Adnium Ad Network Review 2022

Adnium ad network review
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Adnium is an ad network that enables publishers to monetize both their desktop and mobile traffic through a small group of ad formats. Banners and popunders are the only inventory available to users, each of whom must generate a minimum of $100 to withdraw money from their account. This is available on request via Paxum and wire transfer, which makes for a relatively straightforward way of earning.
Other notable features include a referral program which pays out 5% commission to the party that referred them to the Adnium platform, in addition to a self-service platform which makes it easy for users to conduct changes to their accounts.

Ad Types:

For Desktop

  • Banner
  • Popunder

For Mobile

  • Banner
  • Popunder

Offer Types:

CPM (Cost per mille)

Traffic Types

Desktop and mobile

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Payment Rules

Users can transfer money from Adnium to a Paxum account, provided they have met the minimum earning of $100. For wire transfer, the minimum is $500.
Perhaps the best thing about its payment service is the ‘request’ system, which means publishers can ask for money to be placed into their account whenever they like. These are completed within seven days after the request is made. If there is a dispute relating to the amount being paid – i.e. if it is less than expected – the publisher has 30 days from when their payment was completed to raise a concern. Exceeding this results in the waiving of any disputes.
Adnium makes no disclosure of charges attached to withdrawing money from its accounts, although it does mention that publishers are responsible for any charges from the platforms themselves. Banks will often charge money for wire transfers, which makes it all the more important for publishers to see what they’re letting themselves in for.

Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof of Adnim ad network:

Adnium payment proof

Adnium payment proof


Customer support on Adnium is available through a few different methods. On its site is a ‘select a ticket’ platform which allows anyone to ask a question about the service. There’s also a dedicated email address for support-related enquiries, as well as a Skype profile for solving things that may be a little more drawn out. On top of these is a FAQ section which contains plenty in the way of tips and information for new users.

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Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

Considered stricter than some of its competitors, Adnium has a detailed terms of service for publishers to follow. This is available through its ‘Acceptable Use’ document and includes a range of banned activity, including:

  • The promotion of illegal activity, including violent content and other forms.
  • The sale of weapons and ammunition, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and related objects.
  • File-sharing or torrent sites. Domains used solely for the purpose of serving ads (i.e. with zero content) and ‘thin affiliate’ pages are also banned.
  • Popups or popunders that interfere with a site’s navigation. Usually these will require a user to click on them to get back onto the page.
  • Excessive profanity on a website. It may be argued that this comes from users commenting on articles, but Adnium also requires everything to be moderated.
  • The manipulation of Adnium code, or the use of techniques to alter site stats.  

In addition to the above, Adnium demands that every ad has be served on a page with content, but users cannot place over six ad zones on a single page. The same zone also cannot be displayed twice on the same page; a unique one must be placed.
Failure to follow Adnium’s terms of service results in the temporary or permanent suspension of accounts.

Referral Program

Adnium’s platform does require a sizeable minimum earning, especially for publishers wanting to withdraw their money through wire transfer. To help them on their way, Adnium has a referral program which pays out 5% of a new publisher’s lifetime earnings to the party that referred them. This presents an ideal way for topping up an account in addition to the regular serving of ads.


  • Good level of customer support delivered by email and Skype
  • Self-service platform makes it easy to conduct changes
  • Good rates of CPM on banners


  • Strict guidelines to follow
  • Minimum payout of $100 is high

CPM Rates:

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Mainstream traffic:

Adnium mainstream Popunder CPM Banner CPM
France 0.0
Germany 0.01
USA 0.0
Brazil 0.0
China 0.0
Indonesia 0.0
Bangladesh 0.0
India 0.0

Adult traffic:

Adnium Adult Popunder CPM Banner CPM In-video CPM
France 1.05 0.01 0.0
Germany 0.14 0.02 0.0
USA 1.15 0.04 0.79
Brazil 0.71 0.0
China 0.1 0.0
Indonesia 0.0 0.0
Bangladesh 0.05 0.0 0.0
India 0.26 0.0 0.0

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Final thoughts:

Adnium might only offer two ad formats, but sometimes it’s good to see platforms sticking to what they’re good at. We found the CPM on its banners to be high compared to its competitors, while the monetising of these on both desktop and mobile gives publishers enough chances to earn money from their traffic.

Away from this we have the platform itself, driven by a self-service option which makes it easy for a user to conduct changes to their account. Other strong features include a good level of customer support – delivered through email and Skype – as well as a referral program offering 5% of a new publisher’s commission to the group that referred them.

Publishers are let down by a high minimum earning of $100, which scales up to $500 for those wishing to transact money through a wire transfer. This is only available through Paxum as well as wire, which again makes for a lack of choice in an important area. Another point worth noting is the terms and conditions, which are stricter than some of the others we’ve seen.

That said, Adnium does offer a good service which is available to any publishers that want to supercharge their earnings.

Register an account in Adnium ad network.

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  1. We would appreciate if had more than two ways to transfer earnings. We personally do not use Paxum and wire transfers are not convenient at all.

  2. With I got in my first referral programme. It is tremendous! A great bonus to the main earnings.

  3. What is the CPM rate for Popunder Ads? Most of my traffic is coming from USA and mobile. If the CPM rate is over $2.5, I will try Adnium.

  4. What about pop/redirect traffic? Do they support this kind traffic and what are the rates? Also, the minimum payout amount is too much. Do they only support Paxum?

  5. I have never heard about Adnium Ad Network. For how long they are operating? Are they USA based?

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