PropellerAds Ad Network Review 2022

PropellerAds ad network review
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PropellerAds – is a well-known and trusted ad network established in 2011. What is truly remarkable about this platform is that it allows you to monetize literally everything! Websites, mobile apps, browser extensions, games, and even your social media pages, although the greatest ingenuity of PropellerAds is a possibility to monetize traffic from 404 pages with the help of full-screen ads. That means no more wasted traffic for publishers! Is not it just brilliant?

Moreover, it is not just about variety but also about quality of monetizing options. PropellerAds has an algorithmic optimization specially designed to match relevant ads to every website and ensure you get the highest possible revenue for your traffic. If you have a niche service or have not yet got significant traffic rate that could be very helpful.

Ad Types:

For Desktop

  • Onclick pop-under ads
  • Banner ads of various size
  • Direct links

For Mobile

  • Dialog Ads (Push Up)
  • Interstitials

Offer Types:

mainly CPM, but also CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS

Traffic Types:

Desktop, mobile, and tablets

Payment Rules and Propeller Ads Payment Proof

You can track your earnings via Propeller Ads’ dashboard which displays charts of your income in real-time.

Propellarads offers a wide range of payment methods, their publishers can choose one of the following options: ePayments, Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard/Payoneer Bank Transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Wire, or Webmoney Z. You can change your payment method at any time. As one can see the choice is already great and it is constantly widening.

The payment process is based on NET 30 terms what basically means you will be getting your revenue automatically every month once you have the required minimum of money for that.

To get your first payout from PropellerAds you will need to earn at least $100. It was actually their consistent pattern in payment but they have recently lowered the minimum payout to $25 adapting to their publishers’ needs. Therefore, the minimum threshold for the first time is still $100 but after that, it is only the quarter of this amount.

The situation is different only when you are choosing wire transfer, the required minimum there is $550.

Do not forget that some services may also charge an additional fee to receive a payment from PropellerAds (for example with the wire it is nearly $50 for any payment below $1000), although the ad network itself doesn’t take any commissions.

Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof of PropellerAds ad network:

PropellerAds payment proof

PropellerAds payment proof


First, there is a help center. It provides both publishers and advertisers with the answers to the most common questions. Although the site itself is multilingual, their help center is available only in English.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for don’t hesitate and contact PropellerAds support team using their “Contact us” page. They will respond promptly. You can also get personal assistance via Skype if needed. For successful publishers, PropellerAds offers an account manager who will assist them and provide any necessary help.

Terms, Conditions and other Propeller Ads Requirements

No minimum traffic is required to join in. PropellerAds welcomes even those websites that have not yet acquired huge traffic rates. The process of joining in is very simple, you just have to create a publisher account and add the websites you want to monetize, then wait for the email that will notify whether your sites were approved.

This site is however far more finicky about the type of your traffic. For instance, it does NOT accept traffic from adult sites and also illegal online gambling platforms, software piracy or Bit-Torrent sites, illegal mp3 directories, and any other traffic that violates any law.

PropellerAds is also very particular about prosecuting and punishing any fraudulent activity from their publishers that aims to generate automatic or fraudulent clicks or impressions.

Be sure to read their Terms before joining in.

Referral Program

Propeller Ads has a great referral program for publishers. The perks of trying out their referral program are obvious, you get an additional 5% propeller ads earning of the income generated by your referrals. And it is not just a one-time payment, it is for the lifetime! Quite a lucrative proposition for just spreading the word about their service, is not it?

CPM Rates

You may compare PropellerAds’ eCPM rates vs PopAds and RevenueHits or other ad networks by countries here, including India and other popular regions.

PropellerAds mainstream Popunder CPM
France 0.23
Germany 0.76
USA 0.8
Brazil 0.98
China 1.05
Indonesia 0.55
Bangladesh 1.21
India 1.79


  • numerous payment methods available
  • offers an affiliate program with 5% of a publisher’s lifetime commission


  • Payment on a monthly basis
  • Regularly low CPM rates
  • First minimum payout $100 and for WIRE it is always $500
  • Adult traffic is NOT accepted

Final thoughts:

You should definitely give this ad network a go if you want to get the best possible results from monetizing your traffic. This service is an old-timer, it has earned a certain reputation in the industry, so you can rest assured that it is not some fraud platform. It is safe, reliable, and malware free.

With PropellerAds you are likely to earn more because of the specially developed optimization tools that choose the campaigns with the highest rates and prioritize them before displaying ads on your website, therefore, you get bigger revenue. PropellerAds is said to be the right choice for niche platforms due to their famous multi-level targeting.

As automatic as it is PropellerAds still provides you with all the necessary analytics and detailed reports through the dashboard so you can monitor and assess your results.

Click here to register and login to Propeller Ads ad network.

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  1. Is there a special trick to increase my earnings? their minimum payout is now $5

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