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Regional Agency

A regional agency is an organization dealing with providing services to clients in the same area. These agencies’ benefit is access to the local talent

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Root Domain

The meaning of the term “Root Domain” is different depending on whether you refer to the internet in general or your website. In technical terms,

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RON (Run of Network)

Run of Network advertising is when a publisher allows adverts to target every available advert inventory within its network of websites. This implies that if

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Robots.txt is a term for a set of instructions that apply to bots. This file is one of the components of almost all websites. Robots.txt

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ROAS stands for “Return on Ad Spend” is a term for one of the most popular financial metrics in the digital marketing world. In general,

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Rich Snippet

Snippets are search results in Google that provide a snippet of the page’s content. They help users to identify whether the page will be actually

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Retargeting is a process of redirecting a user to the site they visited previously in order to increase the conversion rates and deliver customized advertising.

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Resolution is a metric used to describe the display capabilities of a computer or mobile device. Every screen has a specific resolution, meaning the number

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