Four Ways to Monetize an Adult Tube Site

Four Ways to Monetize an Adult Tube Site

Owners of adult tube sites know gaining traffic is just the start of things. What follows is the long and winding road to effective monetization, which can prove tricky without a clear process and strategy to work off.

It’s easy enough to set up a way of serving ads and sorting a basic framework for ensuring they make good money. However, doing only the bare minimum will only produce the bare minimum in terms of results and earnings. Publishers must think carefully about how and to whom they allocate ad space, with a strict process tying everything together.

With that in mind, we’ll be looking into some of the most popular monetization strategies adopted by adult tube sites with the aim of shining a light on how these domains increase ad revenue. Here are four points worth keeping in mind:

1. Direct sales of ad space

The luxury of going down the adult tube route is that yours is a niche property. That means you’ll always have advertisers that really want to put their brand on your site because they know you’re going to attract the right kind of adult traffic: you just need to find them.

An effective way of getting the most money out of your traffic is to bypass the ad networks – the middleman in this case – and to sell ad space direct to the advertisers. Now, there are lots of ways of doing this. Some people would advise going onto your networks and blocking certain advertisers so that they have no choice but to buy from you directly. The best and probably safest route is to take a look at the websites of your competitors and see who’s advertising there. If you can spot a good advertiser that you know will feed into the type of users that view your own property, get in touch with them directly and tell them how you can drive highly relevant adult website traffic to their own site.

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The idea is that you are creating a direct link between yourself and the advertiser. By doing so you are cutting out the middleman, skipping the charges they apply and therefore earning up to 30% more for your traffic.

If you plan on adopting this strategy, be mindful about the amount of success you’ll get from the start. Direct sales are great because they invariably earn you more money (otherwise there isn’t much point in doing them) but a lot of advertisers do prefer to use networks as this can save them money on buying traffic. Also bear in mind that direct sales tend to work best for site owners with high volumes of traffic, as the big advertisers that buy these spots will rarely want to work with smaller numbers. Still, if you can get just a small amount of your traffic sold directly, it’s certainly better than nothing at all.

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2. Work with CPA affiliate networks

Many tube sites will take to selling their ad space on a CPM, as all they have to do is drive traffic and the impressions that come with it. Another route is to monetize some inventory on a CPA – the dominant reward model in affiliate marketing – which sees the advertiser paying out on a sale made via an ad that was clicked.

Affiliate networks and adult affiliate programs can represent a lucrative stream of revenue for a publisher that knows how to sell to their visitors. However, it does require a different approach to earning on a CPM, involving plenty of extra prep for your site and its content. Some webmasters prefer not to venture into these depths, believing it to be a waste of their time considering the effectiveness of the affiliate strategy for adult sites. We can safely say that this is not true and there are plenty of benefits that come with promoting CPA offers. The key pros are:

  • More earnings from commission earned on high-value sales – Publishers in the affiliate channel work on commission rather than a flat CPM, which opens them up to even better earnings. See CPA as a bit more of a risk (you aren’t guaranteed a desired action) but one that could pay off.
  • A site made to convert – For a niche tube site with relevant visitors, selling products connected to the site and its content should result in a high rate of conversion. Some sites aren’t made for CPA offers, but yours might well be.  
  • The luxury of selection – The ability to choose an offer that converts, rather than accepting whatever advertiser comes from the network, is another big plus. With CPA, you can select an offer you feel will resonate with your audience and be in with more of a chance of driving those precious sales.

Even with these in mind, it’s not always plain sailing with affiliate marketing. The model is highly advantageous for advertisers who know that they only need to pay for the actions they desire. This leads to a good amount of pressure on the publisher to get things working, or they won’t get paid. Heading up the list of cons are:

  • High risk – Put simply, if sales aren’t generated then no money is made. It’s certainly not ideal for the advertiser but even worse for the publisher.
  • An extra job – Lots of work is required to prepare a site for CPA monetization, like creating new copy and forming a new strategy to have users convert. This always takes time, especially for a site doing things from scratch.
  • Another layer to the process Advertisers must approve of each sale, which occasionally results in disputes over whether they should pay in the case of certain events. This doesn’t always happen but can result in an unwanted issue every once in a while.

