An excellent alternative to popunder – Interstitial ad format

AdSpyglass has launched a new advertising format called Interstitial. It can become an excellent alternative to popunder, because Interstitial has a similar CPM, and meets the requirements of the Coalition for Better Ads.

How Interstitial ads work

Interstitial means “in-between”, It’s a full-screen overlay, when a visitor clicks the link, it appears in between referenced page and the page which references it. Interstitial Ad covers the full screen and can be dismissed by the visitor easily if desired. After the advertisement is closed, the visitor is redirected to the target page of the clicked link.

How Interstitial ads work: 1) the visitor clicks on any link; 2) Appear full-screen Interstitial ad; 3) After the ad is closed, the visitor redirects to the link.

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4 problems that Interstitial solves:

  1. Google never ban for Interstitial format. While Google may ban your site for pounder, it never happens with Interstitial. This format completely meets the requirements of the Coalition for Better Ads.
  2. Interstitial is reliable for all target links. While it is impossible to use popunder with target blank links, Interstitial doesn’t have this problem, because it opens in the layer over the website. When a visitor closes ads, a browser opens the link.
  3. Interstitial gives you control of ads behavior. It has a callback option. For example, it can start video playback or in-video ads after ads were closed.
  4. You get the highest CPMs. Interstitial’s CPM is similar to popunder’s.
CPM comparison by Interstitial and Popunder
CPM comparison by Interstitial and Popunder


Also, Interstitial allows you to Customize the ad and apply settings for each device, browser, and country separately. You can set a list of classes to trigger Interstitial and another list to avoid triggering Interstitial, choose device, browser or country that will not trigger at all. You may use any custom text for the ‘close’ button and delay the automatic closing of the ad.

Customization of Interstitital: list of classes to trigger Interstitial, list of classes to avoid to trigger Interstitial^ don't trigger at all^ custom text for the 'close' button etc.

Don’t wait, start to monetize your traffic more efficiently with Interstitial.

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