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Varnish Cache

Varnish cache is an accelerator software for web applications that you install in front of an HTTP web server to cache the server output and

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VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) is a standard containing all advertising information: its physical location, format, structure. A VAST template is an XML document that

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Vertical Search

Vertical search allows users to browse a specific topic, product, or content type. For example, they may be using tabs “news”, “images”, “product” on Google,

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Vertical Video

Vertical videos are videos that are shown in the portrait orientation, meaning that it is taller than wider.  Some years ago vertical videos were considered

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Viewability is a metric used in online advertising to track the impressions that human users see, which are termed viewed impressions. For instance, if an

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Visibility is a term that describes how often your site appears on the Internet within the organic search result. This metric is often used in

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Voice Search

Voice search is an advanced technology approach that requires voice-enabled commands to conduct an internet search on an application, website, or browser. It has a

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VPAID or video player ad-serving interface definition is a script for a video player that defines when your ad should be played, for how long,

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