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Think your traffic is worth more than your current ad network pays? It started great, but now your CPMs are at the abysmal level? There could be several reasons for that:

  • The advertiser that paid top dollar for your traffic left the network
  • Your traffic changed and doesn’t fit the advertisers anymore
  • Dozens of other possible reasons, including traffic shaving

We’ve encountered these issues a while back. And created AdSpyglass – an ad networks aggregator that eliminates the issues related to loss of revenue from ad networks. 

In this post we will explain in simple terms what AdSpyglass is. How working with it differs from working with one ad network (Spoiler alert! Your income will double). And compare the pros and cons of working with AdSpyglass and an ad network. 

 AdSpyglass is not an ad network? What is it then? 

AdSpyglass is an ad networks aggregator. What does that mean and how does it bring you more profits?

Imagine you plan a vacation. If you go to the, let’s say, AirFrance website, you can book a flight only with this particular airline. Your options on the days and times of your flight are limited by the airline’s schedule. The prices, destinations, stops, seats, menu, all of it is limited by what AirFrance can offer you.

But if you go to an aggregator platfrom like Skyscanner you will have a lot more options, a lot more flexibility, and buying flights through the aggregators is usually more lucrative.

That’s exactly what AdSpyglass does for publishers. We provide options, flexibility, and working with us is a lot more lucrative then working with just one ad network. 

With one ad network you are limited by the offers the network can provide. With AdSpyglass you will work with several networks simultaneously, thus improving the fill rate for every segment of your traffic. Besides, the networks will compete for your traffic, so they will raise the rates to win the auction. As a result you will make more money from the same amount of traffic. 

Can I see all the differences

Sure. Here’s a summary table:

Buy traffic with CPM payment model++
Possibility to work with direct advertisers+
Work with several networks simultaneously+
Automatic Media Kit creation for every website in your portfolio+
Ad quality monitoring+
Paid service+

Can you explain more

Absolutely. As you can see most of the points in the table set us apart from an ad network. Let’s take a closer look at those differences. 

Work with several networks simultaneously

AdSpyglass allows to rotate ads from different demand sources in one spot. You add our code to your website and the rest is done in the dashboard. As has already been said, this way you improve your fill rate and make the networks compete for your traffic. They will have to raise the rates to win the auction. So with adding more networks and them bidding for your traffic you will significantly increase your profits very fast.

It is also a great way to test a network. Imagine you work with Exoclick exclusively, a new network comes to you and says – we will buy all your traffic at the best CPM, remove the old network and work with us. Without AdSpyglass you’ll have to remove Exoclick’s code, add the new one’s code, wait for at least 5 days to see how it performs… And if you discover they lied to you and you lost your profits, you’ll have to remove the code, add the old one, you catch the drift. 

With AdSpyglass you won’t have to go through all the trouble. You’ll just add the new network to the rotation with the 3-5 you already have, it will compete with the rest of them, and soon enough you’ll see if it does buy all your traffic at the best rates. 

The reports allow to eliminate the underperforming networks and work only with those who pay the best. 

Another benefit of the multi-network approach – you receive payouts from different sources. If anything goes wrong with one of your networks, your traffic will be promptly sold to another one, you will receive your profits no matter what. This means diversification and security of your income. 

Possibility to work with direct advertisers

When you work on your website, pay attention to the quality of your content, grow your traffic, direct advertisers inevitably get interested in working with you. With AdSpyglass you can work with them hasslefree. You won’t have to create and sign any paperwork, or waste your time on monitoring the ad’s performance in separate tools. You won’t need to bother with payments and checking on them coming through. And most importantly – you won’t need to add a separate ad code to your website. Just send a referral link to your advertiser and AdSpyglass will do it all for you. You will get all the reports on the direct ads in your dashboard so you will be able to monitor their performance and compare them to the ads you get from the networks as well. 

No ad network offers this feature. Yes, you can say to your advertiser – hey, I work with Exoclick, let’s do business through the network’s ad code. The advertiser will add their offer to Exoclick, find your website, and start buying traffic. But Exoclick will charge a commission for that (about 30% usually), just like they would for any other offer on their platform. 

AdSpyglass won’t charge any commissions from you, or the direct advertiser you refer. So working with direct ads via AdSpyglass is easy, transparent, profitable, and free. 

