Best Ad Networks for Publishers 2022

Best Ad Networks for publishers
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We made this review of ad networks based on the traffic statistics of our publishers. Though these numbers are relevant only at the time of writing the article it helps us to look at the issue of choosing the best advertising network for your traffic monetization.

We segmented traffic only by geo without breaking it by types, such as adult and mainstream, by device types, etc. The main idea of this review is to show you that there is no single ad network can offer you the best rates for all your traffic.

Note that you don’t have to choose one option only – you can work with several ad networks simultaneously using AdSpyglass service.

TOP Best Ad Networks for Popunders

Tier-1 (popunders)

Ad Networks USA Germany France
Adnium $1,76 $0,97 $1,49
TwinRed $1,35 $1,03 $1,08
TrafficShop $1,14 $0,78 $0,67
TrafficStars $2,17 $0,45 $0,45
Clickaine $1,06 $0,77 $0,63

Tier-2 (popunders)

Ad Networks Turkey India Brazil China
Adsterra $0,07 $0,11 $0,21 $0,6
PropellerAds $0,11 $0,11 $0,35 $0,3
ExoClick $0,16 $0,10 $0,17 $0,5
PopCash $0,09 $0,12 $0,15 $0,9
Plugrush $0,11 $0,09 $0,39 $1,3

 Tier-3 (popunders) 

Ad Networks Russia Thailand
ExoClick $3,61 $0,43
Plugrush $0,65 $1,75
Clickadu $0,37 $0.91
TrafficStars $0,32 $0,58
TrafficShop $0,63 $0,57

 TOP Best Ad Networks for Banners

Tier-1 (banners) 

Ad Networks USA Germany France
AdCash $0,09 $0,01 $0,03
Adskeeper $0,18 $0,13 $0,11
Adsterra $0,06 $0,03 $0,02
Runative $0,30 $0,35 $0,20
TwinRed $1,55 $0,00 $0,04

 Tier-2 (banners) 

Ad Networks Turkey India Brazil China
Adskeeper $0,006 $0,008 $0,007 $0,01
Adsterra $0,002 $0,013 $0,092 $0,00
PropellerAds $0,003 $0,012 $0,012 $0,00
Runative $0,066 $0,020 $0,018 $0,03
TrafficStars $0,001 $0,003 $0,008 $0,01

 Tier-3 (banners) 

Ad Networks Russia Thailand
Adskeeper $0,10 $0,04
Adsterra $0,01 $0,01
ExoClick $0,01 $0,02
Runative $0,07 $0,03
TrafficStars $0,01 $0,02

 TOP Best Ad Networks for VAST

Tier-1 (videos) 

Ad Networks USA Germany France
Adsterra $0,17 $0,14 $0,01
Clickadu $0,55 $0,10 $0,20
TwinRed $0,27 $0,20 $0,17
ExoClick $0,36 $0,12 $0,15
TrafficStars $0,25 $0,18 $0,27

 Tier-2 (videos) 

Ad Networks Turkey India Brazil China
Adsterra $0,006 $0,008 $0,017 $0,000
Clickadu $0,016 $0,054 $0,070 $0,029
Clickaine $0,060 $0,033 $0,053 $0,011
TwinRed $0,022 $0,002 $0,001 $0,007
ExoClick $0,003 $0,007 $0,004 $0,034

 Tier-3 (videos) 

Ad Networks Russia Thailand
Clickadu $0,20 $0,09
Clickaine $0,04 $0,10
ExoClick $0,08 $0,20
RiverTraffic $0,05 $0,47
TrafficStars $0,09 $0,03

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adcash ad network review AdCash ad network logo

Being one of the best options for banners in Tier-1, AdCash has pretty good conditions and relatively good CPM rates. The minimal withdrawal is $25, and payouts can be made every month. The network works with Payoneer, PayPal, WebMoney, wire transfers, and even accepts Bitcoin payments.


  • The minimal payout limit is $25
  • Reliable customer support provided via Skype


  • CPM rates are lower than the market average
  • No referral program is offered to publishers

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Adnium ad network logo

Adnium is a publisher ad network fronted by good customer support, a referral program paying 5%, and a self-service platform. These help to offset a $100 minimum earning available only through Paxum and wire transfer, albeit on request. Its rates of CPM are at their best for banners in tier-1, with little to show for its performance in other markets.


  • Referral program paying 5%
  • Payments available on request


  • Minimum earning of $100 only available through two options
  • Inconsistent CPMs across markets

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Adskeeper ad network logo

Webmasters focusing on banner ads should definitely consider working with since it’s the largest ad network that works with banners only and ensures fair CPM rates. This is the number one choice regardless of tiers – decent rates are guaranteed regardless of the country targeted. The network supports ePayments, PayPal, WebMoney, and wire transfers, so you won’t have problems with withdrawals. The minimum payout limit is $50, requests can be made every month.


