Adtelligent ad network review

Adtelligent Ad Network Review 2021

Being established in 2008 in New York, Adtelligent is a header bidding management platform that provides holistic demand management and intermediation solutions for publishers. It provides publishers and advertisers with simple and fast access to ad campaigns without hidden programmatic fees and revenue share. Serving display and video ads, it allows users to reap maximum benefits their ad campaigns and traffic. 

Ad Types

Popander, push.

Offer Types

CPV, CPC, CPM, Flat rate

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Traffic Types

Desktop, mobile and tablets

Adtelligent features
Adtelligent features

Targeting Options

Adtelligent provides a decent array of targeting options, including:

  • Geographic targeting;
  • Browser, IP, and website targeting;
  • Demographic targeting;
  • Channel targeting;
  • Interest targeting;
  • Language targeting.

Besides, users are free to create custom lists for defining their target audience. Thus, Adtelligent allows for customized ad campaigns and higher advertisement efficiency. 

A few words about tools & features

There are two types of accounts on Adtelligent: free and paid. While the owners of free accounts have access to pre-set tools, Premium account holders are provided a wider range of tools and instruments:

  • Real-time reporting;
  • Scoring system;
  • Ad filtering;
  • RTB integration;
  • Reporting by the campaign. 
How to work with Adtelligent?
How to work with Adtelligent?

Payment Rules

Adtelligent supports two major payment methods: PayPal and wire transfer or check. The minimum withdrawal amount is $150 for PayPal and $100 for wire transfer and checks. Payments are made by Net0 и bi-weekly schemes. 

Note that while Adtellignet does not charge for withdrawal, payment systems have their own internal fees. For example, PayPal charges 3-5% of the transaction amount. The commission of wire transfer and check payments depends on the bank and may vary. 


Adtelligent customer support can be contacted in different ways: by using their contact form on the website, via the toll-free phone +1 833 222 2102, or on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram). 

Users of Premium accounts are assigned a personal manager: they can contact the assistant via email or messengers 24/7 to get help with ad campaigns and other issues. 

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Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes

Adtelligent does not work with websites that use ads related to alcohol, tobacco, online gambling, and adult content. Of course, it does not accept websites using malware and programs for artificial traffic boost. 

Moreover, Adtelligent does not accept websites with the following types of traffic:

  • traffic that was generated by using any of the following strategies: postings on newsgroups, unsolicited mass business e-mailings, postings in messengers, chat room postings; 
  • traffic which was produced by any fraudulent technique, for example, robots, crawlers, auto-spawning programs, auto-reloading, meta refreshers or some other type of fraudulent and fake traffic; 
  • don’t incorporate into the Platform sites that contain materials that are regarded as hostile or illicit in nature. This incorporates, however, isn’t constrained to sites promoting betting, mp3, warez, EMU, ROM or pornography materials.

Besides, Adtelligent has a few requirements for users. For example, they should install and utilize the Company’s JavaScript code on their site every time they publish ads through the Platform. For Free accounts, commercials will be modified to go live on your site automatically without the user’s contribution. 

They should also acknowledge the Company’s conditions and terms for the release of statistical information, and accept that regular posting of real-time data (for example, several times a day), is not guaranteed.  

Finally, before becoming a member of Adtelligent program, publishers will need to submit their websites for approval, and the ad network reserves the right to refuse any new Publisher without explaining the reasons for it.  

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Referral Program

Adtelligent does not have a referral program so far. 

CPM Rates

You can compare CPM rates of Adtelligent other ad networks by countries here.


  • Friendly and helpful customer support.


  • The minimum withdrawal is $50 for PayPal. 

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Final Thoughts

Adtelligent is mostly recommended for websites with mainstream traffic. The platform boasts the whole scope of tools and instruments for advertisers. As a publisher, you can gain from the Premium account because it allows reaping maximum profit from your traffic.

Click here to register and login to the Adtelligent ad network.

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