TrafficShop Ad Network Review 2022

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TrafficShop is an advertising network that publishers can use to make money from their traffic. The platform features good rates of CPM for sites running campaigns on desktop, but mobile formats are also available to publishers that would prefer this method of monetization. These are supported by features like offer back URLs making sure that each site on the TrafficShop network can monetize a good amount of their traffic.

Earnings are available through a number of options, including PayPal, Paxum and Payoneer, as well as credit card, bitcoin and wire transfer. These are available to each publisher on their own request, provided they have met the minimum earning of $50.

Ad Types:

trafficshop ad formatsFor Desktop

  • Banners
  • Pop-unders
  • Video
  • Text ads
  • Rich media

For Mobile

  • Banners
  • Text ads
  • Rich media
  • Video
  • Interstitial
  • Redirects

Offer Types:

CPM (Cost per Mile)

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Traffic Types

Desktop and mobile

Payment Rules

Payments are available to any publisher that earns a minimum of $50 through the TrafficShop network. These are available on the publisher’s “request” and processed within 72 hours of this being made. Unfortunately, TrafficShop does not promise that all payments will be made within this timeframe and there are no payments processed on non-business days (weekends, holidays).  

All payouts are subject to a 1-3% surcharge by TrafficsShop and each method attracts a different fee. Publishers should also research the individual charges required by their chosen method of withdrawing money, as platforms such as PayPal will request a fee for amounts loaded onto their accounts.

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Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof of TrafficShop ad network:

TrafficShop payment proof
TrafficShop payment proof


TrafficShop has a live chat function which is available from 08:00 – 16:00 CET on business days. Other options include a ticket system (often used for problems that require a lot of describing) as well as email support, both of which are available for 24 hours on business days. Also  you can find Skype and ISQ contacts on the site.

trafficshop contacts

Our investigations found the level of support to be fairly unreliable, but there might be an explanation for this. The default language of the support team is English, which means questions in other languages can take between 48-72 hours to be answered. For any urgent matters, publishers are advised to contact their personal manager.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

Each publisher on TrafficShop is required to agree to its terms of service. These include basic rules, like the banning of any activity that defrauds or misleads TrafficShop, down to more specific conditions, such as:

  • Websites must not contain content which is illegal, defamatory, libelous, harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive. These are just a few examples of what is banned and the full list is available on TrafficShop’s site.
  • Users may not serve ads on sites which contain viruses or other codes or programs designed to monitor or interrupt the functionality of a computer – ie belonging to a site visitor.
  • Sites must not contain unsupported ad formats like pop-ups, consoles or floating windows. The exception is instant messenger ‘floater ads’, which are allowed.
  • Each site must have what TrafficShop calls ‘real content’ – not containing only blind links.
  • Sites cannot be hosted on a free platform, with the exception of blogging services.

Beyond the banned practices, publishers should be aware of what happens to their account if they do not reach the minimum earning of $50 within a given six-month period. TrafficShop reserves the right to apply a “maintenance fee” to any accounts which do not meet this criteria, which will come out of any commission they might have earned.

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Referral Program

At the time of writing, TrafficShop does not have an active referral program.


  • Desktop traffic benefits from strong rates of CPM
  • Offer back URLs make use of any unsold traffic
  • Minimum earning of $50 is available on request


  • No referral program is offered

CPM Rates:

You may compare TrafficShop CPM rates with other ad networks by countries here.

Mainstream traffic:

TrafficShop mainstream Banner CPM
France 0.03
Germany 0.02
USA 0.06
China 0.01
Indonesia 0.01
Bangladesh 0.02
India 0.01

Adult traffic:

TrafficShop adult Popunder CPM Banner CPM
France 0.89 0.01
Germany 1.1 0.01
USA 1.3 0.01
Brazil 0.27 0.0
China 0.49 0.01
Indonesia 0.31 0.01
Bangladesh 0.19 0.0
India 0.12 0.0

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Final thoughts:

TrafficShop is a good place for publishers to go if they have a decent amount of desktop traffic coming into their sites. The network offers good rates of CPM for this category, with a number of features making the platform even better.

Earnings can be withdrawn through a number of methods – the usual options of PayPal, Paxum and Payoneer adding to credit card and even bitcoin. These are available on request to any publisher reaching the minimum earning of $50.   

There are some cons to consider, as our investigations found the level of customer support to be unreliable, especially for publishers that do not speak English. There is no referral program to help publishers earn even more money. Meanwhile TrafficShop offers a system which counts traffic by referrer, meaning each user has to manually add all of their domains,

Despite this, there are features like the offer back URLs which do put a good note on the service, which is certainly good enough for publishers to consider.

Register here to join TrafficShop network.

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7 Responses

  1. fraud network ,we made a deposit and try the campaigns we receive only 5% of traffic compared to be shown in marketplace and we contact the support they reponsed that it will be like that untill we spent first 100$ .so we decide to close the account ,they said it will be done within 30 days of last deposit ,it was two month ,still the account is active and there is no refund has been done yet ,we tried to contact the support via skype,mail,online chat no reponse from them

  2. STAY AWAY from this network, they will block your account for absolutely no reason – even when you haven’t used the account in years and the account is in good standing, then they will not respond. As someone else said, go with Exoclick, this network is just a hassle and you will lose money

  3. The have a payout problem, if you dont want payment problems just go far exoclick and popads

  4. very help full article i want to monetize my site with this ad network but i was thinking if they well released payment on time or no

  5. I like that offers rich media both for desktop and mobile platforms. I find it to be a very promising ad type.

  6. First of thanks a lot for sharing such an informative post.You have mentioned that it took 72 hours to proceed the payment. Will it take 72 hours If I submit payment request through PayPal?

    1. Hello, Atrse! Unfortunately, TrafficShop does not promise that all payments will be made within this timeframe. Also there are no payments processed on non-business days (weekends, holidays).

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