In-Page Push

Compatible with all devices and browsers
No need for subscription permission
Offers CPM 2-3 times higher than traditional banners
Available for both mainstream and adult traffic

What is In-Page Push ads

In-Page Push notifications are a unique ad format that allows webmasters  to engage with their active users directly on their website. Unlike  traditional push notifications, they don't require browser permissions  and are displayed during an active session.


Additional income
In-Page Push gives additional income to existing ad formats.
User-friendly format
In-Page Push is the user-friendly format: it doesn't block the content of the website.
higher CPMs
The CPMs are 2-3 times higher compared to banners: it's a fresh format, and users interact with it actively.
attracting attention
Users may leave your site before they interact with other ads, for example, in‑video, but they will see In-Page Push on the landing page.
Google never bans for In-Page Push
In-Page Push meets the requirements of the Coalition for Better Ads: Google never bans for this ad format.


Can be set separately for each device, browser, country
Frequency capping
Multiple In-Page Pushes with setup of time between ads
Delay of In-Page Push opening
Position on the site
Opening links in a new tab or the current tab
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Why use In-Page Push from AdSpyglass?

10+ ad networks integrated to AdSpyglass. All of them will compete for your traffic, and you will get the best offers from all of them

How to withdraw
earnings from AdSpyglass

10th & 25th

AdSpyglass receives money from ad networks and makes payouts to your account on the 10th and 25th of every month.

You may withdraw your earnings at any time with no hold.


You may withdraw as little as $10 from your account.

The average min payout at any ad network is $50-$100, plus there is always a hold.

Integrating with AdSpyglass will give you the benefit of getting $10 payouts earned all together.

fee 0%
fee 0%
fee 0%
0.0005 BTC
no fee
fee 2%
fee $1
fee 5% + $2
fee 5% + $2

Don't wait, monetize your traffic more efficiently with In-Page Push!

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