PopAds Ad Network Review 2021

PopAds is one of the most prominent and efficient ad networks in the world of affiliate marketing. It has built up an impeccable reputation since it was established in 2010 and has been a leader on the market since then.

PopAds is regarded to be a premium ad network but it is at the same time very open, almost any publisher can join in. The key feature of this ad network is that it specializes exclusively in pops, namely PopUnder, Popup, Tab-under, and Tab-up. However, this doesn’t hinder the publisher’s revenue in any way! On the contrary, PopAds is the highest paying network out there! Another interesting aspect about this platform is its bidding system, that practically means you can set the minimum bid that you accept as a publisher.

Ad Types:

For all sorts of Traffic, there are only pops:

  • Pop-under
  • Pop-up
  • Tab-up
  • Tab-under

Offer Types:

CPM, CPV (cost per view)

Traffic Types:

Desktop, mobile and tablets

Payment Rules:

We have already mentioned that PopAds is one of the highest paying ad networks on the market. Their publishers admit unanimously that their revenue has been boosting since they joined in. Moreover, PopAds goes truly liberal on the matter of payment. The required minimum to withdraw your money with some other ad network would be no less than $50 or even $100, PopAds makes it just $5! Once you have received this sum on your account you may withdraw it anytime you want using the most convenient method namely PayPal, AlertPay or Wiretransfer. Having chosen the first two options you will get the money within 24 hours, however, wire transfer can take a little more time.

You can also use your money from PopAds without actually withdrawing them as they are being deposited in a kind of system wallet, so you can buy traffic with that money. Another good news is that there is no chargebacks with PopAds! You get all the money you see at your deposit.


With any problems you have concerning PopAds network you can turn to their support team. Note, however, that a lot of possible concerns can be handled via their well-established Contact page, thus it is the first option one should consider. The Contact page is presented in the form of questioning where, by ticking the appropriate box, you firstly inform whether you are an advertiser or a publisher (or a publisher-to-be) or even someone unattached who wants for example to report abuse. According to the given answer further clarifying options will appear and in the end, you will either get a premade solution or will be redirected to the most convenient way of support.

The work of their support team seems to be fast and efficient, the staff is always polite and ready to help. On their website, PopAds promises their «undivided attention to what you have to say». Their support team can be primarily reached via email, although you can also chat with them via any instant messenger.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

Although PopAds is a premium ad network and is rather popular with both advertisers and publishers it is very open and genial to new participants. Their terms are rather liberal, there is no specific requirement for minimal traffic, they accept both adult and non-adult sites and the whole process of joining in takes just a few minutes. After your applying, your site will be in most cases get approval in few hours.

Liberal as it is, PopAds does have certain restrictions. There are certain sites that are not welcomed at PopAds, for example, those displaying child pornography, bestiality, or any kind of abusive content including hate mongering based on race, politics, gender, etc, sites containing software piracy or spreading viruses are also banned from participating in the program.

Make sure to look through their Terms of Service before joining in.
In case of violation of any rule, PopAds can terminate any publisher’s account on its sole discretion with no prior notice and thus it will not receive the deposited money. Moreover, if the violator does get the money, he can be then sued.

Referral Program:

Unfortunately, for the time being, PopAds has no referral program.

CPM Rates:

You may compare PopAds’ CPM rates with other ad networks by countries here.

Mainstream traffic:

PopAds mainstream Popunder CPM
France 0.53
Germany 1.49
USA 0.51
Brazil 0.36
Indonesia 0.22
India 0.12

Adult traffic:

PopAds adult Popunder CPM
France 0.38
Germany 0.74
USA 0.53
Brazil 0.19
China 0.76
Indonesia 0.11
India 0.11


  • $5 minimum payout
  • Payouts on a daily basis
  • Great customer support via Skype
  • Accepts websites with adult traffic
  • Offers 10% referral commission to customers


  • Only popunder ad type
  • No direct link provided

Final thoughts:

PopAds is a solid trustworthy ad network, it is effective and secure to work with. As a publisher, you can join in even if your website is quite new and can not yet boast a large amount of traffic. It is one of the most profitable platforms for publishers since they can choose the minimal price for displaying a popunder on their site. Do not forget that their minimum payout is just five dollars and that payouts are being made on a daily basis what is rather convenient. No doubts this ad network is one of a kind!

As a publisher, you also have control over the ads that will be displayed, for example, you have an option whether to allow ads that promote gambling or software downloads on your website. PopAds makes sure to keep its publishers and their income safe and sound and claims to be as secure as a bank. Recently they have added activity logs and two-factor authorization.

Therefore, speaking of PopAds we can only be speaking about advantages so far! This ad network is a perfect choice both for old-timers and newbies.

Register here to join PopAds network.

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  1. I did not understand the way they way they are calculating. 9×0.7 is 0.00066 how it come .. Suggest me what actually it mean?

  2. great
    You can make money with Popads but I’ve always remove them within two weeks because they are annoying to say the truth

  3. How to remove popads

  4. PopAds has gone really downhill in the past few months – read their thread on DigitalPoint.

    I’ve moved to using ZeroPark > DirectRTX > PopCash – just cycle your traffic through their direct URLs and fallback links. Way more than you’d earn with PopCash.

  5. Asante Kumar
    17.01.2019 - 19:08

    Great comparison of Popads and Google AdSense. Keep it up.

  6. I was very confused about monetizing but I heard some expert recommend popads so now I read your review so I hope all thing will be well for me and I will try it. Thanks

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