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Almost every webmaster struggles to choose the right ad network to work with. There are so many aspects you need to remember to get high revenue from such cooperation. You need to think about the traffic they accept, payment system, ad formats, support team, etc.

There is no doubt everyone has heard about ExoClick – a huge ad platform founded in 2006. Since then online advertising is developing at an accelerating pace and new efficient services appear. In this article, we will take a broad look at the ExoClick company and its alternatives, because every service has its pros and cons.

Why ExoClick Is Popular Among Webmasters

ExoClick is well-liked among many webmasters and in 2019 it broke through the barrier of getting over  7 billion impressions every day. Let’s look through the features that make webmasters’ consider this ad network.

ExoClick is well-liked among many webmasters and in 2019 it broke through the barrier of getting over  7 billion impressions every day. Let's look through the features that make webmasters' consider this ad network.

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Great CPM Rates for Tier 1 Countries

You will be pleasantly surprised to have stable and good CPM rates with ExoClick. It can give you a decent CPM rate up to $2 per 1000 impressions in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia which are considered as Tier-1 countries.

Variety of Ad Formats

Moreover, they offer 18 web and mobile ad formats, so you can choose the ones that help you monetize your traffic to the fullest extent.

Clean, Malware-free Ads

With ExoClick, you can be sure you will not get any viruses or malware. This is essential to protect your ad monetization program from dirty advertising offers.

Weekly Payments

ExoClick provides you with a quick payment process offering weekly payouts. This ad network has a range of payment systems including PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney, or wire transfer. The wire transfer feature is available with monthly payments and a minimum of $500 sum. Among them, PayPal is very reliable and profitable as it has a $20 payout and no fees for your revenue.

Referral Program

You get 5% of the revenue generated by the webmaster that you referred. ExoClick offers you many ways of referring new clients: via email, your website, and telling about the ad network in person. This is the chance to involve your friends and family to use the service and receive a reward at the same time.

What Are the Main Disadvantages Of ExoClick

Indeed, ExoClick is a multifunctional online advertising service. Nevertheless, it is not completely perfect. See ExoClick’s cons down below!

Indeed, ExoClick is a multifunctional online advertising service. Nevertheless, it is not completely perfect. See ExoClick's cons down below!

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Poor Support System

While some ad networks offer support via Skype, a ticket system, or telephone support, ExoClick customer service can be reached only via email which usually takes more time.

Low CPM Rates for Asian Countries

Regardless of the fact that you can monetize massive volumes of traffic with ExoClick, they do not work with all GEOs and offer low CPM rates for Asian countries. For example, the CPM rate for the Philippines and Pakistan can be way too low compared to other networks. Although if your business is not related to this geo, it might not be a critical point.

Adult Niche Orientation

ExoClick services are more suitable for entertainment sites, especially adult websites and blogs. This might be complicated for those webmasters who want to build their monetization program in mainstream niches.

How to Choose the ExoClick Alternative – Key Aspects to Pay Attention to

The name of the ExoClick ad network is very popular among webmasters. However, while you are focused on one online advertising service you miss the opportunity to use a lot of different options that other companies provide. Moreover, the list of the cons we’ve discovered earlier may contain a few factors that can be critical for your website.

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The name of the ExoClick ad network is very popular among webmasters. However, while you are focused on one online advertising service you miss the opportunity to use a lot of different options that other companies provide. Moreover, the list of the cons we’ve discovered earlier may contain a few factors that can be critical for your website. 

Before you choose the right way to get revenue from ad advertising, you need to consider a range of factors that are crucial in this process. 

  • Start with overviewing its payment punctuality and availability of withdrawal methods as it is the key feature every good ad network should offer. 
  • The advertisement needs to be high-quality and relevant for your users’ likings. Thus if you place a low-quality ad on your page, you may put your reputation in danger. 
  • Pay close attention to ad format and placement requirements.
  • Consider how many ads the network can afford you to place on your website. 
  • Work with ad networks that offer quality customer support.

Where to Switch From ExoClick

Let’s review a list of the best ExoClick alternatives and see how they perform in comparison to ExoClick. 

