TrafficHunt Ad Network Review 2022

Traffic Hunt ad network review
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TrafficHunt is an ad network that facilitates the buying and selling of both mobile and desktop traffic. Publishers can use its technology for monetizing their visitors through the use of banners, popunders, interstitial and instant messenger ad formats. Any site can generate money through the platform provided they have reached the $50 minimum earning, which is available on a bi-weekly basis through Paxum, wire transfer, and PayPal. 

Other notable features include a self-serve platform that allows publishers to conduct manual changes to their campaigns, negating the use of an account manager to do it for them. 

TrafficHunt ad network pros
TrafficHunt ad network pros

Ad Types:

For Desktop:

  • Banners
  • Popunders
  • Instant messenger

For Mobile:

  • Banners

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Offer Types:

CPM (Cost per Mile)

Traffic Types

Desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Payment Rules

Payments on TrafficHunt are made automatically, meaning there is no need for a site to request any money from their account. These are authorized at the end of the month in which the website earned a minimum of $50, after which its owner can expect to wait around 15 days (NET-15) to receive their funds. For wire transfer, there is a minimum earning of $1,000 in place.
All payments are made in US dollars and may come with charges, depending on the chosen method of receiving funds.

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On PayPal, there is a transaction fee that takes 2-4% of the money loaded onto one of its accounts. For Paxum there is usually a standard $0.99 fee to pay for any transactions, whereas the charges for bank transfers can be significant if a lot of money is being transferred. Due to this, publishers should always research how much each transaction will cost them before selecting their method of payment. 

Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof of TrafficHunt ad network:

TrafficHunt payment proof
TrafficHunt payment proof


Publishers that are demanding customer support from the team at TrafficHunt can use the network’s email account to get in contact with them. Unfortunately, there is no Skype or instant messenger function, which can make it tricky to get responses from questions in real time.  

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

TrafficHunt has a few different terms for publishers to follow: they can be found on its website. The headline is that each site’s content must be suitable for users above ‘the age of 11’ as the network only accepts adult traffic. Other notable points include:

  • A ban on any activity deemed illegal, like content promoting racism or extreme violence.
  • If a publisher’s account has seen no activity for over three months, it will be deleted regardless of whether it has money in there. The same applies to any account that only earns ‘£5’ (around $7) over the same period.
  • The attempts to generate money through invalid or fraudulent methods lead to account banning. If the network notices that, it will demand compensation for any money loss.
  • Users cannot place ads on pages with little or no content, on top of each other, or in a way that could deceive the users.

It is likely that any site found to be disobeying of the rules at TrafficHunt will see their account removed and their agreement terminated. The latter means that any attempts to gain money back from the activity will often prove futile, although the automatic payment system will make sure this usually only applies to amounts below $50. 

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Referral Program

There is currently no active referral program at TrafficHunt, which prevents its users from maximizing the revenue they glean from the platform.

CPM Rates:

You may compare PopAds’ CPM rates with other ad networks by countries here.


  • Bi-weekly payments available;
  • 24/7 customer support via Skype.


  • no referral program available;
  • the network is preferable for mobile traffic only;
  • customers don’t get paid if the traffic isn’t good enough for the network;
  • no back URLs are provided for unsold traffic.

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Final thoughts:

Our investigations found that the basics are certainly in place for TrafficHunt to provide a good level of service to its users.
When a new publisher researches a network, a big thing they’ll look at is the number of ad options that it supports. TrafficHunt has a great range in this regard, with formats like interstitials, banners, text ads and instant messenger functions spread across desktop and mobile. They might then look into the payment options, where Paxum, PayPal and bank transfer are linked up to a system that ensures each publisher is paid bi-weekly as soon as they reach the minimum earning of $50 ($1,000 for wire transfers). 

There are a couple of negative points later down the line. For instance, the lack of a referral program makes it hard for publishers to really maximize their earnings via TrafficHunt. A lot of audiences could also be left alone, as there is no back URL option for vending any traffic that goes unsold. As for support, the fact this is only available through email could be a downside for publishers who have grown used to the instant responses delivered by Skype.

On the whole, there is a good, steady platform for users to navigate, regardless of what they’re after.

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