Top Scripts for Running an Adult Tube Website in 2022

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The majority of people find running an adult tube website very complicated. Fear of failed adult payment gateway, a lack of ability to control the site, the third-party attacks, low profitability – this is not a complete list of possible bad scenarios. But there is a way out! Make it easier and go for adult website scripts.

What are the benefits of running an adult tube using a script?

To dispel your doubts, read the arguments why adult tube scripts are the best sustainable path while running an adult website.

  • Tech Support: if you have technical issues, go directly to the developers.
  • Easy-to-use Tools: satisfy your expectations with the turnkey software.
  • Incomparable Customization: dive into the diverse customization options to create your adult website.
  • Administrator Advantages: sift through the sensitive content immediately and outline your frontiers.
  • Monetization Options: boost your traffic with a variety of advertisements.
  • Community Features: find like-minded users and conduct discussions.

So let’s see top scripts for running an adult tube website.

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#1 Mechbunny Tube Script

Mechbunny Tube Script Overview

Mechbunny Tube Script by Mechanical Bunny Media

Mechbunny is a new integration in the adult industry that utilizes the power of modern technology to create mainstream tube sites with million page views each day.

Mechbunny is a new integration in the adult industry that utilizes the power of modern technology to create mainstream tube sites with million page views each day. It is the most original porn tube template in terms of design, that is, however, quite pricey. The script costs 400 Euros and there’s also a monthly payment of about 100$ per month. The script requires some programming skills in order to customize your tube site with it, however, it has all the potential to bring your tube website to the next level.

Distinctive features of MechBunny Tube Script

Mechbunny is distinguished by its design, modern and clear home page, and engaging layout. Mechbunny holds a countless set of mind-blowing features, so this is the solution you need!

For example, you can search for other users with the private messaging feature or a community searching option. There is also a possibility to reinforce your website into a paid version with a monthly membership. Mechbunny cooperates with such global payment processors as CCBill, Verotel, and Epoch. Another great feature is that you can include previews to your videos that appear when the viewers click over a video thumbnail.  

What is appealing, is its Virtual Reality option. This function allows users to watch VR-videos or 360 degrees videos with video-player and Delight-VR.

As a great bonus, Mechbunny has a built-in scraper underpinned by over 300 sites. This is the way someone else’s videos can be uploaded to your porn tube in terms of scraping. From your side, you are free to let people embed your videos on third-party sites which can keep your traffic consistent.

Pros and Cons


  • The diversity of features
  • SEO-friendly environment
  • Constant support


  • Some coding skills required
  • A price is above the average
  • Difficult maintenance

Conclusion about Mechbunny

Mechbunny can be useful if you have programming skills. Another way, you would better choose the site with WordPress.

#2 Adult Video Script

Adult Video Script Overview

Adult Video Script (AVS) by Envient

Adult Video Script is a very flexible, solid, and reliable tube script. Available in four packages, AVS allows you to share photos, galleries, and games on your adult tube website.

Adult Video Script is a very flexible, solid, and reliable tube script. Available in four packages, AVS allows you to share photos, galleries, and games on your adult tube website.

Distinctive features of Adult Video Script

This adult script service operates on the new Video Transcoding Engine, thus the videos can be uploaded in more than 20 formats and converted into web-ready and mobile-ready versions. Numerous resolutions and formats are available as well, which you can set in the Admin Panel. Moreover, you can manage the option of approving videos before they come on the website. Its multi-language system enables visitors to use the website in their native tongue.

AVS gives you a fast way to upload large videos by dividing them into parts and avoiding Cloudflare’s 100 MB upload limit. Your registered users are free to write their blog posts on your website. With the Premium Membership System, the customers can turn from free members into paying ones.

To simplify the registration, AVS offers Facebook or Google account signup.

