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Targeting is one of the most effective marketing methods which involves determining the target audience of a particular product or service to further reinforce the

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Taxonomy is all about categorizing and organizing a website to maximize content search capabilities and help users find the information they need. Users do not

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The template is a file that is used to create a consistent and unique website design. Typically, templates are used in conjunction with a CMS

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Third-Party Data

Third-party data is the data that is purchased from external sources of information by companies for their advertising campaigns. In such a case, the entities

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Third-Party Tracking

Third-Party tracking is a practice by which trackers (mostly invisible) installed by a particular website collect data from the users of that website. It is

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Time On Page

Time on page signalizes how long a visitor spends on a particular page. Bounce rate is unlikely to tell you how well the content is

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A token is a dynamically generated variable provided by a network of paid traffic such as ExoClick, Traffic Junky, Ero-Advertising, and others. Typically, these tokens

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Tracking Code

A tracking code is a unique fragment of code that is automatically generated for each webpage. Generally, it is information included in URLs that are

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Tracking Platform

A tracking platform is a type of platform designed to provide its users with extensive data about their activities, workflows, and time management. It is

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