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Keywords are critical to optimizing the posts on a website. They are used to inform Google about the authority and suitability of your pages for specific users, with this forming the basis of a page’s ranking for certain terms.

When optimizing for an adult website, it’s important to identify the right keywords as well as the right tools for doing so, the process for which might go a bit like this:

1. SEO keywords for adult sites

Google’s end goal is to provide its users with the best possible matches for the millions of queries that go through its search engine every day.

Websites are always striving for a place on the very first page of results, as this is where Google will place what it perceives to be the most relevant matches. If the user can find what they’re after on the first page, the algorithm that ranks the results has done its job.

Keywords in ranking terms act as signals which tell Google about a website. For instance, if a website hosts images geared to a mature niche, then ‘mature galleries’  would be a good keyword to include.

Keyword identification might seem simple, but getting to page one in the search results is not easy. There is plenty of work to do within the individual pages of a site; optimizing where that’s necessary to help Google select it as a top result.

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2. Working the long tail

These days it’s a lot harder to rank for anything remotely generic with regards to keywords. Websites clutter every corner of the world wide web and established domains occupy just about every area that someone would hope to rank for.

This doesn’t mean that ranking in-page one is impossible, although webmasters have to think about using keywords that form part of the ‘longtail’ in order to tap into a niche. Using the previous example, ‘mature galleries’  is going to be extremely hard to rank for as it comes with a high search volume. Something like ‘mature blond actresses galleries US‘  is an example of a longtail keyword that is subject to fewer searches and, thus, lower competition.

longtail-keywords for adult sites

Of course, optimizing for such a term won’t bring heaps of traffic. However, it might help the site to a few more sales for its affiliate program, and these will add up if it’s targeting multiple keywords.

3. What about internal links?

Keywords are one of the many facets of web optimization which require a reading of the user’s mind. The next step is to think about internal linking and the ways in which people search.

In the adult sector, actor names are a useful target for internal links as this could be what the user will naturally search for. The same applies to a particular studio, as these will produce the sort of content they’re after.

Internal links, when applied to something like a category page for a movie star or studio are another effective way of getting a site on the first set of search results.

4. Keyword research

As aforementioned, keyword research is very important. Ranking for good keywords will give you good traffic, which in turn gives you good money for your activities.

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Finding them is the first step towards SEO optimization and there are plenty of tools out there to help people identify the right terms for their sites. Some of the free options for selecting adult keywords include:

  • Google Keyword planner – This free keyword finder comes straight from Google itself and works for identifying keywords across any sector, including adult. It helps users find new keywords and gain search volume data that tells them which queries are worth ranking for.  
  • Moz Keyword Explorer This technology presents a good range of keywords and has an easy workaround to make it free. It uses a site’s IP address to restrict usage to two free search queries, but the Zenmate Browser add-on can switch an IP to enable further trials. From there, sites have to hack further by removing duplicate keywords from the excel sheet of keywords via conditional formatting. The end result is a long list of adult keywords to go for.

Moving on from the free tools and the basic methods of keyword research, there are other options that help a site drive itself up in Google’s estimations. Here are some of the things webmasters should be looking into when compiling their lists of keywords to target:

  1. Keyword competitiveness – i.e. how in demand is it?
  2. Finding related keywords
  3. Longtail keywords – which are the best to go for?
  4. Competitor analysis – what keywords are your competitors going for and which sorts of posts are they using?

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Moz and Google both have free services that help people get started with keyword research and identification. A step up from that are the paid options that work to provide their users with an even greater range of keywords to aim for. Some of these include:

    • SEMRUSH Pro – This service offers thousands of results per report as well as useful features like API access and keyword tracking.
    • Long Tail proUsed by 70,000 marketers to find niche keywords, Longtail Pro offers great insight into the kinds of queries that aren’t subject to lots of competition. 
    • Market Samurai Great for keyword research as well as finding SEO-friendly domains and content.

It’s believed that SEMRush is the best solution to the current market in terms of keyword analysis, but the other options to provide decent alternatives if needed.

Final thoughts

From the above, it’s clear that optimizing an adult site does bear a few similarities to the same practice with another type of domain. The principles of keyword research, internal linking, and the usage of tools to speed things up still very much ring true, although it’s in the subtle differences where success is had.

The longtail is crucial for targeting users in this niche, as the web is full of established properties targeting generic queries with great success. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; adult sites should be geared towards a very specific audience anyway, as its users have more of an idea of what they like.

Using things like longtail keywords may only pay off in a small way, but SEO really is all about making small adjustments to a big effect.

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  1. Nice and detail explanation. I learned a lot from this article. I am targeting “Long Tail”. As I newbie I want to start keyword research with Google Keyword Planner. What is your suggestion? Should I go for any paid tools?

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