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AdSpyglass and Voluum integration for advertisers who wants to earn more

DSP (Demand Side Platform) by AdSpyglass is the place where advertisers meet webmasters. It is a useful service where it is possible to buy traffic in certain segments, get detailed reports, and carry out the financial part of the deal. It is a helpful tool for both sellers and buyers of traffic that optimizes the process of web business.

With our DSP service, advertisers can buy traffic from a narrow segment, create companies targeting by country, devices, types of traffic, and operating systems and also set up limits for a number of impressions per day or hour. Besides, we enable advertisers and publishers to make a deal directly without service fees.

However, it might be a time-consuming task to track the quality of traffic and search for the best rate between costs and conversion. You have to dig into statistics and compare data from different platforms as well as look for new sources of traffic. Our main goal is to make web businessmen’s life easier, therefore we are happy to introduce our integration to Voluum – the best tracker for advertisers. This service solves all problems mentioned above and allows you to get more conversions, reach broader audiences, and keep your costs down. And to earn more!

Meet Voluum

The main feature of the Voluum Tracker is Artificial Intelligence that optimizes the process of buying traffic. AI compares data from all integrated platforms and reckons the best deal for you considering your preferences. It automatically buys traffic with the best performing offers. Your campaigns get more good traffic and thereby you generate more income.

Voluum recently launched a set of new automation features, called Automizer. This tool is based on two foundations: traffic source integrations & automation rules.

The first one lets you fully integrate with various traffic sources such as: Revcontent, Propeller Ads, Taboola, and Exoclick and MGID. This allows you to not only set up your campaigns quickly and efficiently, but also perform actions on your campaigns straight from Voluum: 

  • pause/activate your campaigns, 
  • bid up or down based on sites, zones & campaigns
  • exclude non-converting sites or zones
  • auto-update your traffic-source costs 

Once you fully integrate your traffic sources, you will be able to set up your own auto rules:

  • Automatically pause or resume non-converting campaigns;  
  • Send alerts when your offer stops converting;
  • Assign markers to profitable custom variables and more! 

Rules feature will allow you to save lots of time and automate a big part of your everyday work. 

In Voluum panel, you can set your ads towards relevant audiences using advanced targeting and rules. If necessary, you can even cut off a particular device in your traffic source. 

User-friendly interface allows to get started and create offers in a minute.

Voluum provides extensive data analytics from organic and paid traffic acquired across numerous sources (including Facebook and Google). You will be aware of everything related to your campaigns: your audience’s device types, GEOs, connection type, browser version, etc. Voluum provides real-time reports that cover over 30 data points. You can learn about every impression, visit, click and conversion, and also create custom reports for your personal needs.

Example custom report

Example custom report (1) for yesterday (2) for the Sample Campaign (3) drilled-down to India (4) grouped by ‘Device Types’ (5) and sorted by profit (6).

Service has a reliable anti-fraud solution. It detects suspicious visits and clicks and spots unrealistic conversion times, so you will be protected from wasting money on bots.

When you are working with Single Offers, with Voluum you can check how income differs from one platform to another. Compare conversions via automatic A/B testing or manually set up A/B paths to check which one gives you the best results.

In A/B Test Offers panel you may add more than one offer (1-2) and save (3) it to distribute traffic to all added offers
Check the stats (4) and determine the winner

In A/B Test Offers panel you may add more than one offer (1-2) and save (3) it to distribute traffic to all added offers, than check the stats (4) and determine the winner.

Voluum is very convenient for teamwork with your partners and co-workers. No more hassle with export reports to CSV, arrange columns, format data. Instead, grant access to specific parts of your campaign data and create separate workspaces across your account, so the team members will always have up to date reports on hand. You Decide who, what, and for how long anyone can view your reports. And, of course, you can be sure that you haven’t shared data you shouldn’t have.

And the best thing is that the admin panel is very clear and convenient! A user-friendly interface makes it easy to start using Voluum and get all its advantages. For newbies, Voluum offers a vast amount of free educational materials, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides.

Voluum offers detailed documentation with step-by-step guides and screenshots.
Voluum offers detailed documentation with step-by-step guides and screenshots.

What remains behind the scenes, but also very important is the high speed of work. Voluum has multiple data centers across five continents. The system redirects users to the nearest data center which makes Voluum one of the fastest trackers nowadays. It is also a matter of reliability. Several data centers guarantee the smooth operation of the tracker: if something happens to one, the rest will back it up.

Voluum helps to earn more also by shredding the costs. It is cloud-hosted which is much cheaper than self-hosted trackers. It also helps to avoid delay-related losses if you want to target audiences in another part of the world. Just use cloud solutions in other countries and make a profit.

Voluum is the easiest way for advertisers to get higher income. Sign up now and get access to advanced features of the largest tracker while still keeping all advantages of the DSP AdSpyglass.

Use our exclusive discount to get Voluum for less.

Use our exclusive discount to get it for less!
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