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Sooner or later, every webmaster asks himself ‘How should I monetize my website?’ First of all, you need to decide whether you will do it manually, or would rather automate the process. Automatic mediation services rise website revenue by 30%. This option is ideal for medium and large websites where manual ad settings are not enough. In this article, we will discuss how to select an optimal website monetization strategy, and why Ad Monetization Hybrid Header Bidding Model is a superb solution.

Why the current approach isn’t efficient enough?

Until recently, all webmasters chose the old good Conventional Waterfall when setting up ads. We know that Waterfall tech relies on historical data and price levels to determine on which demand source to send requests to. When waterfall was used, the mediation sent requests only to the ads that previously offered higher bids for the same ad campaign. It keeps sending requests until the request is accepted. This approach makes advertisements less profitable for both the website owners and ad networks.

This is where the Programmatic tech comes in handy: it allows for boosting revenue using real-time data. Programmatic Header Bidding is the latest industry-standard: this technology renders the access to inventory to ad networks & exchanges for bidding.

Header Bidding vs Waterfall
Header Bidding vs Waterfall

In contrast with Waterfall, programmatic does not rely on historical data. It starts sending requests to every network at once and selects the highest bids from networks than conventional waterfall ever choose.

How to reap the advantage of both options?

It seems logical to implement programmatic and enjoy higher revenues. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. The problem is about the technological ecosystem: not all demand sources are technologically advanced enough to integrate programmatic exchange. Yet, they provide the possibility to earn much more. This is why a lot of modern mediations leverage hybrid header bidding models.

Hybrid ad monetization model
Hybrid ad monetization model

We are here to help

When it comes to setting advertisements on your website, it is always better to have access to both of the above-mentioned technologies.

But where to find a decent mediation that provides the hybrid header bidding model? Although many advanced mediations provide the whole gamut of their own instruments for ad monetization, not all of them are equally transparent.

It’s crucial to have a detailed insight into metrics and statistics, and AdSpyglass is here to provide you with all necessary information and help establish direct relationships with networks.

Our Hybrid Header Bidding Model can be divided into 3 stages:

  1. a programmatic auction;
  2. a conventional waterfall;
  3. the selection of the best bids offered by the programmatic tech and importing them into a conventional waterfall.

With AdSpyglass, all you need to do is set up the connection with your ad network accounts. Picking the best bids has never been so simple!

Our benefits

AdSpyglass boasts the following advantages:

Detailed statistics & reports

Our clean & intuitive dashboard displays all essential statistics for you to get a full insight into the performance from various standpoints and make an informed decision. With our solution, you will always know what your real CPM, real impressions, a discrepancy with ad network statistics, and income levels are. Reports can be generated for every separate advertisement.

Cross-promotion and Direct Deals

 With the help of AdSpyglass, you can:

  • Promote and direct your traffic to your other website;
  • Organize your own direct deals from advertisers without the auction process.

For you to evaluate the results of promotion, AdSpyglass provides detailed reports with statistics about each ad.

Audience Segmentation

14 filters and 13 groupings in AdSpyglass reports are super useful. Users can be divided by GEO, Ad Campaign, Browser, Operation System and etc. That allows for analyzing such metrics as their performance, eCPM, and revenue. With this information at your fingertips, you can develop the best ad monetization approach for each segment. Boost revenue potential by customizing impression settings separately for every Spot. 

Decent choice of relevant ad formats

The efficiency of advertisements depends on the type of website they’re embedded in. For your website, certain combinations of ad formats will work better, and we provide the full range of options to choose from and experiment with. Our list of available ad formats includes video ads, pop-up ads, banners, and push notifications.

AdSpyglass supports various ad formats
AdSpyglass supports various ad formats

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Pro tips for maximizing your ad profit

Diversify ad demand sources

It’s clear that the more ad demand sources you work with, the higher your revenue potential. You not only enjoy the higher profit, but also raise the level of competitiveness and enlarge the list of ad formats.

Remember monetizing is not always about ads and banners. You have a loyal audience and high-quality content, you can boost your income by joining an affiliate network.

There are the industry giants like CJ Affiliate and Amazon, of course, but for a niche site, you should choose a specialized network.

For example, for monetizing traffic interested in travel no one has better offers than Travelpayouts. 

Yet, you should never sacrifice quality for quantity. Make sure that only reliable partners are offered by the mediation. Check which demand sources are available aside from popular eCPM performers, and make sure that you can target markets according to the geographical criteria.

Think over withdrawal options

Every Ad network has its own ad payment rules. For example, Net 45 pays you money 45 days after the moment it appears in your dashboard. But if you don’t want to wait so much, you are free to select the ad networks allowing for instant withdrawals for a higher fee. Before you start working with an ad network, find out what are withdrawal fees and time frames – it’s better to have both standard and instant options at once.

Key points to consider

To sum up the above-mentioned aspects, we’ve made a checklist that will help you decide on a suitable monetization strategy and choose a great mediator. While you’re selecting an ad mediator, pay attention to the following:

  • Programmatic header bidding boosts your profit potential, yet you can save and reap benefits from both technologies by trying the hybrid header bidding system.
  • The best mediators allow establishing direct relationships with networks and set up the connection with your own ad network accounts. Also, it’s important to have the possibility to work with direct deals from advertisers.
  • Dashboard should be user-friendly and provide all essential statistics.
  • The information about ad performance should be transparent and precise. You should have a detailed insight into all metrics.
  • The best mediators allow segmenting audiences and customizing ads for each group separately.
  • It’s better to have access to both standard and instant money withdrawal options.

Get the most out of your mediation

Hopefully, this guide helped you understand what kind of website monetization strategy you’d like to follow. If you want to reap the benefits of the hybrid mediation system that combines all of the above-mentioned perks, don’t hesitate to check AdSpyglass’s page and contact their team directly.

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