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An overlay ad is an overlay-player widget that is placed over a video player. It is a fully customizable overlay player that will show video

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Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO stands for all the methods you and other people do away from the site to increase the page’s SERP rankings. This type of

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Offer refers to the agreement of a brand (which in affiliate marketing is also known as an advertiser) to pay a commission for the business

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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to activities on a website aimed at optimizing the content of a webpage. It includes the HTML source code and the written

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Open Source

Open source is a term used to refer to something that many people can share and modify because of its publicly accessible design. This term

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OpenRTB is a standard that was created by the IAB. It was created to create a universal language that all people participating in the auction

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Opt-In is a term that refers to an individual who gives a company permission to use data that the company has collected in or about

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Opt-out is a term that is the opposite of the opt-in term. If the user, for some reason, decided to opt-out, this means that he

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Organic Search

Organic search is search results that appear without paid advertisement influence. They are ranked by search engines based on a variety of metrics such as

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Organic Traffic

Organic traffic points out the site’s visitors that land on a website from unpaid sources, that is why it’s also called “free traffic”. It comes

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