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Feeder Site

Feeder sites are all sorts of web pages, blogs, or forums, the main purpose of which is to direct the flow of customers to the

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Fill Rate

Fill rate is a term that refers to the number of ads served divided by the number of ads requested. For example, if you requested

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Findability is the ease required to find, locate, or retrieve content or information on a website. There are two ways to measure and discuss findability:

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Fired Pixel

Pixel is a snippet of code that is located on the affiliate link or on the pages where sales or transactions are generated. When a

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First-Party Data

First-Party Data is information that the owner of the Internet resource collects directly from the audience. This includes data about the actions and interests of

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Flat Rate

A flat rate or flat deal is a bidding option in an ad campaign in which advertisers and publishers agree on a fixed price to

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Floor CPM

In affiliate marketing, the term Floor CPM stands for the minimum possible cost per impression the publisher agrees to sell the ads inventory for one

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A framework is a kind of software designed and used by engineers and programmers to provide the most functional, versatile, robust, and efficient tools for

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