Must-Have Essential Softwares for adult webmaster in 2022 | Tools you can’t ignore

Must-Have Essential Softwares for adult webmaster in 2021 | Tools you can't ignore
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Like ordinary webmasters, adult webmasters promote their websites: add new content, take away outdated ones, and respond to viewers’ likings. While many new webmasters fail to resist competition, the adult website industry withstands all the circumstances. This is a very lucrative business. People are always looking for relaxation and it is adult sites that satisfy customers. To create a consistent revenue stream, you need to build your adult website with powerful tools which we are going to discuss in this article.

We’re going to explore the most important softwares that will be extremely handy for adult webmasters of all levels.

Tools for Website Creation

Tools for Website Creation

Everything starts from the website. In this section, we’ll figure out the best tools for creating your website from scratch. This is an extremely important point since this choice will be critical to the future of your adult business. This particular choice will dictate the effectiveness of your future efforts and influence your website scalability.

Website Scripts

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Scripts significantly simplify the process of adult tube site creation and help you avoid potential problems such as failed adult payment gateway, third-party attacks, and lack of control over the site. It will provide you with tech support, easy-to-use tools, diversity of customization options, administrator advantages, monetization options, and community features.

List of the best Website Scripts

Mechbunny Tube Scripts

Among a wide range of solid scripts, webmasters highly recommend Mechbunny Tube Scripts, Kernel Video Sharing, Adult Video Script, and others. They offer a modern design, SEO and customization features, a variety of video formats, fast uploads, and many other useful options to run a professional adult website.

CMSs for Adult Websites

CMSs for Adult Websites

Another fast way for getting your website up and running is a CMS. Starting a new website is always complicated, but the Content Management System (CMS) can help you to accomplish it trouble-free. Using a content management system will simplify your way with responsive design, multiple video formats, high-quality content, and optimization for search engines.

There are a lot of various CMSs on the market, but you really need to pay a lot of attention when choosing one of them. As soon as you’ll start to gain some progress and create a lot of new things – switching to another platform will become harder and harder. Dig into the CMS selection below to make the right choice!

Which CMS to choose?

Known around the world, WordPress is the most well-liked service. It requires no coding skills but clicking on the button and using it for free. But let’s talk about WordPress later.

A lot of webmasters also prefer Drupal as a powerful CMS platform. Drupal is not as easy to set up as WP, and you really have to know what you want to create before you even start. But on the other hand, this platform gives you more flexibility and core support of multilingual sites.

Ember |

Also, there’s another example, Joomla appeals to adult webmasters with its great optimization for search engines, flexible setup, and multi-user permission levels. In addition to that, Joomla supports multi-themed websites. That means that you can easily use different themes for different parts of your resource.

WordPress Themes and Plug-ins

WordPress Themes and Plug-ins

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Since we’ve already discovered the usefulness of CMS, it is important to mention the most popular CMS in the world – WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most obvious choices for running any website. However, a lot of adult website owners also consider the engine as a suitable one. In addition to the good characteristics of WP CMS itself, its themes and plugins made this platform even more popular. The WP theme helps to redesign the layout of web pages, change typography, colour, and design. Plug-ins extend your website features and offer you a list of incredible options. Want to build with WordPress? Check out the list of cool themes below.

Great WP Themes and Plug-ins for Adult Webmasters

Their variety of WordPress themes means they are in demand. Indeed, whether you use Play theme, UltimaTube theme, KingTube theme, or the other, you will get a responsive design, fully customizable layout, and many users’ features to create a financially rewarding adult website.

Tools for Website Hosting and Administration 

Tools for Website Hosting and Administration

Having a ready-made website is important. But to make it available for your users you need also to take care about proper website administration. That includes handling hostings, domains, SSL-certificates and even CDN services. That may sound as a really tough challenge, but let us tell you about the best administration softwares that can make your webmaster’s experience much more easier and user-friendly.

Adult & DMCA Ignore Hostings

Adult & DMCA Ignore Hostings

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Hosting itself is an essential part of any website. There are tons of hosting providers on the market and you can always find the ones that will work exactly for you.

However, we recommend choosing among DMCA-ignored hostings. While adult websites are endangered to receive DMCA takedowns, you need to provide your business with hosting that can protect you.

The policy of these providers usually ignores DMCA and you may feel much safer if your website has any potential risks related to copyright laws.

How to choose DMCA-Ignored Hosting?

Experts tend to share such best DMCA ignored hostings: Flaunt7, ProHoster, BlueAngelHost, Shinjiru, and AbeloHost. These services will allow you to upload any content you want with no fear of its removal.

Although, if you’ve already thought about some particular provider, you should always check its reviews and ratings to be sure that your hosting partner is reliable and trustworthy.

