DoublePimp Ad Network Review 2019

DoublePimp is an ad network which allows publishers to monetize their inventory by a single ad format: the pop under.

Any sites joining up with DoublePimp will be able to run campaigns on mobile and desktop, with a decent eCPM in store for those that make the move over. There’s a few different payment options to consider, with transfers available through wire, PayPal and Paxum, with this available on a monthly basis provided a $50 minimum has been reached.

Adding to its offering is a self-service platform which makes campaign maintenance a bit easier for those that prefer to conduct changes themselves.


Ad Types:

For Desktop

  • Pop unders

For Mobile

  • Pop unders

Offer Types:

You may compare Doublepimp’s CPM rates with other ad networks by countries here.

Traffic Types

Desktop, mobile and tablets.

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Payment Rules

Payments on DoublePimp earnings are available via three different methods: PayPal, Paxum and wire transfer.

Money earned via the platform will become available to the publisher within 30 days of the end of the month in which the $50 minimum earning was achieved. It’s worth noting that this is only available after the network has collected it from advertisers, so their failure to pay for the work of publishers may cause a delay in payment. DoublePimp’s fees are a flat 50% of all money made from advertising via its network.

Although nothing in its terms suggests charges for using any of the available payment methods, publishers should be prepared for certain fees attached to transacting money across to some of these options. PayPal, for instance, will typically charge 3-5% of any amount loaded into its platform. For wire transfers, this can scale from no charge to a hefty fee, depending on the institution.

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While many elements of the DoublePimp service would match up to plenty of its competitors, its level of customer support is where the platform lets itself down.

Email is the only option for publishers that have questions regarding the service or their campaigns. Our investigations found the general speed of service to be slow – a fault which is emphasised when considering that a lot of networks offer methods like Skype and IM to answer queries at the fastest possible pace.

Although the network does have a self-service panel which lets its users conduct changes without the help of a manager, it’s easy to see that any disruption to the network on the whole could create issues.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

DoublePimp has a full list of terms for its publishers which go some way to explaining its stance on certain matters. There is, however, a degree of ambiguity in this document. For instance, any publisher joining the platform agrees that deductions to their earnings may occur as a result of rates changes, ‘advertiser discrepancies’ or traffic fraud.

The terms and conditions on the site are also shorter than on other networks, which is why it might be an idea for publishers to get in touch with DoublePimp to clarify its position on any given issues.

The network is a lot more clear on the banning of certain forms of content from featuring on its publishers’ pages. These include articles that are seen to be promoting illegal activity, racism, spam, hate, mail fraud and investment opportunities among other forms.

Publishers must also agree not to run ‘robots’ or ‘spiders’ to enhance their site reports with a view to monetary gain. Additionally, each site must work with the network to ensure good ‘quality’ on the inventory being traded, while ad code – whether new or updated – must be implemented within five business days of it being distributed.  

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Referral Program

At the time of writing DoublePimp does not have an active referral program.


  • Strong rates of CPM – among the best in the adult sector
  • Self-service platform allows manual tweaks to campaigns


  • Few options for customer support, which is slow
  • Pop unders are the only ads allowed
  • Lack of a referral program to help publishers maximize their earnings

CPM Rates:

You can compare DoublePimp CPM rates with other networks here.

Final thoughts:

For publishers that are well-accustomed to running pop-under campaigns, particularly those within the adult niche, DoublePimp is a network that more than holds its own in a competitive market.

The platform is build on a solid foundation of good CPMs, with adult sites enjoying the highest of them all. There’s a relatively low minimum earning to entice some of the smaller outfits, with a monthly payment round helping them earn on a relatively frequent basis. These being available through PayPal, Paxum and wire also helps the publisher find an option that suits them.

Elsewhere we have a self-service panel which makes campaign maintenance an easy task to navigate, but there are certain elements of the platform which don’t gain high marks. We found the service to be slow, with few options in the dashboard indicating where this can be found. There is currently no referral program to make additional earnings, while the lack of alternative ad formats will do nothing to tempt sites that showcase a wide range of inventory.

Even its terms and conditions look fairly thrashed out and, in general, the site would benefit from a more open door when it comes to what it can really offer.

Aside from these obvious areas for improvement, DoublePimp is a network whose offering should resonate with adult publishers that want good money from the traffic they generate.

Register here to join DoublePimp network.

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  1. I used it long ago. I used it for one day and delete it , I got 15 page view + 5K unique visitor and all I earned 0.13$. It was long ago. What about their current CPM rate? Do you have any information regarding current CPM rate?

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    30.04.2018 - 22:54

    I’ve contacted their support team via the e-mail I found on the a week ago, they answered pretty soon. Maybe I got lucky. 🙂

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