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Status Code

When a browser makes a request, status codes are the feedback they get for their request. It gives a user the result or status of

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Sticky Pages

Sticky (web) pages are designed in a way that users want to spend more time there as soon as they land on them.  Typical benefits

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Stop Words

In search engine optimization, certain words might be ignored in search queries or search results. These words are called stop words. They are mostly prepositions,

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Subdomains are part of the top domain but are mostly considered to be third-level domains. It is a part of a website, but search engines

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Sweepstakes refers to lead generation, marketing, or consumer sales promotion offers where participants compete for the chance to win prizes. In exchange for the prize,

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SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit and means a specific code that is assigned to each product. The main aim of it is to understand

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A skyscraper is defined as an online ad that is significantly taller than a vertical banner with dimensions 120×240. Skyscraper ads are known for being

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Slider refers to a visual tool often added to a website’s homepage that slides to unveil several pieces of information while using up the same

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A Smartlink or direct link is a URL that has various offers in it. That means it is a link that contains many redirect offers.

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