unders and popups, with creative options like native and IM supplementing video formats like pre-roll, in-stream and in-video. A minimum payout of $20 is all it takes to get earning and this is available on a weekly basis.

exoclick home


  • Wide range of ad formats, particularly for video
  • Minimum payout of $20, available weekly
  • Active referral program offers a 5% top-up of a new publisher’s commission
  • Allows adult traffic.


  • Asian countries hampered by low CPM
  • Support is only available through email.

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The reliability of HilltopAds is defined by 100% fill rates, good support and a strong CPM, especially on mobile. The group supports pop under ads for publisher sectors including adult and this inventory is the network’s specialism; in fact, it’s all the platform offers.

hilltopads homepage


  • Fill rate of 100% ensures traffic is sold
  • Payouts delivered weekly, with lots of options for making withdrawals
  • Skype option helps speed up customer service


  • Pop-unders are the only ads supported
  • No self-service option means every change must be made by a manager

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TrafficForce is boosted by a high CPM for both pop-unders and banners, although the lack of a referral program, high minimum payouts and the quality of its support does let its case down to a degree. The network does support adult traffic, though, and might be a good option for publishers that prioritize with earning.

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trafficforce homepage


  • Both pop-unders and banners benefit from high CPM rates
  • Offer back URLs help with distributing any unsold traffic.


  • Low fill-rates offset a good CPM
  • Minimum earning of $100 is only delivered monthly
  • Our investigations found support to be lacking.

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Another popunder network, DoublePimp is the home of one of the highest rates of CPM in the adult sector. There is a self-service option for making manual adjustments to campaigns, which can counter-balance the issues some might have with support and the lack of a referral program.



  • High rates of CPM for adult sites and traffic
  • Self-service option allows manual tweaks to campaigns
  • Customer support by skype


  • No referral program for maximizing revenue
  • Only supports pop-unders

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Our investigations found Adnium to be another lacking in speed of support, but publishers should be aware of a good CPM for banners if ever they wanted something on top of their pop-unders. There is a self-service option and payments are available by request, providing a minimum of $100 is reached.

adnium homepage


  • Banners attract a strong CPM
  • Self-service option for making manual adjustments to campaigns
  • Support by skype


  • Minimum earning of $100 is only available through Paxum or wire transfer
  • Adult traffic is allowed but the network is stringent on terms of overall service

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Is Ero-Advertising the best pop ads network? Well, it ticks some useful boxes in good a CPM for certain GEOs, a self-service platform, on top of customer support being offered through email and Skype. Some countries may find it harder to earn big amounts than others but there are benefits for all parties here. Adult traffic is also supported.

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eroadvertising homepage


  • European GEOs benefit from a good CPM
  • Offer back URLs help with distributing unsold traffic
  • Referral program enables publishers to maximize income
  • Minimum payout of €10 is available weekly
  • Self-service platform facilitates manual adjustments to campaigns


  • Tier-2 and tier-3 countries are hampered by a low CPM

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TrafficShop is certainly in with a shout of being the best pop under advertising network. There is a good CPM for desktop traffic, the fill rate is around 80%, the minimum payout is $50 and available on request. On the other hand, we found support to be fairly unreliable and there is no referral program available.

trafficshop homepage


  • Supports adult traffic
  • Offer back URLs help distribute unsold traffic
  • Good fill rates


  • Support has room for improvement
  • Publishers must add all domains as traffic is assessed by referrer
  • No active referral program limits chance of maximizing earnings

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JuicyAds may have low rates for banners although it performs much better as a pop under advertising network. The platform supports adult traffic and is boosted by a referral program which pays 20% of a new publisher’s commission to the referring party. Minimum payouts at $25 are also way below the market average – these being available on request – while Asia and Russia attracts a good CPM.

juicyads homepage


  • Self-service platform for making manual changes to campaigns
  • Asia and Russia benefit from a strong rate of CPM
  • Payout is low at $25 and available on request
  • Offer back URLs help distribute unsold traffic
  • Referral program paying 20% helps publishers maximize their income


  • Email is the only support channel available
  • Admin panel is difficult to use
  • Banner ads attract a very low CPM

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The final contender for the best popunder ad network is Reporo. The network is mobile-only and has a high payout at $100, delivered bi-monthly. That said, adult traffic is supported and there is good customer service available through email and Skype.

reporo homepage


  • Good support available via email and Skype


  • Not self-service – all changes go through a manager
  • Minimum payout is high at $100
  • No referral program prevents earnings from being maximized

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Final thoughts

There are advantages and disadvantages to every ad network. Thanks to ad mediation services like AdSpyglass, publishers can link themselves up to all of the platforms above and reap the benefits that each can offer.

Our process is simple:

  • AdSpyglass automatically selects the most profitable offers from top ad networks and displays ads with the highest CPM on your websites.
  • AdSpyglass gives our publishers complete transparency over the data we collect
  • We automatically switch your ad tags to the most profitable offers

These create three huge advantages for our users:

  1. An income boost of up to 100% automatically.
  2. There is no need to change ad tags to reply on your websites templates. You manage all your ads such as network ads or your own ads directly via AdSpyglass admin panel. It helps to avoid mistakes while you add your website templates and saves your time, even more so if you have numerous sites.
  3. You can see detailed statistics from all inventory ad networks in AdSpyglass reports allowing for granular analysis and the optimizing of campaigns from all your networks in one admin panel.

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  1. I am using Exoclick and Ero-Advertising simultaneously. I am running three adults sites. Most of my traffic comes from Asian countries. I am using Exoclick for low payout and weekly payment. I want to switch to high CPM. Could you please suggest which Adnetwork will be best for me?

    • maria.adspyglass
      27.07.2017 - 15:13

      Hello! You can try differenets popunders such as Trafficshop, FPCtraffic, RoyalsAds, TrafficHaus, Clickadu, Trafficforce, Popcash, Hilltopads, Doublepimp, JuicyAds.

      Also we recommend you to try banners with Reporo, TrafficShop, TrafficForce.

  2. Awesome! I run Juicyads for my adult networks. I base my ads base in my geo positioning so I choose juicyads for my ad networks. Should I give try on this top 10?

    • Maria AdSpyglass Team
      05.08.2017 - 13:11

      Hi Carlos!
      Thanks) Yes, you can try it! JuicyAds works very good with adult traffic.
      Also you can always check Best CPM rates by countries here in our special instrument – https://www.adspyglass.com/best-ad-networks. It shows all current CPM rates from all networks.

  3. Lazaros Tsiftsidis
    20.04.2018 - 09:08

    I use PPCmate and their pop traffic is on high-level. They even give me sales on some of my campaigns but for sure i have better ranking on Alexa.

  4. I’d try AdSupply a ComScore top ranked adnetowrk with a very simple interface and awesome customer success assistance

  5. ntshyadav57
    07.09.2018 - 07:35

    please Tell any Native widget ad network for low traffic website

  6. i use popcash …

  7. Harpreet Singh
    06.04.2019 - 07:11

    i have a some music website like mr jatt, Mr Jatt daily traffic over 3 lakh please suggest me good pop ads network , which also safe in google.

  8. Harpreet Singh
    06.04.2019 - 07:13

    i have a some music website like mr jatt, Mr Jatt daily traffic over 3 lakh need good pop ads network , which also safe in google.

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