Hilltop Ads Ad Network Review 2022

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Hilltop Ads is an advertising network which allows publishers to monetize their traffic via popunders, In-Page, VAST/VPAID video. The platform is welcoming of both large and small publishers, with a $10 minimum earning on hand to provide a modest target for sites to aim for.

This is available weekly, delivered via a range of different payment options, including Bitcoin, Capitalist, Paxum, PayPal and USDT (TRC/ERC), in addition to wire transfer and even Webmoney.

Publishers benefit from a 100% fill rate alongside a referral program offering them a 5% split of each new publisher’s commission. Our investigations also unearthed high CPM rates, especially for sites with mobile inventory.

hilltopads homepage

Ad Types:

Popunders, In-Page, VAST/VPAID video

hilltop ads ad format

Offer Types:

CPM (Cost per Mile).

You may compare Hiltop Ads CPM rates with other ad networks by countries here.

Traffic Types

Desktop, mobile and tablets.

Targeting Options

hilltop ads targeting options

  • GEO (Country, States, City)
  • Browser
  • OS and OS Versions
  • Mobile carrier
  • Connection type
  • Language
  • Brand mobile device
  • IP Range, ISP, Mobile carrier

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Payment Rules and Proof

Publishers are permitted to withdraw money from their Hilltop Ads account provided they have met the minimum earning of $10. Like with most platforms, a transaction will commence after the end of the week in which the target was met. Given that some networks schedule their pay runs every month – in some cases bi-monthly – the frequency of these payments makes for an added benefit.

Users can load money onto a number of popular global payment services, including Bitcoin, Capitalist, Paxum, PayPal and USDT (TRC/ERC), in addition to wire transfer and even Webmoney. There is also the chance to have it changed into Bitcoin and sent across through a wire transfer.

The group does not demand any fees for loading money onto these platforms, but the services themselves will often have their own charges for doing so. This ranges from the basic 3-5% charged by PayPal on each amount that enters its system, across to the sizeable fees attached by banks for doing the same over wire transfer. In each case it is wise for publishers to research the amounts levied by each group before deciding on the best way to claim their earnings.

Here is the payment proof of Hilltop Ads ad network:

Hilltop Ads payment proof

Hilltop Ads payment proof


For publishers that require customer support, Hilltop Ads is well-equipped with methods of getting in touch with the team. Connections to skype, telegram, email, and live chat are available to its users, with dedicated lines for general questions, tech support, advertiser and publisher-related queries.

For those that prefer to get in touch over the phone, the group also lists its direct dials for the USA and the UK, as well as a general ‘contact us’ field. To make things even easier, all of these options are available on the Hilltop Ads site. 

hilltop ads benefits

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Terms, Conditions and Requirements

The terms of Hilltop Ads’ service are available in full on its website, accompanied by guidelines for advertisers and publishers respectively. With regards to the latter, the headlines are as follows:

  • Your Property may not auto-bookmark, auto-refresh, auto-focus, or change a user’s homepage.
  • You may not serve any “404” impressions or impressions served through pop-ups or pop-unders.
  • You may not serve any impressions sent through fake video players.
  • You may not serve any impressions using iframes.
  • You may not use any method to artificially or fraudulently inflate the volume of impressions you serve or traffic you send. Such prohibited methods include: framing a banner’s click-through destination, auto-spawning browsers, running spiders against Your Properties, automatically redirecting users, bots and any other technique or software which may generate automatic or fraudulent impressions.
  • You may not require your users to view advertisements prior to the user using Your Property.
  • You may not provide incentives of any nature to encourage or requires users to view advertisements or to click through advertisements.
  • You may not use any fraudulent or misleading methods to prompt your users into viewing advertisements or performing an action to create click-throughs.
  • All traffic must come from legal sources; Your Property may not operate in violation of any applicable law (whether applicable to us, you, or any other relevant party).
  • You may not use Motivated (faucet, etc.) traffic.
  • You may not have multiple accounts (multi accounting).

Publishers that sign up for an account to try out the service and miss the $10 minimum should also be wary of a maintenance fee which may be charged in the event of their site failing to hit the minimum within a six-month period.

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Referral Program

Hilltop Ads has an active referral program which allows its publishers to earn even more via the platform. The system works by allowing an existing user to refer another publisher to the network and, provided they reach the $10 minimum, earn 5% of any commission they make.

This is made possible by the circulation of special links, which are supplied by Hilltop Ads.

CPM rates:

You can compare HilltopAds CPM rates with other networks here.

Mainstream traffic:

HilltopAds mainstream Popunder CPM
France 2.51
Germany 2.95
USA 0.67
Brazil 0.06
China 0.46
Indonesia 0.24
Bangladesh 0.09
India 0.06

Adult traffic:

HilltopAds adult Popunder CPM Banner CPM In-video CPM
France 0.78
Germany 1.1 0.01
USA 1.92 0.01
Brazil 0.28 0.0
China 0.57 0.0 0.01
Indonesia 0.36 0.0
Bangladesh 0.09 0.0
India 0.18 0.0


  • Good rates of CPM, particularly on mobile
  • Reliable customer support available through Skype, telegram, email, and live chat
  • Weekly payout schedule


  • No self-service panel means each change to a campaign has to go through a manager

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Final thoughts:

The rundown of advantages offered by Hilltop Ads makes for good reading, especially when it comes to making money. With a reliably high CPM to its name, the network outperforms many of its competitors in one of the most crucial factors. Meanwhile, a referral program allows earning top-ups in the form of 5% from every new publisher’s revenue.

Earnings are available weekly via a number of platforms; the options of Bitcoin and ePayments are useful alongside usual offerings like PayPal, Paxum, Capitalist, wire transfer, and even Webmoney.

Customer support is available via skype, telegram, email, and live chat but keeping such a high level of communication is vital given that no self-service panel is available for publishers wanting to make changes to their activity. Another downside is the lack of ad inventory.

Overall there are enough reasons to link up to Hilltop Ads, which welcomes big and small publishers in equal measure.

Click here register and login to HilltopAds ad network.

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  1. Hey friend, it is a very well written article, thank you for the valuable and useful information you provided in this post. Keep up the good work!

    • Don’t even think to try it, they don’t pay their publishers. You reach the payment date and they ban you right away instead of paying you. Complete scammers.
      Check Trustpilot.

  2. Yeah, I used to think that fill rate of 100% is nothing but a pipe dream and a catchphrase for promotion… Hilltopads is making me doubt my beliefs.

  3. Mick the Millionaire
    30.04.2018 - 22:55

    They may have just one ad type but it bloody works. I am sort of new to the game but with hilltopads.com my revenue has increased!

  4. They are a scam. Once you reach $100 they simply put it back to zero and never pay you a cent. Avoid them at all cost! Hilltopads is a SCAM

    • Maria AdSpyglass Team
      12.12.2017 - 08:47

      Hi, reymarval!
      We are upset to hear it. Usually our clieants are satisfied by the HilltopAds support service.
      May be the problem could be with the quality of the traffic? Anyway each situation is unique. We always help our clients to solve problems with ad networks to avoid situation like yours.

  5. Videoitaliani(Official)
    12.08.2017 - 08:59

    Very good service, i’m testing HiltopAds since one week on both my sites and they have a very good ecpm compared to others network i tested, also the no-adblock pop works well, and is real a plus.

  6. Does it support only Pop-Under Ads? What about other options?

    • Maria AdSpyglass Team
      23.08.2017 - 18:28

      Hi, Dessde! Hilltopads has only popunders at this moment.

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