Adsterra As an Alternative to ExoClick

Comparison of AdSterra and ExoClick: Which One Is Better

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Realtime CPM comparison: ExoClick vs AdsTerra | AdsTerra vs ExoClick

Comparison of AdSterra and ExoClick: Which One Is Better

AdSterra ad network has existed since 2013 as an intuitive and reliable service with clear policies. They offer an online advertisement for all digital media sites. With AdSterra you can both advertise and monetize. The company is interested in your success and it can even make SEO work for you to see whether your ads are delivered to the right people. Thus many impressions and huge traffic are guaranteed.   

This ad network is perfect for beginning webmasters as it offers you an introductory video with a detailed guide of how the monetization of the ad works. AdSterra doesn’t allow any malware or fraud to leak to your site and gives you total freedom of getting the money. They also can provide you with detailed analytics on request.

If compared with ExoClick, we can notice the features that ExoClick is not ready to provide. As mentioned above, its support team is difficult to connect while AdSterra has 24\7 dedicated support. ExoClick doesn’t offer real-time stats reports for publishers and keeps its direction mostly for an adult website. Contrary to that, AdSterra is a perfect solution for those who are not eager to waste a lot of time setting up: your monetization program starts on the day of registration.

AdSterra vs Exoclick Comparison Table

– is easy to set up 
– has dedicated round-the-clock support
– has refund program for unsold traffic 
– has high CPM traffic offers
– up-to-date statistics for publishers 
– supports a range of video formats
– 18 ads types
– has various targeting options
– is quick with payments
– has good and stable CPM rates
– is orientated for adult webmasters
– is available for connection via email

Good Points About AdSterra Comparing to ExoClick

AdSterra has one huge privilege over ExoClick: responsive support team. This feature is worth highlighting as your earnings depend on their feedback. It is also good in getting a refund for unused traffic and placing the ads in moderation.

Bad things About AdSterra Comparing to ExoClick

Despite its professional features, AdSterra was found to hold aggressive ads. It also provides payments on the 1st-2nd and 16th-17th of each month which is not comparable with ExoClick weekly payments. AdSterra has no such various targeting options as ExoClick offers to its advertisers. Therefore, for webmasters, this means that some parts of their website traffic will be potentially undervalued.

JuicyAds As an Alternative to ExoClick

Comparison between Juicy Ads and ExoClick: Which one to choose

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Real time CPM comparison: ExoClick vs JuicyAds | JuicyAds vs ExoClick

Comparison between Juicy Ads and ExoClick: Which one to choose

Juicy Ads is a very special ad network. It doesn’t provide a static CPC or CPM rate saying that the advertisers change their requirements every day. Thus your ads may be estimated with per click option or impressions either. As a big plus, with JuicyAds you may run the website monetization program all around the world.  

This online advertising service stands out for its self-service platform on which you can suit yourself with many options of customer support: live chats, ticketing, and email.

Its referral program is also a very profitable one. Every publisher referred to the platform brings 20% of the site’s commission which is a very high reward while many companies, including ExoClick, can offer only 5-10% commission. When it comes to a payment system, you can get money with the minimum earning of $25 through PayPal, Payoneer, and Paxum. The company has weekly payments on Friday, but the publisher should request them by Wednesday. If you choose the cheque payment form, you will receive money twice a month, and with wire payments only on the first week of every month. There are no fees for getting money through Payoneer and cheque even though other systems typically apply charges.

Compared to ExoClick, Juicy Ads seems to be more digitized. But it is not very reached in the ads type (only two), and targeting option. They both are focused on the entertainment sphere especially the adult niche, offer customer support via email, and have convenient payment systems. While ExoClick is user-friendly, Juicy Ads is a bit complicated to set up. Also, if we speak about CPM rates, ExoClick plays professionally and Juicy Ads has very low rates for banner ads.