Automatic Media Kit creation for every website in your portfolio

When you work exclusively with one ad network you have no way to let the direct advertisers know you’d be happy to work with them. You just hope some advertiser in your niche finds your website and reaches out. 

AdSpyglass has a feature that allows to automatically generate a media kit page for every website you own. When you add a website and the ad spots on it to the AdSpyglass platform we automatically gather the information and generate a web page (can be stored either on your domain or on ours). This page has all the details on your traffic and your spots an advertiser might be interested in. Things like the ad placements you offer, their execution pages, ad types, sizes, appearance, and impressions per day for each spot will be shown on the page. The content of the media kit is dynamic, it updates every day and shows the most recent info. This means that if anything changes the page will reflect that. The page is also a convenient way to contact you. 

Another way to utilise the media kit feature is creating your own small ad network if you have several good websites in your portfolio. 

And there’s an option to quickly generate the info for one particular spot. So if you are contacted directly by an advertiser interested in one specific spot on your website you can give them all the info in no time and in one click. 

Ad quality monitoring

When you put a lot of work into your website its reputation means a great deal to you. The quality of the ads you show has to be impeccable. 

The sad fact is – most ad networks don’t have the resources to constantly monitor the ad quality. Bad ads slip through even from those networks that do put some effort into quality assurance. And there are unscrupulous networks that push aggressive ads on narrow targets. Yes, this type of ad usually brings in more money. But the loyalty of your audience will be lost in no time. We bet you know of the cases when Google banned a website because the users complained about aggressive ads.

We at AdSpyglass, however, have the resources and know very well how important it is to know exactly what ads are rotated on your website. We cherish our clients’ digital assets and their reputations. And we want everyone to prosper. That’s why quality monitoring is one of the features we prioritize

The monitoring allows to check every ad shown on your website for malware and aggressive practices. You can set up the frequency of the checks. Everything is done automatically. When the system detects a bad ad it sends out a message to you and the network that provided the ad. It also blocks the bad ad and the network that provided it from your rotation. Until the network replies that the ad in question has been cleaned, the ban will stay in place. And when they do clean their ads the system will check everything again and only then will the ban be lifted. 

Ad networks never provide publishers with display settings, they do it at their own discretion. With AdSpyglass, you have the display settings for every ad spot on your website in your own hands. This control gives you an opportunity to set everything up to make more profits, or to increase user loyalty, or balance the settings for something in between. 

Paid service

Yes, AdSpyglass is a paid service. But the fee you’ll pay for using the platform is compensated by the increased profits very fast. Here are the available payment plans:

Are there any drawbacks except the fee?

With AdSpyglass comes flexibility. And that means a lot of settings and decisions to make. You’ll need to put in some time and a bit of effort to find the best balance in the settings. Great news is – we have a team of experts ready to help you every step of the way! And if your website has huge traffic (if it makes more than $500 a day) we will take the monetization off your hands completely and do everything for you, you’ll just receive reports and payouts. 

Can I have a try?

Sure! You can try the service for 14 days free of charge. Just click here or contact us via chat or email

Final words 

AdSpyglass is not only about making more money from your traffic. Though it is one of the main reasons we exist. But we embrace the win-win approach. This means we do everything to make the cooperation with us profitable for everyone involved: the publishers, the advertisers/networks, and the end users. We do not consent to showing 100 popunders to a single user, we do not encourage the publishers to increase the profitability of their websites by making them “banner farms”. On the contrary, we aim to lower the amount of displays and increase the CPM rates, this way we help increase the trust and loyalty of the end users, as a result, in the long run the publisher’s income becomes high and consistent. 

AdSpyglass provides total transparency, we never hide any data on the traffic sold through our platform. 

Finally, you have to remember – the ad networks always serve the advertisers’ interests first. AdSpyglass, on the other hand, is a platform tailored for publishers/webmasters. We do everything with your interests in mind. 

These are the reasons why so many publishers who aim to do honest business love AdSpyglass. Join them and grow your business the right way!


Which ad network is the best? The most profitable way is to rotate several ad networks in one spot. Check out our review on the top adult ad networks if you need help in choosing the networks. 

Are ad networks fully transparent? You can not be sure of that. Some of the networks might charge impressions so you don’t even notice.

How to sell to direct advertisers? Easy and at no fee with AdSpyglass!

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