On the whole, we believe there are certainly enough reasons for a site to use CPA offers if they’re looking to increase income from website advertising. After all, it always pays to try these things out.

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3. Sell traffic to ad networks

While direct sales are the holy grail of ad selling, they rarely make up the whole of a monetization strategy. That’s because just about every publisher needs a guaranteed source of income from a network in order to fill in the gaps and maximise their earnings.

Probably the easiest way to earn money from your adult website is to sell it to ad networks. The pros of this approach are:

  • You are guaranteed to be paid
  • There is no need to search for direct sales
  • Ad networks accept traffic from all sites, including the small ones that may not attract direct buyers

On the flipside, some of the cons to consider include:

  • Ad networks will take huge fee, sometimes representing over 30% of a publisher’s earnings
  • There can be irrelevant ads which are less effective at driving attention
  • You don’t have any control over the ads shown on your tube site

Ad networks provide their publishers with a bunch of ad types. These include banners, interstitial banners, adhesion banners, popunders, instant message, in-video ads, native ads, notifications, sliders and direct links. Try to find which of them work best for you in order to maximize revenue from network inventory.

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When it comes to choosing an ad network, you can start by looking at our list of the Best Ad Networks on the market. Here you can compare all the platforms’ CPM rates by country and different ad types, using this to guide yourself to the right decision.

At this moment, the best CPM rates for popunders are at these ad networks:

  1. (full review) $1.35
  2. (full review) $1.01
  3. (full review) $0.99
  4. (full review) $0.96
  5. (full review) $0.91

As an alternative, the networks with the best rates of CPM for banners with links are:

  1. (full review) $0.10
  2. (full review) $0.02
  3. (full review) $0.02
  4. (full review) $0.02
  5. $0.02

4. Don’t forget about remnant traffic

So you’ve made your direct sales, you’ve allocated some space to the ‘quick wins’ provided by the networks, but there’s still some traffic to monetize.

Even if this traffic is stays unsold, you can skim it between your sites until it earns you some money. You can do this by setting up backurls to avoid dismissing skim traffic that has been returned from an ad network. This way, everything is used and nothing is wasted.

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Final thoughts

All of the above can be used either on their own or together for a strong impact. For instance, you might decide against using CPA offers to monetize your traffic; for some, time just won’t allow for the large-scale changes this may require. On the flipside, perhaps the chance to sell some of your ad space directly is the kind of thing that can increase profit from website practices. On the whole, we find the most effective monetization strategy is to not put all of your eggs in the same basket. With this, you need a solution that will help you spread things out.

With AdSpyglass, you have a mediation service which gives you reach across all of the top ad networks. Our system helps you to increased profits by automatically selecting the most profitable offers from each network and displaying ads which attract the highest rates of CPM. The entire process is automated and everything is accessible via a single platform, making it easy to conduct tweaks and see which campaigns are performing best.

You can even manage your direct ad sales alongside those made via ad networks, all in one admin panel. This helps you hugely when it comes to reporting. For instance, we see so many of our users coming to us after spending hours of their time swapping ad tags between networks and checking back after 24 hours to see which is generating them the most money. Our system automatically gives them the best offer for their traffic, but with the reporting that allows them to see it for themselves.

We’re used by thousands of sites, running thousands of ad campaigns and helping them display well over 300 million ads on a daily basis. 

These create three huge advantages for our users:

  1. An income boost of up to 100% automatically.
  2. There is no need to change ad tags to reply on your websites templates. You manage all your ads such as network ads or your own ads directly via AdSpyglass admin panel. It helps to avoid mistakes while you add your website templates and saves your time, even more so if you have numerous sites.
  3. You can see detailed statistics from all inventory ad networks in AdSpyglass reports allowing for granular analysis and the optimizing of campaigns from all your networks in one admin panel.

Try it now

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  2. Thanks a lot for sharing such an useful article. I am running 3 tube sites. From my personal experience, I can say that CPA in not a good option for adult sites. Direct sale of Ad space is a better option. You provide a list of Ad networks with CPM rate. Do you have any suggestion regarding how maximize profit through direct selling of Ad space.

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