Juicy Ads vs Exoclick Comparison Table

Juicy AdsExoClick
– has good CPM for Russia and Asia
– has a self-service option
– has a profitable referral program
– takes back unsold traffic
– is complicated for beginners
-has a support team available through email
– has good CPM everywhere except Asia
– pays money with a minimum earning $20
– does not have a self-service option
– referral bonus is 5%
– has weekly payments
– has strong quality control and fraud protection

When JuicyAds is better than ExoClick

Compared to ExoClick Juicy Ads is good in its CPM rates in every country. It has English, Spanish, and Portuguese customer support available 24\7 through the Help Centre, and ticket service for the technical issue.

When JuicyAds is considered to be worse than ExoClick

Still, Juicy Ads has its flaws. It doesn’t have a solution for the ad-blocking system so your ads may not be visible to your users. This ad network is also not as very good in a variety of ad formats as ExoClick is. Its banner ads have poor rates compared to ExoClick and this could be an alarming sign in case you count on banner ads as the primary advertising format.

Hilltop Ads As an Alternative to ExoClick

Hilltop Ads and ExoClick: Comparison between ad networks

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Real time CPM comparison: ExoClick vs HilltopAds | HilltopAds vs ExoClick

Hilltop Ads and ExoClick: Comparison between ad networks

Hilltop Ads cares about its appearance: their site looks premium and has graphics that together create an outstanding design. The ad network covers all GEOs. It has great CPM rates that stand out from this service from many other ones. Hilltop Ads is available in various ad formats, especially on mobile. They are considered to be the best pop-under service out there.

Speaking about its support team is a total pleasure. They provide multiple connections with the clients: via Skype, email, dedicated lines for general questions, tech support, and queries for advertisers and publishers. If someone is eager to connect via phone, Hilltop Ads offers such an option for the UK and the USA only. All functions are available on their site.

With Hilltop Ads, you can withdraw the money with the minimum earning of $50 through PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, Webmoney, ePayments, ePayService, and even change it into Bitcoin. It does not have any fees for taking the revenue, but some services have their own charges.

This ad network has the anti-ad-blocking option. Moreover, it offers advertisers real-time stats to see the real picture of your income. Another useful feature is its self-service toolset which allows managing every step of your ad campaign.

Compared with ExoClick, Hilltop Ads is its strong competitor. They both have various ad formats available, multiple payment systems, and good CPM rates. But Hilltop Ads has better customer support with multiple options while ExoClick only via email.

Hilltop Ads vs Exoclick Comparison Table

Hilltop AdsExoClick
– is a leader in pop-under ads
– has an appealing design
– has self-service options
– offers a variety of payment systems
– has an anti-ad-block
– sends real-time stats
– is a fast and reliable service
– has many modern features
– operates with a lot of payment systems
– is beginner-friendly
– pays well for US traffic
– the biggest service for adult traffic

When Hilltop Ads can be a better choice than ExoClick

Unlike ExoClick, Hilltop Ads offers a self-service toolset for you to control your ad campaign. They really care about clients as you may see from the multiple custom support connection options. Make fast communication via email, Skype, tech support, and even phone.

When Hilltop Ads works poorer comparing to ExoClick

The only thing that can be taken as a minus about Hilltop Ads is that they do provide self-service but actually you are not free to do any changes on the admin panel without manager permission.

Ad Mediation as an Alternative to ExoClick

Why Ad Mediation Is Better Than Any Single Ad Network

As you have seen every ad network has its pros and cons. So why not consider using them together and repeating the advantages of each option? It sounds pretty good to be true, but a mediation platform AdSpyglass helps webmasters facilitate this process. With its mediation system, you can be sure that only the most profitable offers from top ad networks will be chosen for you. They pursue a transparent policy that means you will have access to all data collected. Thus the users of AdSpyglass mediation service increase their income up to 100%, avoid mistakes in running an ad campaign, and have real-time statistics about its performance.

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AdSpyglass Ad Mediation and ExoClick

As every ad network ExoClick has its pros and cons, while the mediation system provides you only with the benefits from online advertising services. Thus you will not be searching for good CPM rates – AdSpyglass chooses the best ones. The platform analyzes your traffic and sells it to the ad network that offers the highest bid. With AdSpyglass you will not worry about industry niche or GEOs – it works with every kind of website in every place in the world.

