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Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a percentage of users who visited the page but have not performed any actions on it. Simply put, it is about people

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Branded Keyword

A branded keyword is a searched phrase that includes the brand’s name. For example, “ used Apple phones”, “Apple stores nearby”, “Apple computers review”, etc. 

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A breadcrumb is a series of links that website users use to navigate a website and track the website homepage from the page they’re currently

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Bandwidth is used to describe the volume of data transferred across different points in a network within a specific time. It is the maximum rate

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Banner Ad

A banner ad is a graphic object of an advertising nature that is placed on third-party websites and is aimed at promoting goods, services, or

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Base Rate

Base rate is a standard commission that you are ready to pay to affiliates for a sale, lead, or click. A competitive base rate is

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Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting is the skillful collection of data about your audience for further processing and the creation of more personalized offers for customers. Such a

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Beta is a version of an application that is not yet complete and is being tested at the moment. It does contain all the useful

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BFD stands for below the fold and means the part of the web page that is not visible until a user scrolls down. While considering

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A bid is the maximum amount of money that an advertiser is willing to pay for ads display. If you set a low bid, your

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