Clickadu Ad Network Review 2022

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Clickadu is a relatively new ad network that allows both advertisers and publishers to maximize their revenue through the latest technology in online advertising. By joining Clickadu, customers can expect to increase their traffic through a range of ad formats and take advantage of daily conversions on active campaigns. Many publishers have already joined the network and benefited from high eCPMs worldwide.

The platform itself hosts a large variety of ad formats such as pop-unders, banner ads, push-up ads and more. Clickadu also offers mobile ads to advertisers as well as different methods of displaying these on mobile devices. The platform works well with small sites and has a good fill-rates, excellent CPMs and a timely and reliable payment schedule. Tech support comes via email, Skype and a ticketing option which directs queries to the best department.

clickadu homepage

Ad Types:

For Desktop

  • Display Banners
  • Pop-unders
  • Direct Links
  • Video Banners

For Mobile

  • Display Banners
  • Sticky Footer
  • Pop-unders
  • Direct Links
  • Push-up Ads
  • Video Banners

Offer Types:

CPM (Cost per Mile)

Traffic Types

Desktop, mobile and tablets

Targeting Options

  • Geographical location
  • Operating System
  • Operating System Version
  • Device types
  • Connection type
  • Mobile carrier
  • Browser
  • Browser language
  • Individual ad zones
  • Day parting

clickadu ad formats

Payment Rules

Publishers can get paid using a wide range of popular payment services. These include ePayments, Epese, First Choice Pay, Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer and Webmoney. This is in addition to a wire transfer and even Bitcoin.

Each system does have its own requirements for minimum payouts as well as the fees attached to every transaction. For Epese, Webmoney and Payoneer, no fees are attached for any transfers, providing that publishers have earned a minimum of $50. First Choice Pay is another with no fees at a minimum payout of $50, although users are requested to reach out to their manager to get an invite to the platform.

EPayments has the same minimum payout of $50 but does not allow users in countries including Pakistan, Egypt, Ecuador, Nigeria, Vietnam, India and Myanmar.

PayPal allows a user to withdraw as little as $10 but the service can charge 3-5% of any amount being loaded onto its platform. Charges also apply to Paxum, which demands a fixed fee of $1 or €1 for every transaction reaching a minimum of $50.

Wire transfers require the provision of an invoice and have even heftier fees – scaling up to a maximum of $160 per transfer, with a minimum payout of $1000 in constant operation. However, transactions of $5,000 and above are exempt from charges.

Lastly, Bitcoin has the same $50 minimum as many of the other platforms. It doesn’t charge a fee, but users are advised to keep an eye on caps for maximum withdrawals. These are 5k for a day, 10k per week and 50k per month, although talking with a manager could allow these to rise.

Regardless of the method, payments are sent automatically on a twice monthly schedule in US dollars or Euros.

Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof of Clickadu ad network:

clickadu payment proof

Clickadu payment proof


Support from Clickadu is headlined by an offering of dedicated account managers, backed up by customer service available 24/7.

Support is offered through Skype, email and over the phone, as well as a ticketing system which allows publishers to provide information about their query and send a message over to the department best placed to answer it.

One important factor worth noting is that the support team only deals with queries in English, as per the details on its site.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

Terms and conditions of the Clickadu platform can be found on Clickadu site and outline the banning of fraud and illegal activities, the consequences of which are taken on by the party in violation of the rules, as well as outlining some of its more unique stipulations.

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For site owners, the headlines are:

  • Clickadu has the right to use trade names or trademarks of any publishers on its platform without prior approval from their owners.
  • The banning of content relating to antivirus alerts, children, radioactive elements, the sale of human organs, human trafficking and cloning, violence, as well as the discrimination of religious, political, national or racial groups.
  • Promotion of products including weapons, tobacco, alcohol, fake documents and drugs, as well as those considered illegal.  
  • Automatic file downloads on sites are prohibited.
  • Activity that promotes the manipulating of website stats, like clicks, is banned.
  • Sites that are banned on Google’s and Yandex’s adult safe browsing systems are not allowed.
  • All landing pages must be closeable and cannot contain malware or multiple javascript alerts.

A number of other conditions, including the full list of banned content, products and even sentences, can be found on the Clickadu site.

clickadu for publishers

Referral Program

Users of Clickadu benefit from a referral program which allows them to maximise their revenue by referring new users to the platform.

To do this, they must either download a special referral banner for placing on their website or use a link within their personal account to broadcast on social networks, business cards, videos and even slideshows.

During the first month a referring party will receive 10% of the new publisher’s revenue, going down to 7% after a second month and 5% thereafter. All earnings can be found in the dashboard and Clickadu is strict on publishers referring themselves, so game-playing is not advised.

CPM Rates

You may compare Clickadu’s CPM rates with other ad networks by countries here.

Clickadu mainstream traffic:

Clickadu mainstream Popunder CPM
France 0.51
Germany 0.36
USA 0.31
Brazil 1.25
China 0.93
Indonesia 0.1
Bangladesh 0.2
India 0.38

Clickadu adult traffic:

Clickadu Adult Popunder CPM In-video CPM
France 1.05 0.2
Germany 1.17 0.18
USA 0.56 0.86
Brazil 0.8 0.15
China 0.39 0.29
Indonesia 0.16 0.03
Bangladesh 0.29 0.35
India 0.17 0.21


  • The platform lends itself to small publishers
  • Strong fill-rates help to maximise revenue
  • Clickadu offers a good level of support via email and Skype among other methods


  • Minimum payout is $50

Final thoughts:

Clickadu is a great place for advertisers and publishers to gain more traffic and revenue when going down the network route. Advertisers can expect good fill rates and although this platform is designed for established sites, it has a higher payout threshold compared to other ad networks.

Clickadu also represents a solid offering for publishers that want to get started on a steady platform. Smaller sites aren’t always welcomed with open arms, but Clickadu makes no secret of being able to cater for publishers that only attract relatively low numbers of visitors. Once they’re on board, features like strong fill rates make for a very well-rounded and reliable proposition.

Users benefit even further from customer service via email, Skype, over the phone and an online ticket system, leaving plenty of options for the enquirer.

The network is not without its downsides and some users may wish for a lower minimum payout than the $50 applying across the board. This, combined with low rates of CPM, may weigh heavily on the minds of smaller sites that won’t see huge revenue straight away.

That said, there are certainly enough positives for any publisher to think about Clickadu when they decide on their next network to join up with.  

Register here to join Clickadu account.

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  1. Stay in contact with your personal manager. As with every platform, so does Clickadu have its own aspects: targetings or traffic. The Clickadu team is always there to help you.

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  3. This review has helped me to wrap my head around clickadu payment methods. Thanks a lot!

  4. I want to try Clickadu for my website. I’m currently using Adcash, Popads, Popcash, CpmStar, and Adsterra, I want to incorporate one more or substitute Popcash for something a bit better, any suggestions?

  5. Ok, I’ve just sent it to your email, check it pls.

  6. I heard about Clickadu six months ago. At the starting their minimum payout was $500. I searched a lot but could not find much positive review about Clickadu. You can created a fair review. You have mentioned both pros and cons but I think you should have add few more cons.

    • maria.adspyglass
      27.07.2017 - 15:24

      Now minimum payout is 50$.
      Sorry, but what cons do you mean?

    • My guess you’re messing clickadu with some other advertising network. Their minimum payout at the very beginning (3years ago) was $100, now they payouts start at $10-50 by request.
      Working with them and propellerads and satisfied like hell.

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