  • Good CPM for all tiers
  • Reliable customer support provided via Skype
  • The referral program offers 5% of a publisher’s lifetime commission


  • Monthly withdrawal
  • The minimum payout is $50
  • Only Net30 based payments

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AdsTerra ad network logo

Adsterra allows desktop and mobile traffic, has a range of different ad options (banners, interstitials, pushes, and popunders) as well as a line of payment options, including Bitcoin. Its minimum payout of $100 delivered bi-weekly is a negative, although a referral program offering 5% of a new publisher’s commission might help some users reach this target.

Nowadays they cover over 248 GEOs and 25 billion + impressions monthly. Till now, Adsterra has run over 100K successful campaigns.

This is a versatile option: Adsterra great rates of CPM in all tiers for popunders, the same for banners in tier-1 and tier-2. It also can be used for video ads in tier-1 and tier-3.

Minimum payout of $100 but Minimum payout of $5 in case you use Webmoney & Paxum.


  • Good range of ad and payment options
  • Fill rates at 100%
  • Self-service option for making manual changes to campaigns
  • Offers good rates of CPM for both banners and popunders


  • Great CPM that does not extend to some markets (it’s the number one choice for popunders, but not for banners or videos).

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Clickadu ad network logo

Judging by the current charts, Clickadu is not a bad choice for popunders in tier-1 and especially tier-3. It provides more or less decent CPM rates. The ad network supports all essential payment options (PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, WebMoney, and wire transfer), has the minimum withdrawal limit of only $10. The best thing about this network is the possibility to receive payments on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.


  • Partners with small low traffic sites
  • Customer support available via email and by skype
  • Minimum payouts are as low as $10
  • Great payout frequency


  • Low fill rate
  • Resells traffic to other ad networks

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Clickaine ad network logo

This is a reasonable choice for working with banners for tier-3 countries, as well as videos for tier-1 and tier-2. Clickaine has one undeniable advantage: it supports popunders, banners, and videos. The choice of payment options is limited to three options only: Paxum, wire, and Bitcoin (the last is great for webmasters in need of anonymous payments). The minimal payout limit is $100, but you are free to request a withdrawal at any time.


  • Blocking of any unwanted buyers
  • Adult websites are allowed to participate in the program
  • Support is provided in a timely manner via email, skype, and telegram
  • A self-service ad network platform is available


  • Low CPM rates
  • The minimum payout for publishers is $100
  • The referral program offers only 3%

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TwinRed is a key player in the adult niche whose customer service and the self-service platform have earned it plenty of praise. The platform accepts both desktop and mobile traffic, although its minimum payout of $50 – delivered monthly – may put some publishers off. TwinRed is great for publishers serving popunders in tier-1, and a good performer in tier-2 also.


  • Strong CPM for adult traffic
  • Speedy support available through Skype
  • Active self-service platform


  • Popunders are the only ads on offer
  • Does not have an active referral program

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ExoClick ad network logo

ExoClick is the ultimate leader of our chart: it provides competitive CPM rates for all types of ads in all tiers. If you’ve been searching for an ad network without harsh restrictions, that’s the thing. It’s topped off by a wide choice of payment options (PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney, and wire), a minimum $20 withdrawal limit, and weekly payments.


  • Malware-free ads;
  • Payments are made on a weekly basis;
  • One of the largest inventories for adult traffic
  • High and stable CPM rates


  • Tech support only by email
  • Works mostly with adult websites

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PopCash ad network logo

PopCash is a top-five choice for popunders in tier-2 but that is largely the extent of its powers in the only format it serves. Still, the publishers here benefit from support across desktop and mobile, minimum payouts of $10 delivered daily, and a referral program offering 10% of a new sign-ups commission.


  • Good range of payment options
  • Minimum payment of $10 available daily
  • Referral program with a 10% bonus


  • Only offers good CPM in tier-2
  • Only serves popunders

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Plugrush ad network logo

Plugrush ad network focuses on popunders and works with both desktop and mobile traffic. It has minimal $25 withdrawal requirements – earnings can be withdrawn any time you need. Plugrush provides decent CPM rates for Tier-2 and Tier-3.


  • Great choice of ad formats
  • The minimum payout is as low as $25 and can be withdrawn upon request
  • The referral program allows earning 5% of a publisher’s lifetime commission
  • Decent customer available via skype and email


  • Only adult traffic websites are allowed to participate in the Program.

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PropellerAds ad network logo

This ad network should be considered by publishers who use banners in all tiers or when you need a competitive CPM rate for popunders in tier-2 and tier-3. Also, PropellerAds supports video ads, though the information about rates is not available. The ad network works with Payoneer, WebMoney, and ePayments, as well as wire transfers. The minimum payout is $100, and withdrawals are made on a monthly basis.