Pros and Cons


  • The variety of video formats
  • Responsive template
  • Videos, photos, games sharing


  • Expensive plugins
  • Insufficient amount of features
  • Lack of advanced users options

Conclusion about Adult Video Script

Having easy-to-use tools, AVS is ideal for beginners and its customizable color schemes will serve your needs to the greatest extent.

#3 Kernel Video Sharing

Kernel Video Sharing Overview

Kernel Video Sharing (KVS) by Kernel-Scripts

Kernel Video Script is one of the oldest CMS (Content Management System), created especially for adult sites. The script is stable and efficient, so it enables you to easily create a website with over 1 million daily page views. The ability to successfully handle massive amounts of traffic and professional customer support are the main reasons why webmasters prefer KVS.

Kernel Video Script is one of the oldest CMS (Content Management System), created especially for adult sites. The script is stable and efficient, so it enables you to easily create a website with over 1 million daily page views. The ability to successfully handle massive amounts of traffic and professional customer support are the main reasons why webmasters prefer KVS.

Distinctive features of Kernel Video Sharing

KVS has a variety of profitable options offered to webmasters. With the CMS, you can easily upload the videos in bulk and then change the names, the descriptions, the tags, the categories, and whatever you want. This video script service is optimized for the heavy load so you don’t need to think of server hardware. It withstands plenty of traffic on unlimited modifications.  

Another thing that you should know is the possibility to get a domain and a hosting provider through KVS partnered hosting providers. This integral collaboration will save your time and money as KVS partners may offer you a great deal.

Pros and Cons


  • A wide range of features
  • Variety of monetizing options
  • Fast uploads


  • Difficult setup system
  • High price for all the services
  • Paid updates

Conclusion about Kernel Video Sharing

KVS is full of features that can make your adult website unique, but they are not free. Its great multiple monetizations work to make you rich and multi-server systems provide high-quality video processing.

#4 Smart Tube Pro

Smart Tube Pro Overview

Smart Tube Pro by Smart Scripts

Simple in its layout, Smart Tube Pro has been receiving more and more satisfied clients' feedback since 2009. It is reliable, simple to use, and profitable software. Let's learn more about its features!

Simple in its layout, Smart Tube Pro has been receiving more and more satisfied clients’ feedback since 2009. It is reliable, simple to use, and profitable software. Let’s learn more about its features!

Distinctive features of Smart Tube Pro

On Smart Tube Pro, you can create two accounts: as a user, and as a webmaster. Both account types allow uploading the videos, but webmasters have the function of adding advertisements.

If you hesitate to use it, the video script suggests you try the demo version. You will estimate the interface and other essential moments before you buy it. In case of refusal, the website gives you free software for 1,5% of your overall traffic. Doesn’t it sound great?

Pros and Cons


  • Free version available
  • Single license payment
  • Demo sites


  • Primitive site design
  • Underdeveloped SEO support
  • Lack of advanced features

Conclusion about Smart Tube Pro

Not a word more, the developers share the screenshots of the result they gained. Have a look and make your decision!

#5 The Tube Site Builder

The Tube Site Builder Overview

The Tube Site Builder by Robo Scripts

The Tube Site Builder is a PHP standalone script, which is destined to make your adult website profitable. It has tons of updates that you are free to edit with 2 incorporated text spinners API. Turn an auto-pilot regime on and choose updates you want to follow.

Distinctive features of The Tube Site Builder

The Tube Site Builder already has 400 built-in video categories. With the dump tool, you can easily upload content from your sponsor and edit its tags, description, title, thumbs URL, video duration, etc.

Supporting multiple traffic trades scripts, allows you to switch from one theme to another with complex color sections.

The usage of the script is very easy, so you won’t have problems customizing your website.

Pros and Cons


  • The variety of video categories
  • Simple interface
  • Dump tool


  • Absence of membership options
  • Primitive tools
  • Insufficient amount of features

Conclusion about The Tube Site Builder

The Tube Site Builder script is designed for users who want fast results. It is filled with many features for novice customers. However it doesn’t contain advanced options, so you will not be able to make your website ultramodern.

