Postback URL

Postback URL is an invisible link moving from one server to another, therefore, it is often called Server-to-Server (S2S). There are two parties connected: the traffic sending party and the affiliate network. The latter sends the conversion data and the first receives it. 

Neither user nor the ad blocker can notice these URLs. A conversion data platform creates Postback URLs. Thus, every time a conversion takes place when the traffic is not free, an affiliate network calls the URL.

Postback URL helps to verify conversion authenticity. As a rule, it contains certain parameters, such as the conversion type, conversion value, or the product name that are the elements of contextual data. The affiliate network needs to pass them to call the Postback URL.

Postback URLs are used for conversion tracking and attributing them to ad campaigns. It is extremely important due to the possibility to omit a tracking pixel on the page. Many browsers block cookies but the advantage of the Postback URL is that it doesn’t rely on cookie files. The example of the Postback URL is &amid2={} where {} is an added parameter that helps conversion more likely to occur. 

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