TES Affiliate Conference, February 2022

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On the 23rd-26th of February, AdSpyglass team was warmly welcomed at the TES Affiliate Conference held in Sitges, Barcelona. Initiated by IMLIVE, this conference brought together the affiliates, media buyers, advertisers, and publishers. The event provided learning and interactive sessions on the latest industry trends and concerns, along with unparalleled networking opportunities for marketers. 

In the four days of networking our team socialized with the marketing community and explored specific business opportunities in the digital marketing field.

Meeting with Ad Security vendors

In the context of our evolving Ad Quality Monitoring system, we were happy to meet with the AdSecure team and discuss our further partnership and integration of our solutions for the benefit of our publishers. 

Nowadays, it’s getting more and more challenging for publishers to keep control over the ad quality on their websites. Thus, we are bringing a more trusted ad scoring solution on board to provide an even better ad quality monitoring service. We are looking forward to announcing its release soon.

Meeting with the traffic source giants

It was great to meet with PBWebmedia and discuss the ad quality challenges that publishers face nowadays. The modern digital marketing industry tends to narrow the ad behavior requirements to improve the user experience on a website. This meets our goals when working on ad quality monitoring service improvement for our clients.

Meetings with our old friends

It’s always great to meet with the partners we’ve been working with for many years. At these meetings, we discussed the insights on the industry trends with ExoClick, Twinred, Traffic Stars, TrafficShop, and others. Discussed the first results of our stream ad format release, promotion of user-friendly ad formats such as interstitial and in-stream video, the importance of keywords implementation on a website to get a higher payout from advertisers, and a lot more.

Gathered important feedback from our direct advertisers on our Traforama DSP 

Aside from sharing information about the latest Traforama DSP innovations like smart auction based on CPA goals with direct advertisers and media buyers who attended the event, we received plenty of valuable insights and positive feedback from the important old clients, like Cherry TV. And had a chance to discuss it with the prospective new partners. We are already working on implementing some of the new ideas. What is also important, we were pleased to widen the circle of potential partners. Now, we are looking forward to future collaborations.

The most important insight from the conference

All the discussions and meetings we had in Sitges led us to an understanding that we are on the right path. The industry needs a comprehensive white label solution that will cater to the interests of and benefit both advertisers and publishers. AdSpyglass is already working on such a white label solution to consolidate the many years of experience of working with direct publishers and advertisers. 

We continue working on improving AdSpyglass, adding new features, and implementing the insights and ideas we’ve got at the conference:

  • Publishers and webmasters: We are already working on expanding the AdSpyglass Marketplace features, adding advanced features for publishers to let them connect their own RTB integrated buyers, and adding a CPA marketplace with the offers available via our Traforama DSP. 
  • Direct Advertisers and Media Buyers: We are working on adding possibilities to manage CPA/RevShare offers as well as adding Agency accounts to manage their clients’ offers.  

Well, that’s it on the TES Affiliate Conference 2022 and our time there. Come and meet us at the next one! ?

To sum up

TES has always been a flagship event for the entire digital advertising industry. The expo raised fundamental questions that will shape digital advertising for years to come, such as the expansive growth of the programmatic marketplace, industry-wide anti-fraud efforts, and emerging digital formats. 

Finally, we have to mention – this year’s expo was under a lot of pressure from the unbearable reality of the last few weeks. We’d like to say a big thank you to TES for their support of Ukraine at this horrific time. Part of the AdSpyglass team is in and from Ukraine and this war affects us personally, all the support our friends and family receive these days means a great deal to us all.

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