Terms and Conditions

Published: May 01, 2018
Last edition: May 07, 2018


AdSpyglass is a medium between publishers and ad networks. Our services are limited to providing bid-based selling models enabling ad networks and publishers to transact between themselves. You agree that we do not owe you any fiduciary duties. We are merely a third party beneficiary to contracts between You and ad networks with respect to the fees that may arise therefrom.


· The minimum payout $10

· Payments are made bi-weekly

· Payments are made​​through the systems Paxum or ePayments

· Publisher receives all earnings have been paid by ad networks to AdSpyglass by the day of payment

· Be aware that in case of any fraud, Ad Networks can make a payment deduction without any stat recalculation at the end of the month. Once we get any complaints from AdNetworks, your account will be blocked and you will not get paid for the traffic you sent.

Publisher guidelines

Publisher's websites, content and traffic sources must be at all times compliant with every ad networks guidelines. If publisher's website(s) includes any forbidden content or activities, AdSpyglass may close the publisher's account without prior notification. In such cases, publishers shall not be entitled to the payment of the revenue remaining on their AdSpyglass account.

Privacy policy

We retain a separate Privacy Policy and your assent to these Terms also signifies your assent to the Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy at any time by posting such amendments to the Service. The top of the Privacy Policy will indicate the date that amendments were last made. No other notification may be made to you about any amendments, so periodically check the Privacy Policy for changes. Your continued use of the Service following such amendments will constitute your acceptance of such amendments, regardless of whether you have actually read them.


We do not control or verify any content provided by ad networks and therefore we will not accept any and hereby exclude all legal liability for such information or content. As we are not involved in the actual transaction between publishers and ad networks, therefore Publisher understands and agrees that payment for publisher's revenue is dependent upon payments from ad networks to AdSpyglass. You hereby release AdSpyglass from any claim for publisher's revenue if AdSpyglass did not receive funds from the ad networks.

Force majeure

AdSpyglass will not be liable for failing to perform under these Terms and Conditions by the occurrence of any event beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, a labour disturbance, an internet outage or interruption of service, a communication outage, a failure by a service provider to AdSpyglass to perform, fire, threatened or actual act of terrorism, natural disaster or war.

Entire agreement

These Terms and Conditions together with all policies and documents incorporated by reference comprise the entire agreement between you and us. You agree that you have not relied on any prior representations, statements, claims or agreements not contained in these Terms and Conditions.