Domain Registrars

Domain Registrars

Anyway, it is essential to register a domain as every website starts with a name. A decent domain can help you to get better brand recognition and increase the amount of direct traffic. Try to keep the domain name concise and simple – it will let your users remember it faster. More than that, great domains are usually much more appreciated by search engines and that is always cool for your SEO.

How to find solid Domain Registrar?

GoDaddy provides customers with the extension of domain names and has a solid domain management interface. Coupled with that, people choose Namecheap, which stands out with its free domain privacy.

Namecheap Review: Great For Domains, What About Hosting?

Pay attention to its “Adult Industry” domains. These are usually fit perfectly for any sort of adult resource having a reasonable price.

SSL Providers

SSL Providers

Secure Sockets Layer represents itself as a protocol that gives your website privacy, authentication, and integrity with the Internet communications. This is the service you need to protect your website. Moreover, the latest Google updates made SSL a critical point and now you can’t expect any good results without it.

Key factors about SSL Providers

Use Comodo SSL, Entrust Datacard, and Geotrust to ensure your visitors that your website is verified and secure.

Adult-Friendly CDN Services

Adult-Friendly CDN Services

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As adult websites do not need to make visitors waiting, CDN services help to load the page for viewers around the world with the same speed. This tool decreases the physical distance, so there is no need for content servers to come back to every visitor.

List of Adult-Friendly CDN Services

KeyCDN, MaxCDN, and PUSHR services allow adult content and come up with fast-loading videos and images for your viewers.


Analytics and Statistics Tools  

Analytics and Statistics Tools

Even when your website is already live, there are lot of other things that you need to do if you want to get success. Website analytics and statistics are crucial for understanding your online business’ health better. These efforts lead to much deeper understanding of your website performance and audience preferences. It will also help you to explore valuable insights that may boost your website growth.

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Analyzing Tools

Analyzing Tools

To track your website performance you need to operate analytics tools. Since the data are given, you can improve the site to get more visitors in action. The whole internet industry is moving towards data-driven decisions – you need to keep up to be successful.

The best Analyzers for Adult Industry

Very familiar for everyone, Google analytics is a perfect and structured tool. It tracks session duration, bounce rate, pages for a session to build overall data about your website. This tool will help you to look over the pages that are not frequently visited and direct the site into a user-friendly environment.

Yandex Metrica stands along with Google. With its service, you will find out the audience, traffic, and site doings.

Yandex.Metrica – a free web analytics tool with premium quality features

Meet another useful analytics tool – Optimizely. This will be your innovative engine in accelerating website productivity.

Tracking software

Tracking software

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These tools are very helpful with gaining insights about your website usage to monetize it properly. Moreover, if you cooperate with Ad Networks it is crucial to enable third-party tracking to ensure that network stats are real. Learn how to choose a solid tracking tool.

Choosing the Tracking software

Choose the Voluum tracker if you want to monitor your ad campaign metrics. Its purpose is to maximize the effectiveness of your website and significantly boost your profit.

Voluum - Complete Guide For Affiliate Tracking Software

With the help of AdsBridge, you will discover not only ad analysis options but protection from fraudulence.

All you need to know about your website performance is hidden behind the Affise tracker. Manage, analyze, optimize, and customize your site in real-time.

SEO and SERM Tools

SEO and SERM Tools

SEO is the first thing that comes to mind when talking of traffic sources for adult websites. SERM is a bit more specific term, even though it is equally important. There are no direct answers about the way how search engines work. However, something is known for sure. You need to update your site with new content regularly, establish clean UX and UI for your users, and eliminate any technical issues that may lead to poor website performance.

To help you with everything stated above – there are the best SEO tools for different purposes needed for the development of modern adult web-resource.

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Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools

While you definitely want to own a popular and most visited adult website, you need to know the strategy of how people look for that. This is the moment when keyword research tools come to the rescue. They recognize the users’ language when they search for products and services. Based on these data, keyword research tools help you discover the most popular search requests.

Which Keyword Tool to use?

Google Ads Keyword Planner stands for making a review of most researched keywords, structured by relevance and using them per month.

Having an old-fashioned design, Live Keyword Analysis is not the same in its analytical performance. It focuses on the keyword density of the content you want to upload so as to boost your traffic.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

This kind of analytics tool gives you a chance to be the best among the competitors. They indicate your competitors by strategies, their strengths, and weaknesses. Also, you may explore different insights that helped your competitors to become successful – and implement them into your strategy.

Best Competitor Analysis Tools on the market

As of the best multifunctional SEO tools, Ahrefs analyzes 5 billion pages per day and the changes in their rankings in the search engines. It examines everything: from tracking individual keywords to different sorts of analysis, including a competitive one.

