Adcash Ad Network Review 2022

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Used by publishers around the world as a way of monetization their traffic, Adcash is an ad network that bases itself on a premium offering. The platform allows its users to serve ads on desktop and mobile, with formats including banners, in-video, and native along with a series of in-app options. A minimum earning of €100 is applied to all users, who can withdraw funds on a monthly basis via Payoneer, WebMoney, PayPal, Skrill and wire transfer.

Ad Types:

For Desktop

  • Banners
  • Interstitial
  • In-stream video
  • Slide-In
  • Site-Under
  • Push
  • PopUnder

For Mobile

  • Native
  • App Install
  • In-app interstitial
  • In-app video.

Offer Types:

  • CPM (Cost per mille)
  • CPL (cost per lead)
  • CPA (cost per action).

Traffic Types

Desktop and mobile.

Adcash Payment Method and Rules

Publishers now have the option to chose between EUR or USD currency accounts. The minimum threshold in order to request a payment is 25 USD/EUR, and payments can be requested via Paypal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney and Bitcoin. For wire transfer, the minimum request threshold is 100 EUR/USD. In the month after this amount was met, the payment is submitted to Adcash payment proof department. Validated payments are made on a NET +30 schedule, which leaves a month between the approval and the payment. In all cases, users are advised to consult with the ‘payment request’ feature in their account to get an idea of their likely payment date.
No fees are applied to withdrawing funds from a wallet, although each payment terminal may apply its own fees. For instance, PayPal typically charges 3-5% commission on any amounts loaded onto their platform. For users wanting to select the wire transfer option, Adcash applies a €3,000/$3,000 limit on any withdrawals.  

Payment proof

Here is the payment proof of Adcash ad network:

AdCash payment proof

Adcash payment proof

Adcash payment proof

Adcash payment proof


Every publisher can gain support for a query through the Adcash ‘Support’ tab. This is an easy way to send an electronic message to the team, who promise to answer any queries within 24 hours between Monday-Friday. Outside of this time, publishers may have to wait a little longer to have their questions answered.

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Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

Details of the service applying to publishers and advertisers are listed under Ad cash’s terms and conditions. These include notes on banned content, dormant account processes and other information. The highlights are:

  • Sites must be rich with information – things like ‘doorway’ pages for SEO are not allowed.
  • Bans also center around artificial activity, like hidden text or links, automatically generated content and pop-ups, along with any technique made to deceive a visitor.
  • There is a ban on siles facilitating the sale of alcohol, tobacco, and weapons, or containing content that is illegal.  
  • If an account is inactive for 150 calendar days, it is marked as dormant. The user is then charged 10% of their balance or €10/$10 per month, whichever is higher. Any account with a balance of $10/€10 is blocked and then archived if no action has been taken after 90 days.
  • Campaigns can be launched via email but only with permission from the network.

In the case of any violation, Adcash reserves the right to either block or terminate an offending account. Blocked accounts may not be used to request payments and they might even see amounts withdrawn from their wallet for compensation.

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Referral Program

At the time of writing, Adcash does not offer a referral program.


  • Reliable customer support via Skype
  • Minimum AdCash payout is 25 USD/EUR


  • CPM rates are lower than the market average
  • No referral program is available to maximize earnings

CPM Rates:

You may compare AdCash ecpm rates vs Propellerads and alternative ad networks by countries here, including Indonesia and other popular advertisement regions.

Mainstream traffic:

AdCash mainstream Popunder CPM Banner CPM
France 0.73 0.00
Germany 0.73 0.00
USA 0.73
Brazil 0.73 0.03
China 0.73 0.0
Indonesia 0.35 0.0
Bangladesh 0.73 0.0
India 0.73 0.02

Adult traffic:

AdCash Adult Popunder CPM
France 0.7
Germany 0.72
USA 0.58
Brazil 0.31
China 0.43
Indonesia 0.36
Bangladesh 0.01
India 0.28

Final thoughts:

Adcash is proud of having big-name brands advertising on its platform and this could be a huge benefit for publishers who want to attract a certain investor to their site.
The platform itself is backed by a decent range of inventory, across both desktop and mobile, with options like native advertising and in-app video running alongside basic types like banners and interstitials.

In terms of the service itself, publishers can find support via electronic message and expect a reply within 24 hours, provided they get in contact between Monday-Friday. These same users should be aware that earning below €100/$100 will see them earning nothing at all, but there is a good amount of payment options (PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer etc) for those who can manage to meet the minimum threshold.

Generally, we believe there is certainly enough here for a publisher to consider the Adcash platform if they feel they can earn enough to make it worthwhile.

Click here to register and login to Ad Cash ad network.

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  1. Hello, awesome review, I am thinking of using adcash for my website. The thing is, I’m based in Nigeria so does this pose any problems? Does adcash support traffic from this region?

  2. finnichvessal
    25.09.2019 - 17:48

    This is the reason I was eager to see one of the more up to date Ad Network that just pushes Notifications and is CPA and associate neighborly advertisement arrange. Amazing review

  3. Thanks for this nice review.

  4. Not happy at all, How could we trust an adnetwork seat based in europe when we see all the websites shutdown with their webmaster in jail because of their adnetwork in europe based such as ToroAdvertising, Adcash or
    We need to wake up and realised that every EU based adnetwork is subject to EU authorities agains avery websites connected to streaming and files sharing !

  5. Every Ad network should have Referral program. As Adcash is offering relatively low CPM rate, it should offer referral program.

    • Maria AdSpyglass Team
      20.09.2017 - 07:45

      Not all of ad networks have referral program. AdCash doesn’t have referral program.

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