#6 Adult Script Pro

Adult Script Pro Overview

Adult Script Pro by Clone Forge

Adult Script Pro is a basic tube script with a white-blue pattern and black menus. It specializes in creating tube sites but not porn sites.

Distinctive functions of Adult Script Pro

Currently, 60% of adult traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets. With this script service, your videos will be optimized for smartphones. It allows a mobile frontend and adjustable design. The visitors will find it enjoyable to watch the content on a laptop, smart TV, mobile phone, or desktop, as Adult Script Pro provides responsive templates for that reason.

The service has included such practices as Input Filtering, Spam Filter, ACL Roles, CSRF Protection, Prepared SQL Statements, IP Based Restrictions, and solid security for your video files.

Speaking about customization, Adult Script Pro coding style is full 100% source code. That means you are free to edit everything from new modules to new templates.

Pros and Cons


  • Membership module
  • Adult form page
  • Advertising positions


  • Poor monetization system
  • Ordinary options
  • Regular tube site purpose

Conclusion about Adult Script Pro

Adult Script Pro has basic options that you will need for your website. The script supports photos, videos, categories, channels, user communities, and it is available on all types of devices.

#7 Adult Search Script

Adult Search Script Overview

Adult Search Scripts by Clone Forge

Adult Search Script is multipurpose: it can be used for making adult websites, a regular tube site, and as a source of traffic for hosted websites. Available auto-pilot function sends viewers directly to the video pages. Individual customer support team makes it easy to generate the website without pitfalls.

Distinctive features of Adult Search Script Overview

Adult Search Script offers you unique features which stand out from other adult tube video scripts. It has an advanced searching engine as it uses the Sphinx Search server. With it you will perform full-text searches, analyzing tons of videos in a high-speed way.

Buying Adult Search Script, the features available for you will grow as you go. Once you reach millions of visitors, the system will provide your website with a scalable path.

Thanks to the content translation feature, your video categories and tags can be translated automatically. Search for this function in the Administration Panel. Note that integrated services may be free (Yandex Translate) or may require payment (Google Translate). Translation for video titles is also available.

Pros and Cons


  • Multi-language support
  • Advanced search engine
  • Professional customer support


  • Boring design
  • Monotonous and outdated layout
  • Not branched customization option

Conclusion about Adult Search Script

Adult Search Script can be easel installed, setted up and customized. It offers a wide selection of video sources and according to reviews of webmasters using it, the site can reach 3,000 unique visits just in a few days after script installation.

#8 xStreamer

xStreamer Overview

xStreamer by

Even if you are kicking off your adult tube website, you will find out that xStreamer is the most popular streaming software in this area. You can effortlessly make a streaming website such as YouPorn, Pornhub, or XHamster with the xStreamer help. All the features starting from liking videos and commenting on them to making friends with other members are available!

Distinctive functions of xStreamer

Owing to the possibility to manage the site from the back end, there is no need to become a programmer. No tech skills required!

What is beneficial, is a built-in algorithm that shows you video recommendations based on your preferences. Video filters are accessible as well, conforming to the top-rated and commented ones.

With xStreamer, you are free to choose your favorite videos, create your playlist and upload videos there. It is also possible to generate a channel with the videos on sale and subscribe to other channels simultaneously. You can block the members if it is needed. xStreamer maintains a broad-spectrum of streaming services, like Nginx RTMP, Adobe ™ FMS, Lighttpd, and Wowza™ Streaming Server.  

When it comes to monetization, this video script service offers you a wide range of options. Placing banner ads on the site, using in-text ads, selling the videos by simply setting a price to them through PPV (pay per video) feature.

