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In affiliate marketing, the term “inventory” stands for the set of different tools and various Internet assets used for advertisement and promotion purposes. Simply put,

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IP Address

IP (Internet Protocol) address is an address you use to send requests and get responses on the Internet. An IP address is influenced by your

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Item-Based Commission

The item-based commission is a type of commission in which a publisher agrees on commission rates with the affiliates based on individual products rather than

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Information Architecture

The term “Information Architecture” or IA refers to organizing, structuring, and labeling a certain content so it can provide maximum effectiveness and comfort to the

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Information Retrieval

Information retrieval or IR is software that analyzes, organizes, stores information, and gives out relevant documents based on keywords. It works particularly well with texts. 

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Integration Methods

In affiliate marketing, the term “Integration methods” refers to integrating the link from an affiliate site into a publisher’s website. The so-called integration is a

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Internal Linking

Internal linking is a strategy that implies using the hyperlinks that target the same domain as the site’s domain that the link exists on. In

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Interstitial Ad

An interstitial ad is an interactive, full-screen ad covering the site’s whole interface or app hosting them. These ads are shown in-between the website or

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iFrame is short for Inline Frame and it allows websites to show the piece of content from another website on the page. Basically, it is

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Image Size

Image size is a term that describes the height and width of the image in pixels.  In computer development, the image size has an important

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