RiverTraffic ad network review

RiverTraffic Ad Network Review 2021

If you want to enlarge the list of ad networks you partner with and plan to work with several ad formats, consider RiverTraffic ad network. Being established in 2018, it supports popunders, sliders, pre-rolls, and push advertisements for mainstream and adult traffic websites and provides essential features for publishers.

In this review, we will mention Rivertraffic requirements, types of supported ads, payment options, and so on.

RiverTraffic Interface
RiverTraffic Interface

Ad types

RiverTraffic works with popunders, sliders, pre-rolls, and push advertisements.

Offer types


Traffic types

Desktop, mobile, and tablets.

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Targeting Options

Targeting is available by country. For more information, please contact your RiverTraffic manager.

RiverTraffic statisics
RiverTraffic statistics

Payment Rules

Payments can be withdrawn once in two weeks: the processing is instant. No commissions apply to payment withdrawals – users receive the full balance. 

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Payment Methods

Available withdrawal methods for publishers include:

  • ePayments. RiverTrafic does not apply fees for withdrawing to ePayments, but you will be charged a fee for withdrawing funds at an ATM regardless of a country (2.6 USD or 2.4 EUR depending on the card currency);
  • Paxum. RiverTraffic does not charge for Paxum withdrawals, but Paxum personal account fees vary from $5.00 to $8.95;
  • WebMoney. RiverTraffic does not charge for payouts to WebMoney, but the payment platform itself charges ~0.8%-2.5% for withdrawal to a local bank. 
  • PayPal. RiverTraffic does not charge any fees for withdrawal to PayPal, however, PayPal itself charges a fee of 3-5% of the transaction amount;
  • Wire transfer. In this case, the fee might be charged by a bank for a further withdrawal. A user has to find out the withdrawal commission charged by his bank.

The minimal withdrawal limit for payment systems is $100, for wire transfers – $500. However, you can request changing the limit by contacting your publisher manager.

Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof of Rivertraffic ad network:


RiverTraffic customer support is available via email and Skype. In order to contact a manager, do the following:

  1. Register on the RiverTraffic website.
  2. Enter your contact information (Skype/ICQ/Telegram nickname, email address).
  3. Check out your manager’s email and Skype link on the dashboard

The replies from RiverTraffic customer support are almost instant – you won’t have to wait for several days to get the reply.

Currently, the RiverTraffic website is under reconstruction: there is no FAQ section yet, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the company representatives. You will get the answer promptly.

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Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

Although RiverTraffic does work with adult websites with any amount of traffic, it has particular restrictions and requirements for the projects. It has the following prohibitions:

  1. RiverTraffic reserves the right to terminate accounts of customers who use programs/robots/devices and other sources of non-organic traffic, as well as the means of illegal/false advertisement.
  2. RiverTraffic does not work with websites that are under maintenance or unavailable OR websites that have a few posts or have no content at all.
  3. RiverTraffic does not work with websites that are overfilled with ads or popunder farms (5+ popunders).
  4. RiverTraffic mostly works with adult websites in the case when content does not violate the law (for example, websites with child pornography or any depiction of a minor in an adult or sexual situation are not the subject to partnership).

Also, the websites with the following content are not allowed to participate in the Program:

  • Racial, ethnic, political, hateful content;
  • Hacking, software pirating, malware software, torrents;
  • Content linking to any type of illegal activity (drugs, weapons, etc);
  • Materials that can be related to as violent, defaming, abusive, or posing physical harm to others;
  • Content that breaches any person’s privacy, or causes damage in any way;
  • Inappropriate newsgroup postings, chat or forum abuse, unsolicited e-mails (SPAM);
  • Infringe on the copyright or intellectual property of any third party.

Referral Program

RiverTraffic offers a referral program that allows webmasters to get a 5% lifetime bonus on the earnings of referred webmasters.

CPM Rates

You can compare RiverTraffic CPM rates vs other networks by using this tool.

Rivertraffic mainstream Popunder CPM In-video CPM
France 0.02 0.09
Germany 0.43 0.23
USA 0.54 0.11
Brazil 0.05
China 0.01 0.17
Indonesia 0.01 1,01
Bangladesh 0.0
India 0.0


  • Customers are offered back URLs for the traffic that hasn’t been sold;
  • Pretty good customer support provided via Skype and Telegram;
  • Clear and intuitive interface;
  • Decent choice of payment options.

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  • Relatively low CPM rates;
  • The minimum payout is $100.

Click here to register and login to RiverTraffic ad network.

Final thoughts

RiverTraffic is a newcomer on the market of ad networks, so it provides the essential functionality for ad publishing only. If you run a new or relatively small website with, consider starting with this option.  The ad network is pretty easy to work with, and if you have any questions, you are likely to get a timely reply from the customer support since it can be contacted via multiple messengers. Besides, it allows you to get the maximum possible profit from the traffic offering back URLs. However, the ad network has a relatively low CPM level: considering that the minimum payout is $100, you should work with it only if your website has enough traffic. 

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