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Manual Action

Manual action is the SEO term that refers to a penalty imposed by the search engines for violating the webmaster guidelines. As a rule, most

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Manual Approval

There are two primary ways for affiliate entry to be approved. One is through automatic approval, and the other is via manual approval. Manual approval

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Media Buying

Media buying is a marketing strategy of purchasing the ad space to deliver and promote the messages to a website audience. In affiliate marketing, this

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Media Cost

Media cost is the price of all impressions, clicks, and activities during a certain period of time, based on the schedule and pricing info estimated

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Meta Keywords

Meta keywords refer to the term, widely used in SEO practices, that defines a commonly used for HTML coding specific type of meta tag, which

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Meta Title

The meta title is one of the important parts of website optimization. It differs from the title on the page itself. It acts as a

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Metric is the way of measuring various activities and performance for achieving any type of target in any business optimization initiative. There are different kinds

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Micro Services

Micro services is a specific application architecture style: a single app is built with a number of services (features). Every service is independent and communicates

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Mobile Affiliates

Mobile affiliate marketing is the strategy of rewarding third-party publishers (affiliates) for the traffic or leads that come from a mobile device. Basically, it refers

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