Pros and Cons


  • High content quality
  • Continuous updates
  • Open source code


  • Underdeveloped SEO support
  • Lack of membership options
  • Poor tech support

Conclusion about xStreamer

xStreamer will help you to make a highly profitable adult tube business. It is an affordable service that will help you to build a fast payback adult tube website. Its PHP code is clean and very commented so there will not be a misunderstanding.

#9 VideoX

VideoX Overview

VideoX by Vicetemple

VideoX is the only identical video clone script. Install VideoX for free, get lifelong support, receive free lifetime updates, and make money with paid memberships.

Distinctive features of VideoX

As an exclusive feature, VideoX is fully customizable. Once you purchase it, you set up your script in 1 working day. It is possible to change everything you need and represent the site as your own brand. VideoX support team will help you to personalize it according to individual requirements.

The script holds pre-made monetization options with memberships, subscriptions, and ads included.

As a trial version, developers offer preview videos to see how it works. You are totally free to embed the videos from different sites without limits.

Pros and Cons


  • Fully customizable
  • Community pages
  • User-generated content


  • Poor SEO support
  • High price (799$)
  • Not frequent improvements

Conclusion about VideoX

This video clone script appeals with its aesthetic design. Thanks to that, your viewers will be completely content while watching the video. No doubt that the variety of features will meet your expectations: from mass video uploads to membership pages.

#10 HubX

HubX Overview

HubX by Vicetemple

HubX is the most advanced clone script of PornHub offered by Vicetemple. It holds the most powerful features on the market. Check out their demo and get acquainted with its suggestions.

Distinctive features of HubX

As a direct clone of one famous adult website, HubX is fully customizable. With the script, you can categorize your content, set up instant video previews, offer membership levels to your customers, and restrict content to definite persons.

Publish your video as you wish: upload or embed videos from different sites.

Pros and Cons


  • Instant previews
  • Open code
  • Membership levels


  • High price (799$)
  • Lack of originality
  • Poor social media connection

Conclusion about HubX

Thanks to HubX, you can build your empire of like-minded people. All the options are optimized for search engines, the videos are available on mobile phones, and the monetization methods will keep you full payback within the months.

The script is chosen. What’s next?

Building your website with a tube script or migrating to another platform is an essentially important aspect of the operational part of your work. However, as soon as your website is up and running you’re facing the next challenge – monetization of the adult website.

This is a crucial part of your business since proper monetization will help you to get a decent profit and keep growing your website.

Fortunately, there are not so many options when you’re deciding about the best monetization vendor. Basically, we can say that there are only two of them: 

Working with a single Ad Network and getting paid in some “shady” way.

This is a standard path. You’re choosing your network, adding their codes to your website, and start generating some sort of profit. In most cases, Ad Networks pays good rates for some specific slices of your traffic, while the rest of it will be sold at some minimum rate.

Also, there are a lot of studies demonstrating that cooperation with advertising networks is kinda shady, and contains a lot of hidden fees, shaving, and other tricks. 

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Working with Ad Mediation Platform and leverage multiple Ad Networks simultaneously. 

This is a non-standard way. And how you know, non-standard ways usually lead to unusual results. So, in this case, instead of choosing one Ad Network, you need to choose one Ad Mediation Platform (like AdSpyglass). 

Afterwards, the platform will analyze all Ad Networks in real-time and identify which one pays the highest rate for every impression on your website at any given moment.

In other words, AdSpyglass will sell your traffic at the highest cost to all Ad Networks simultaneously. Usually, it leads to a significant increase in your earnings (up to +100%).

As we said, monetization of your website is another super-important point. So, make sure to choose the right platform for this purpose. 

Final Thoughts

Running an adult tube website is a complex process requiring lots of resources. But it can be trouble-free if you use video scripts. Whichever you choose, is up to you, and our mission is to point the way to a successful path. Invest into your adult tube website today and reap multiple benefits tomorrow! 


  1. amazing info. thank you so much for sharing this. i’ve used KVS previously, but you’ve encourage me to switch to mechbunny.

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