  • Good choice of payment methods
  • The referral program offers 5% of a publisher’s lifetime commission


  • The minimum payout is as high as $100
  • Comparatively low CPM rates
  • Does not work with websites for adults
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis only

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RiverTraffic ad network review

This ad network would be a good decision for Tier-3 videos. RiverTraffic has a $100 minimal withdrawal limit: payouts are made on a bi-weekly basis. The ad network works with ePayments, Paxum, Payoneer, PayPal, and wire transfers. Withdrawal is instant and no fees apply.


  • Back URLs are provided for unsold traffic
  • Decent customer support provided via Skype


  • Relatively low CPM rates
  • Works with adult websites only

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Runative ad network logo

Runative is a suitable solution for those who work with banners regardless of the tier – it ensures optimal CPM rates in most countries. The ad network works with such payment methods as ePayments, Paxum, PayPal, and wire transfers. The minimal withdrawal is $100 (requests are processed weekly and monthly).


  • Users can benefit from the self-service platform
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • The referral program offers 5% of a publisher’s lifetime commission


  • The minimum payout is as high as $100
  • Runative does not work with adult traffic websites

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Trafficshop ad network logo

TrafficShop offers competitive CPM rates of popunders in tier-1. Here, publishers can take advantage of a minimum payout of $50 available on request, back URLs for unsold traffic, and good rates for desktop traffic, despite it supporting mobile as well. Users are also treated to a huge selection of ad formats and payment options, with questions over service and the lack of a referral program making for the only big negatives.


  • Offer back URLs help to vend any remaining traffic
  • Good fill rates
  • A good choice for popunders across all tiers


  • No active referral program.
  • Traffic is assessed by a referring party, so all domains must be added.

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TrafficStars ad network logo

TrafficStars supports many ad types including banners, popunders, and in-video ads. It would be a good choice for serving popunders in tier-1 and tier-3, banners in tier-2 and tier-3, as well as in-video ads in tier-1 and tier-3. TrafficStars has a $100 minimal payout limit and supports such payment options as ePayments, Paxum, PayPal, and wire transfers.


  • Great customer support
  • Works with traffic from adult sites
  • Features a highly helpful self-service platform
  • Supports a wide range of ad formats


  • No referral program is offered

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Final thoughts

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, these data segmented only by geo and even with this simple segmentation, you can see that or tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 countries’ top ad networks are different. If to use deeper targets you may need to get even 5 or 6 ad networks for best performance.

Of course, this is merely an idea of where the eCPMs are best for the present moment. Tomorrow, the top spot may be occupied by the network who finished bottom, while the network that performed well in tier-2 may now be a lot better in tier-3. Rates of CPM change very quickly. So there is a solution for publishers wanting to earn more from their traffic – Ad Mediation Service like AdSpyglass.

It ensures that each site gets the very best price for their traffic by automatically switching it to the most profitable ad networks. This removes the need for them to constantly scan tables like the ones above in search of the best possible rates of CPM. We enable webmasters and publishers to earn the maximum from their inventory, which gives them more time to do the thing that’s most important for their business: growing their site.

In case you’d like to view detailed realtime-updated statistics about all top-44 Ad Networks you may also like our very special chart:

Top CPM Ad Networks List (Real-time updating)

Try AdSpyglass now

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  1. Riad Ahmed
    05.03.2019 - 18:17

    Thank you for sharing.
    I have a website. That has 3k unique visitors daily from Bangladesh. My AdSense earning is too much low. Which adnetAdne help to to get good amount of revenue?

  2. AdsTargets
    09.07.2018 - 22:57

    Great List of Ad Network for publishers here. I wonder if you know about AdsTargets or could consider adding it to your wonderful list here. It’s also an advertising technology similar to the above listed here.

  3. Great list. I have used PopCash, Chitika , Infolinks, Bidvertiser etc. I used them for different niches and my experience is mixed. Few worked for me but not as I was expecting. Seems to me,, and FPCTraffic are offering good CPM for tier-3 countries. As most of my traffic is coming from Tier-3 countries, it is a good option for me.

  4. Kerry M. Potts
    23.03.2018 - 15:21

    I just want to share my experience. I was monetizing my site with Adsense. Although I was getting most of my traffic from the USA but my revenue was much lower for above the fold Ad. Recently, I have decided to go with pop under Ads. Thanks a lot for sharing. I would definitely try and . Hope will be able to make good money.

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing such an useful article. Comparison among different Ad networks along with CPM rate for different countries is really helpful. I am getting 30% traffic from USA, 15% UK-Germany- France, 40% from India.
    Based on this which one is the best option? I am thinking about DoublePimp but its CPM rate from Tier-2 countries is missing.

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