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A webmaster is a specialist who maintains, designs, and services web applications and sites. The same name is applied to the website owners who conduct

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Website Navigation

Website navigation helps users to find needed resources on the website faster, without leaving the said website.  There are three types of website navigation: Global

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Webspam is used to classify different techniques used to subvert and manipulate search engine algorithms to make a page rank higher than it should on

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In the world of advertising, a whitelist is a list of websites that advertisers choose to display their ads on. It allows marketers to avoid

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Win Rate

Win Rate is the rate measuring the total amount of impressions won in programmatic buys when divided by the total amount of impressions bid on.

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WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress-powered websites that turns a normal website into a fully functioning eCommerce store with a few clicks. It can be

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Word Count

Word count is a term that refers to the total number of words that appear on a site. On the site, the total number of

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WordPress is a content management system, meaning that users can build websites with its help. The project started back in 2003 as a collaboration between

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WWW, otherwise known as the World Wide Web, is a term that refers to the worldwide computer network. The Web gives people from all over

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WYSIWYG (pronounced “wiz-ee-wig”) is a term for an editor or program that allows developers to see what the final result will look like when creating

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