PopCash Ad Network Review 2022

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PopCash is an ad network that allows publishers to make money via pop-under advertising. Useful features like a 10-minute sign up process and a daily payment schedule makes it very easy for sites of all sizes to earn via the platform. PopCash also offers 24/7 dedicated support through email and Skype, as well as a self-service interface that is designed to be easy to use. On top of this, a referral program is on hand to offer 10% of a new publisher’s earnings to the site that referred them.

Ad Types:

For Desktop

  • Pop unders

For Mobile

  • Pop unders

Offer Types:

CPM (Cost per mille)

Traffic Types

Desktop and mobile

Payment Rules and Proof

Any publisher can withdraw money from their PopCash account provided they have earned a minimum of $10. The network processes payments on a daily basis – one of very few networks on the market to do so – which is far below some of the monthly or bi-monthly schedules ran by other platforms. Publishers will receive their money between 24-48 hours after their request was made, although demanding earnings over weekends and bank holidays can lead to a slightly longer wait.
Withdrawals can be made via PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, Payza and WebMoney, all of which may apply their own charges to money loaded onto their platforms. Amounts can also be earned in Bitcoin, while there is a separate option of gaining money by wire transfer provided a minimum of $1,000 has been met.

Here is the payment proof of PopCash ad network:

PopCash payment proof
PopCash payment proof

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Publishers can gain support from the PopCash team through email, instant messenger (Yahoo) and Skype. The platform says this is ‘lightning fast’ and available 24/7, which is vital for pressing queries.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

A range of terms and conditions apply to the service at PopCash. These are more limited than on some of the other networks, so publishers should consult with the group to see whether their activity is accepted on the platform. That said, there is a list of banned forms of activity, including:

  • Content that is forbidden in the country of origin. Violence, incest and peadophillia are mentioned among other forms in the PopCash Ts and Cs.
  • Landing pages with content that does not work – i.e. 404 errors.
  • Fake, aggressive or misleading ads, like for Flash player or antivirus installs.
  • An APK/EXE automatic download that does not have a delay of at least 10 seconds and, presumably, an option to stop it from downloading.

Failing to follow the PopCash terms of service could result in the suspension of an account and a financial penalty in the worst cases. Each result takes into account the severity and frequency of the issue.
On a more general front, each publisher benefits from a self-service platform that allows them to make changes without the need to go through a personal manager. Its dashboard also packs in live stats, which show the performance of a campaign in real time.
Another big point to note centers around the sign-up process. It takes no longer than 10 minutes to get a PopCash account, while publisher approvals can take as little as one hour provided they are made between Monday-Friday.

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Referral Program

PopCash does offer a referral program allowing publishers to maximize their income through the platform. This enables each site the chance to refer a new publisher and receive 10% of their earnings as a reward.  


  • Self-service platform makes it easy to apply changes to a campaign
  • Referral program offering 10% of a new publisher’s income
  • 24/7 support through email and Skype
  • Daily payments
  • Decent CPM rates


  • no back URLs provided for unsold traffic
  • only unique traffic is accepted

CPM Rates:

You may compare PopCash CPM rates vs AdCash and other ad networks by countries here.

Mainstream traffic:

PopCash mainstream Popunder CPM
France 0.8
Germany 0.71
USA 1.39
Brazil 0.27
China 0.27
Indonesia 0.28
Bangladesh 0.17
India 0.23

Adult traffic:

PopCash adult Popunder CPM
France 0.85
Germany 0.97
USA 1.18
Brazil 0.34
China 0.7
Indonesia 0.24
Bangladesh 0.19
India 0.26

Final thoughts:

PopCash may only allow publishers to monetize their traffic through pop unders, but there is enough about the platform to make up for the lack of available inventory.

Support is available 24/7, through email, Skype and instant messenger, while the self-service platform – offering live stats among other features – makes it easy for publishers to conduct changes to their campaigns and get targeting advice.
There’s also the luxury of daily payment runs for every publisher earning a minimum of $10. These being available through a range of popular terminals like PayPal, Paxum and wire transfer is another big plus.

Even sign-up is an easy process, with very few details needed to get started. Approvals take as little as one hour, which means those who see their site validated can start earning right away.

Overall, PopCash may only focus on one of so many different ad options, but it sure does know how to play to its strengths.

Click here to register and login to Pop Cash ad network.

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11 Responses

  1. The rules state that payments are made within 24-48 hours. My application was processed for four days, when I wrote to them in the chat, they were told to sort it out. However, the money was never paid. Apparently, these are scammers.


    Let me tell you the story.

    I activated on my site metrosaga.com and de-activated or disabled within a span of a few minutes. The ads never stopped. The re-routing process remained the same, but they are not ready to take ownership because this helps them to make money.

    The support team is not ready to accept the problem at all. They claim that the ads are not from their network despite showing the SCREENSHOT.

    My SUGGESTION TO PEOPLE is not to go with this add network at all.

    DO NOT TAKE RISK because it will not pay much anyway and you have chances of getting hacked or cheated.

  3. I wanted to compare the cpm rates of popads vs popcash. Most of my traffic is from Turkey and according to your site, I would get $0.18 from PopAds and $0.10 from PopCash.

  4. The fact that one can withdraw his popcash earnings on a daily basis distinguishes this network favorably from the others.

  5. wow, this article is one of the most comprehensive popcash.net reviews on the Internet.

  6. Thanks for the good review, and special thanks for the link to compare cpm popcash rates for different countries.

  7. The best feature of PopCash is minimum payout amount $10 and 10% referral. I think now PopCash charged a certain amount for every withdrawal. I think you missed that point.

  8. I’ve start working with them 1 year ago as a test and now Popcash is my main ad network. I appreciate their great support, always received an answer from them every time I needed. All the payments were processed on time even during the holidays or weekends. I will stick with them as long as possible.

  9. Great to know that it allows to withdraw daily. Very few Ad networks allow to withdraw daily.
    Main problem I faced with several Ad networks is their support center. Most of them offer 24/7 support but it takes more than 30+ hours to get response. I would like to know more about Popcash’s support quality.

    1. Hi, Shimlase! Popcash has support and it replies to users very quickly. Usually, support helps via skype or other messengers.

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