Site Explorer by Ahrefs: Competitive Analysis Tool For SEO

Another efficient tool is Quick Search. It will overview your website on social media or how people perceive your brand.

Linkbuilding Research Tools

Linkbuilding Research Tools

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Most people appear on your site from the other ones and that is when you need to analyze how the links work. Moreover, high-quality backlinks help to improve your search engine rankings. Of course, the power of backlinks is still a subject of various discussions. But anyone would admit that a website with a quality link profile gets more attention from search bots than the same one with no links. Therefore, it is better to use these tools.

Good options among Link building Software

SEMrush backlink gap tool does a great job in comparing your links with your competitors’. The service uncovers your link-building possibilities for more frequent crossing to your page.

Backlink Gap - Semrush Toolkits | SEMrush

Along with SEMrush, MOZ link building research tool stands. It digs inside your inbound links and link quality giving you the full picture of how to boost your number of visitors.

On-page SEO Audition Services and Crawlers

On-page SEO Audition Services and Crawlers

These tools deal with analyzing your site speed, meta tags, broken links, and other technical issues. Their peculiarity is defined by measures that can be taken only inside the website to put it in a higher position in the search rankings. There is no chance to track all of your website issues without having a subscription to one of these platforms.

SEO Audition Services and Crawlers that worth attention

SEO Audition Services and Crawlers that worth attention

Discover a very powerful SEO audition and crawler tool – DeepCrawl. It is the world’s first automated service for testing your website’s technical performance. Besides, DeepCrawl prevents SEO errors, protects search revenue, and identifies new possibilities to grow.

OnCrawl service will help you to find out how Google sees your website. It focuses on content optimization to make your website growing path a sustainable one.

Position Tracking Tools

Position Tracking Tools

Also called rank tracking or SERP tracking, this option monitors your website’s daily rankings for a set of special keywords. That lets you see how your rankings change, adjust your SEO efforts and make your strategies much more effective.

Which tool to use?

Build your position monitoring on SEG Google Rank Checker. Simple in its design, this tool is a free keyword position tracker service without keyword limitations and all countries’ available geolocation.

Meet SERPWatcher – another fabulous tool that operates quickly-response service.

Speed Monitoring Tools

Speed Monitoring Tools

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People who come to adult websites will switch from one to another if the loading speed is very poor. ” A website load speed shouldn’t exceed 3 seconds”. To prevent your clients’ dissatisfaction, track your website speed regularly.

Choosing among best Speed Monitoring Tools

Allow your adult website to load within seconds with GTmetrix. Track the website’s speed, timing, score, and get the solution to issues you meet.

With the Google PageSpeed Insights tool, you can receive the same option. Despite it doesn’t operate many modern analyzing features, it is completely free of payment and registration.

Make the Web Faster | Google Developers

Content Management Tools & Services

Content Management Tools & Services

“Content is King” – that is a title of Bill Gates’ essay that became one of the most popular quotes about the role of content for any business. In the industry of adult entertainment content is the only thing that makes your users to visit your website. Сonsequently, this is the aspect that needs significant time & money investments since it is vital for your website. To learn which tools really worth investments and which are not – see the list we’ve create for you below.

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Video Players

Video Players

The way how your videos are played is a principal feature you need to think about. Certainly, you may do everything by your own teaching on the mistakes but why waste time uselessly? With the video player, you will get the possibility to broadcast your videos flawlessly, upload videos in different formats, customize the layout, and insert any sort of video ads.

How to choose a nice Video Player


You might be surprised at how many video players exist. We want to name a few most used ones: Video.js, JW Player, Fluid Player, and many others. They hold different video resolutions, streaming support, monetization options, an easy-to-use interface, and a huge number of chances for you to experiment.

Video-Scraping Tools

Video-Scraping Tools

While adult webmasters oftentimes upload videos from other websites, new webmasters need to know that the process is equal to scraping data from websites. That option requires solid coding skills so to avoid studying programming use ready video-scraping tools instead. Scraping videos to your website can help you to grow your video library in days. Otherwise, this process can take years.

The best video-scrapers

Being a highly recommended service, Octoparse scrapes web data and changes unstructured data into structured ones.

Such services as Parsehub, Content Grabber, and others offer the same video – scraping function.

Services for Finding Copywriters

Services for Finding Copywriters

A good video description is just as important as the video itself. Professional copywriters will reinforce your website with engaging texts. Despite the fact that adult websites are not really about texts, a good copywriter can boost your SEO performance significantly.

Where to find copywriters for adult content

Let’s mention Upwork and Fiverr as the most popular tools where you can find a decent freelance worker for your adult website.