What experts say about the best Exoclick alternatives

What experts say about the best Exoclick alternatives

AdSpyglass is a large platform that has leading experts of the industry behind its back. We’ve decided to ask our experts about their opinion regarding ExoClick and its substitutes. Read what the experts shared since it can help you to make the right choice: 

ExoClick Ad Quality, Google-friendly ads and testing

What I really like about the ExoClick ad network is their “Google Complaint Ads” checkmark. So, basically, every webmaster can decide if he wants to show only “clean” ads to avoid any issues with Google or keep going with all types of ads. This feature is quite rare, but I know many publishers who want to secure their website reputation for Google.

Also, I’d recommend testing all networks before you start to work with them. The thing is – you may not fully trust other people’s reviews and experiences. The network that works great for one webmaster may become totally useless for another.

That’s why it is better to create an account at every network you want to work with and to try them separately. That is a long time effort, but there’s the only way to be sure about your ad vendor.

As an alternative, you may connect all of the networks via the ad mediation system and compare all of them simultaneously. This is also a great way of figuring out the best partner for your website. 

Anthony, Senior Traffic Expert. Works with ExoClick webmasters for seven years

Exoclick is great, but it has flaws. A few other great alternatives.

” ExoClick is a decent Ad Network. It is famous as a network that has offers for almost all targetings. So, if you’re using several ad networks, you should have ExoClick among them for sure.

However, ExoClick’s CPMs may often be lower than at other networks. Also, they don’t have the in-page push format. 

Regarding AdSterra – it has pretty high rates for Popunders, and it seems to be the leader for the In-Page Push Ads costs. (What they also call SocialBar). On the other hand, AdsTerra’s ad quality could be better. Also, they don’t buy VPN and Proxy traffic.

As for HilltopAds also has reasonable CPM rates, but I feel like they are slightly decreasing lately. Hilltop’s ad quality is on the same level as AdsTerra. Also, I’d like to see more Ad Formats on this platform. 

JuicyAds… I remember times when it used to be one of the leading Ad Networks in the world. They are the real dinosaurs of this industry. I bet you can see it from their interface 🙂  But it is still used due to its high CPMs for Asian geos. I wouldn’t recommend using it for any other targetings. Also, Juicy is a bit not keeping up with the tech progress of other networks. 

Also, if you’re looking for cool ExoClick alternatives, you should pay attention to TwinRed and TrafficStars as well. 

And, I should say that the best approach for choosing an ad network is to simply stop doing that 🙂 A much better option would be rotating all your favorite Ad Networks using the Ad Mediation platform. Even the world’s best Ad Network can’t generate you as much profit as you can get from mediation. That is cool modern tech, and you should definitely leverage it for your website. “

Victor, Senior Monetization Expert. Works with website owners for 10+ years.

Key aspects about each of these alternatives

I like ExoClick and the way how it works. Speaking metaphorically, ExoClick is like a giant supermarket – it has everything inside, but you may prefer to buy some specific things at smaller, specialized shops. That’s why you may count on ExoClick as a network that can buy almost all types of traffic and geos. However, you shouldn’t expect that you’ll always be getting the highest rates.

Regarding the given alternatives:

– AdSterra gives fantastic CPM rates, and its interface is one of the best I’ve ever used. But, it is possible to get some aggressive ads from there because their creative filtration system is not that strict. 

– JuicyAds – is what I call “old-fashioned” Ad Networks. It has a pretty “classic” design with “classic” contracts and tech. But still, they’re quite good with Popunders. 

– HilltopAds – sometimes they provide exciting offers for Video Ads with enormously high CPM and decent fill rate. But it is better to use it in addition to some other ad networks or mediate them.”

Diana, VP of Ad Network Integrations. Works with the inner side of different Ad Networks. 


There are so many alternative ad networks to ExoClick, but the truth is they all have advantages and disadvantages. It may take a while before you find your perfect online advertising service. If you don’t want to settle for less and wish to maximize your revenue, consider using the AdSpyglass mediation service that allows you to sell your traffic to multiple networks.  


  1. thank you for sharing this. i’m going to switch soon since I’m really not satisfied with exoclicks support system

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