AdSpyglass Review for Publishers

AdSpyglass is a solid ad mediation network founded in 2014. It is now almost a well-known fact that advertising through ad management services is much more practical and cost-effective than trying to handle several advertising networks all by yourself.

However, if you still do not quite understand the basic principle of mediation platform’s operation or doubt its expediency be sure to read this article providently provided by AdSpyglass for their customers.

In a nutshell, with a mediation platform, you earn more money from the same inventory you have while outsourcing most of the managing concerns to services like AdSpyglass. You are no longer responsible for prioritization the prospective advertisers aspiring to determine the best-paying ad networks – a mediation platform will do all the work for you. All you will have to do is to calculate the boosted revenue!

Your profit will be maximized because the mediation service won’t just give away the privilege of being published on your site to the first available advertiser but will look carefully through its database to see who is offering the highest possible bid for an ad spot and then it will serve the ad of that advertiser. Of course, there are other factors that will influence the mediation network’s decision on whose ads to serve.

The publisher himself usually predetermines those when he specifies what industries or geolocation he is interested in. A well-established ad mediation platform like AdSpyglass has a large supply of networks and advertisers to pick from so signing up to multiple ad networks is easier than ever.

What is really great about AdSpyglass

The best thing is that the platform works in favour of its customers. We appreciate the very core of what they do and that is maximizing publisher’s revenue for each ad spot on the website. The service has an extensive list of the highest paying CPM ad networks that they work with (31 at the moment, but the number is constantly increasing).

Among the top ad networks, AdSpyglass has connections with are PropellerAds, ExoClick, TrafficStars, AdsTerra, AdCash and many others. The full list you can get here.

Thus, a publisher gets access to the most lucrative ad offers, which results in the fill rate approaching 100%. Is not it just remarkable?

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With AdSpyglass you get all the main features you would get with an ordinary ad network such as geo, demographic, time, and other kinds of targeting. Besides, it is easy to control. You can sign up and manage all your ad networks from within your dashboard.

It is also important for any mediation network not to exclude mobile advertising for it is now providing a great deal of publisher’s revenue. AdSpyglass works great on all platforms, mobile and desktop, and across all devices.


There is a lot of important information on the service’s official website that any publisher will certainly find useful while deciding if they should give this platform a try. From the site’s articles, you will learn a great deal of comprehensive information on what an ad mediation is and how it works. They also have a Getting started section which is, in fact, a step-by-step guidance on what do you need to do to make it work for you. Besides, AdSpyglass shares useful Tips and tricks to optimize advertising on your website.

The service has a Help Center, a huge knowledge base and a FAQ page where you can find answers to the most common questions and concerns. However, in case you are not able to find it there you can always contact AdSpyglass’s support team via online chat or leave a message through the technical support form on their site. It is also possible to liaise directly via e-mail, Skype or other messengers to get an expert Account help.

Publisher Requirements

The platform is open to everyone and thus the only real requirement is that any publisher wishing to use their service must work with pop-unders, Banners and Instant Messenger (IM). Other than that, there are no real requirements. It makes you feel welcome, doesn’t it?

Advertisers & Offers

It is noteworthy that AdSpyglass does not work directly with advertisers but rather with ad networks. Therefore, any advertiser who wishes to join the ranks would have to do so through one or more of the numerous CPM based ad networks AdSpyglass works with.

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The reason for this is closely connected to the fact that advertising management system is primarily geared toward a publisher. It exists to find the best possible ad networks for publishers and boost their income.

Publisher Reporting & Admin Control Panel

AdSpyglass has a very clean and uncluttered dashboard presenting all the relevant information and data you would need to keep track of your campaigns. Besides, an intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate the platform. They also provide you with a lot of useful information you would get from any typical ad network such as your impressions, clicks, CTR and income stats, and more so broken down by time periods, spot, campaign and creative. As well as a breakdown of these data by each of the ad types they work with (banners, pop-unders, etc.)

Anti AdBlock solution

Advertisement blockers are becoming a huge problem for the whole online advertising industry and cause a significant revenue loss for publishers; the ad block’s technology is becoming more sophisticated, and the number of users installing them is growing every day.

AdSpyglass offers you to set up their own Anti AdBlock solution which is reported to be capable of bypassing almost all ad blocks. There is a comprehensive guide in the Help Section that shows you the step-by-step process of applying it. Make sure to try it.

Editor’s Review and Final Thoughts

It goes now without saying that a publisher should use mediation ad sources to truly benefit from monetization of their website. Managing each ad network separately is useless and unprofitable, doing so you are simply wasting your time and efforts. However, after realizing that fact you will still be facing a challenge to find the most suitable and cost-effective mediation platform. AdSpyglass would be an excellent choice for your aspirations. It is solid and advantageous, after signing up you can expect to boost your revenue by up to 100% within a short period of time. If you’re still not convinced please take a look at this article on how do mediation services help to maximize your website profit.

The list of ad networks AdSpyglass works with is quite impressive. They are partners with some of the well-known networks such as PropellerAds and Exoclick so you are sure to get beneficial ad offers of great quality.

This service makes it so convenient to manage all your ad networks from one dashboard. Managing multiple dashboards to check the performance of every network can be a nightmare, especially when you are pressed for time. AdSpyglass lets you observe your campaign stats and earnings from all the ad networks using just one dashboard that is super easy to navigate.

Let’s not forget about the previously mentioned Anti Ad-Block solution. In case it works for you, your income will be even more significant.

Overall, AdSpyglass significantly stands out from other similar services. It is constantly developing and improving and is definitely worth a try.

Try it now

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