Don’t forget about different forums, on which copywriters will be eager to help you.

Tools for Monetization

Tools for Monetization

Let’s be honest – almost no one is running an adult website just for fun or as a hobby. Of course there are some exceptions from the statement, but we can say that the overwhelming majority of webmasters is doing it for generating profit. That’s why when your website is built, your hosting is configured and content is uploaded you still have a milestone that you need to work through – monetization. By far, this is the most advanced list of tools that you need to leverage to get maximum profit out of your website.

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Anti-Ad Blockers

Anti-Ad Blockers

We know that users slightly dislike pop-up ads and install ad blockers. As reported by Backlinko,  ”42.7% of internet users worldwide report using an ad blocker”. Based on this reason webmasters upload anti-ad blockers to show ads even if they are blocked. And this is a great way to increase your profit instantly. Just think about it – if you’re losing 40% of your ad impressions because of AdBlock, the Anti-AdBlock can generate another 40%. Sound too good to avoid this software. Curious to implement AAD? Learn which one is the best on the market.

The best Anti-Ad Blocker

We recommend AdSpyglass anti-ad blocker as the solution that allows your ads to bypass every possible blocker.

You can choose from Anti-AdBlock scripts for WordPress as well.

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Ad Networks

Ad Networks

For creating appropriate matching for the ad and its connection to the website, you need to look through ad networks. They connect advertisers and webmasters and help to rotate ads of the first ones on the sites of others. Basically, any website owner has ever used Ad Network as a monetization partner. So, we encourage you to try them too. And, if you’re curious about the best Ad Network for your website, read the related article about it: Best Adult Ad Networks 2021 — Pros and Cons Analysis.

CPA Networks

CPA Networks

Cost per action function leads you to get a commission from every user’s purchase made by your advertisement. There are dozens of different offers for any sort of traffic. In case of CPA networks you don’t have the same income-stability as you would have with classic Ad Networks. However, this is still a popular choice of lots of website owners. If you also want to try this out, here is a list of few decent CPA vendors.

Choosing CPA vendor

Webmasters find a lot of CPA Networks worth attention. Here are some of them: Crak Revenue, Click Dealer, CPA Lead, and many others.

Direct Traffic Selling

Direct Traffic Selling

Every experienced webmaster knows that the real money is hidden behind direct deals. This means that instead of working via Ad Networks, Brokers and Ad Agencies you can deal with advertisers directly.

This option is considered a beneficial one because you’re not losing anything on intermediaries’ fees and commission. All you need is to find a direct advertiser who’s interested in your type of traffic and promote his offer to your audience.

However, you must to take care about tech that is needed for establishing direct deals. In addition to that, you need to “sell” your traffic stats to advertisers to attract their attention. Fortunately, there are a few great options that can help you to accomplish this.

The Best Option to deal directly

Everything you will need for selling your traffic to direct advertisers is already inside the AdSpyglass Media Kit. Thanks to its ready-to-use reports, stats, and dashboards for publishers and advertisers, you will not waste time on these complicated processes.

Moreover, as you can understand from its name, this tool provides you with the feature of creating your own Media Kit. So, everything is already taken care of – you’ll have a media kit, tech that needed for direct dealing, and a transparent environment for making your partnership even more effective.

Ad Mediation Services

Ad Mediation Services

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Ad Mediation is the most advanced technology in terms of website monetization. The tech that stands behind is so complex that only a few companies in the world are able to develop such a platform.

Generally, the Ad Mediation system operates massive amounts of data to ensure that the webmaster is receiving as much profit as is practically possible. But the complexity of these systems is not visible to website owners, and this is a great point about these tools. Here’s how it works from the webmaster’s perspective.

Instead of working with a single Ad Network and getting profit according to its CPM rates, a webmaster can implement mediation and start leveraging a lot of networks simultaneously. This means that every ad impression of your website will be analyzed by a mediation platform. After that, the platform will compare the CPM rates of all Ad Networks and sell your impression at the maximum cost. In most cases, it leads to a +100% profit boost compared to traditional networks. Want to learn more about these instruments – check them out below.

The Best Option of Ad Mediation Services

While the process of ad monetization covers multiple options, you need to choose the multifunctional service so as not to pay for every single feature. This is all about the AdSpyglass ad mediation service. Adjust monetization, place suitable ads, and get revenue from your adult website. Moreover, AdSpyglass is the first and most popular Ad Mediation platform in the world. This is an obvious choice for any webmaster who decided to leverage mediation systems.


We hope this article answered all your questions about tools you may need running an adult website. Use it and build your successful career in the adult traffic field. There are a lot of secrets about Adult Webmastering, but we’ve revealed the most important ones for you today.

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