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Choosing an ad network to work with can be quite a headache. Although while inspecting this blog you’ve probably already discovered the best possible cure for that headache, namely using ad mediation services like AdSpyglass. Afterward, however, it is not any easier to choose an ad format to work with, since there are myriads of those: banners of various scope and size, native ads, video ads, instant messengers, interstitial ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, the list goes on.

Some of the names are self-explanatory, while many other types of traffic monetization may be obscure, especially to those publishers who are new to the game of traffic monetizing and do not yet understand what type of ad campaign would be beneficial for their websites. Today, we are going to disperse the mist of unknown gathered around pop-under scripts.

What Stands Behind the Name

Although the service we offer is called a Pop-under Solution, there is much more to it than the name suggests. Our script offers four different types of the so-called click-under advertisement (triggered by users’ clicking on some element of the site’s interface), namely pop-up, tab-up, tab-under and, naturally, a pop-under itself.

Pop-up – the click triggers the opening of a new window that is displayed over the active one.

Pop-under – the click triggers the opening of a new window that is not active.

Tab-up – the click triggers the opening of a new tab in the browser, the tab becomes active.

Tab-under – the click triggers the opening of a new active tab in the browser where the content appears, whereas advertisement is displayed in the old tab.

All these types can be tuned and adjusted to behave in a certain way depending on the browser, geolocation, and other factors.

Popunder script to enhance your popunder behaviour performance. Applicable for popup, popunder, tabup and tabunder.

It is effective

Click-under advertising is a true golden goose of affiliate marketing. Compared with banners and other ad formats, they are considered more “visible” and users are more likely to notice them and make the cherished click you will get paid for!

You can choose what elements of the site’s user interface will trigger the script, it can be some element of navigation or even a play button. Alternatively, you can go another way around and adjust it in such a way that every single element will serve as an advertisement trigger except for those you choose to deactivate.

It is flexible

When trying to boost your profit with pop-under advertisement you have to pay special attention to its settings. Fine-tuning is the keystone to success in this matter. You have to take every single detail into account: user’s geo, browser and even the type of their devices. For instance, for desktop users, you could display pop-up but for mobile users, it would be too aggressive so tab-under would probably be a better choice.

Another important setting you have to decide on is the frequency of script activation. You can set it to appear once per day or 10 times per day, but the sequence does not necessarily have to be so simple. For instance, the script could be triggered two times and then be deactivated for 24 hours, or be triggered thrice – deactivated for half an hour – and then activated again.

The frequency of the script’s activation should be set depending on the user’s geo. It makes sense to show more ads to users from the USA and less for users from India since the profit you derive from those countries differs drastically.

It is under your control

There is no single solution to monetize every website. To find out what works best for you you’d have to do it by trial and error. However, our real-time statistics could substantially facilitate this task. It will instantly register the changes in the settings and show how the tuning influenced the script’s behavior and user’s feedback. You will know how many times the script was activated and how many times it successfully displayed an advertisement. Moreover, from this data, the CTR will be automatically determined. No other script service provides such a function, only AdSpyglass!

It is simple

You do not have to be Brendan Eich in order to deal with our script. In fact, no coding at all is required from you when working with AdSpyglass’ pop-under solution. Our service will generate the code for you and you will only have to add it to your site once. Later on, you can easily change the settings of pop-under behavior in the admin panel at any time. Even a child could do it!

It is fast

Be prepared to spare as much as five minutes of your time for the full setup of AdSpyglass’ Popunder solution. It is really that simple! There are only four basic steps.

1. First, you add your website or websites if you have more than one. For the later, we have bulk import option so it doesn’t take much time.

2. Then, you adjust an ad campaign, meaning you simply adjoin links of ads that you intend to display at your website.

3. If necessary, you can adjust popunder’s behavior and target your ad campaign for certain browsers, devices or geolocation.

4. Finally, copy the generated code and add it to your website. See if it works properly. In case any changes have to be made in terms of popunder behavior or adding new ads, use the panel.

It is Google-friendly

Nowadays, the world has gone into a frenzy about everything being eco-friendly: the food we eat, the cars we drive, the building materials we use for construction. Just like that, in the world of affiliate marketing, everyone is concerned about being Google-friendly. To be frank, the click-under advertisement can be somewhat troublesome in the view of this well-known and monopoliщгs search engine, and websites that use such advertising to monetize their traffic are often penalized because of that. Fortunately, we can guarantee that with AdSpyglass’ script you have nothing to worry about, it is created in such a way that Google is basically our BFF.

It is free for AdSpyglass users

Shocking as it is, for the time being, we do not demand any payment from our users for using this fabulous script of ours. In case you want to implement smart ad networks rotation, we are going to collect the random amount of your impressions as a payment (but in any case not more than 10%, so no worries!)

Final thoughts

Popunder is one of the most effective tools you could use to convert your traffic.

While there are many offers of popunder scripts on the market, do not look any further than AdSpyglass’ one since it is the best possible solution! To back up this boastful statement we will even do research comparing our service to one of the market’s leaders.  Stay tuned!

Try it now

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