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Ad Mediation

Ad mediation is the next-generation technology that allows publishers to connect to and manage campaigns on multiple networks. Considered something of recent innovation, ad mediation

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Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate tracking is the process of tracking the performance of an affiliate program. In order to set up the tracking process, advertisers do the following:

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Agency Trading Desk

Agency trading desk (ATD) is either software or a set of services that connects advertisers and publishers. It helps advertisers to plan ad campaigns, reach

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Aggregator Site

An aggregator is a site that pulls information from all the possible sources in one place. It can be done manually and include only the

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AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML and is not an individual programming language but a set of web development techniques for building user interfaces

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Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is a ranking tool that ranks websites based on their popularity.  It takes into account average daily unique visitors and pageviews in the

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The algorithm in SEO means complex software used by search engines to estimate a website’s significance to a search result. There are hundreds of websites

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Alt Tag

An alt tag is an alternative text for images so that search engines and people with visual impairment can understand what is on the picture.

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Analytics is a process of interpreting and communicating data. Without analytics, data accumulation will make no sense since we would be not able to put

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