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Hit stands for any request to a web server that generates each time a visitor downloads a page, opens a hyperlink, browses a graphic, or

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HITS Algorithm

Hyperlink Induced Topic Search (HITS) algorithm is used for link analysis. It discovers web pages and ranks them based on their relevance to a search

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Hosting Provider

Hosting providers are major IT companies hosting and powering the millions of sites available on the internet. Hosting providers are responsible for building and delivering

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HTML Sitemap

The HTML Sitemap is a static HTML page that lists links to all the main pages of any site. This format is mainly focused on

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HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol is a widespread data transfer protocol originally created for the transmission of hypertext documents (which means the documents that may

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HTPS or HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure stands for a secure data transfer protocol, which supports TLS / SSL encryption technology and as a result is

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Hub Page

A Hub Page is an authoritative central resource, usually, a page, related to a certain topic or keyword, it’s always updated and links out to

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Hamburger Menu

A hamburger menu has an icon that consists of three or more horizontal parallel lines and leads users to a side-bar menu. It is a

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A hashtag or # – is a symbol used to index the keywords or topics and is now widely used on various social media platforms

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